Trip odometer 44.8 when rescued

At the 2001 Beagle Bash Enduro I debuted my newest motorcycle the KTM 250 Six Days bike on its first ride. I entered myself in the trail ride instead of the race. My motive behind this is that I didn’t want the pressure on me, being that I’d never ridden this bike before. The trail ride was unbelievable but my mistake is where this story begins. I had missed a turn or possibly a couple and couldn’t find the main gas truck. My Karma caught up with me and eventually I ran the KTM 250 bone dry.

I must have been riding solo for over an hour and during that time I had not seen anyone. I became frustrated at my misfortune and began to think how I could ever get out of this situation. Being so far into the bush I decided to wait with my motorcycle and hope another rider would find me passing by. No sooner had this thought crossed my mind, a familiar face rides out of nowhere. My savior Blair Sharpless, ex-Canadian Enduro Champion, who was an official at the event, pull up beside me. Since I had my helmet on he didn’t recognize me right away.

When I pulled my helmet off he said to me “Jag, what’s up?!”

As I began to explain my story to him I looked down at his 3 digit Trip Odometer and I see 44.8 km. I immediately slapped Blair on the arm and pointed at the odometer. He wasn’t too sure why I was so excited though. Needless to say at that point I knew everything was going to be fine. Ten minutes later I was fueled up and continued on what had proved to be a fantastic ride.

Thanks Blair, you saved my day!

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