The 448 Prophesies of the Baja California Trip!

“Accepted or Rejected, Truth Is”
George King D.D. TH.D, Western Master of Yoga, my teacher

It was a crazy day on Wednesday January 20th, 2010, taking care of all work obligations and personal tasks to be completed prior to my departure on the 11 day motorcycle adventure to California and the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

All was completed and the house door was locked but as I entered The 448 Jeep to head to my traveling partner/girlfriend Anne Coleman’s condo, my Blackberry rang.

It was my son Owen with a better late than never message.

Owen had just completed a short e-mail he had previously promised me prior to my departure. This to convey an idea he had conceived as to how I could more effectively promote the Spiritual Organization that I represent in Canada, The Aetherius Society.

The e-mail was now on my computer. I re-entered the house, turned on the laptop, quickly printed a copy and then forwarded it to a high up official of the Aetherius Society in Los Angeles with a note to review and a request to discuss upon my arrival.

I was finally on my way!

I arrived at Anne’s much later than expected. I tried to settle down but, with her two young daughters Kristy and Robyn still up and nervously anxious over our departure, it was not easy to calm ourselves. Anne was still busy packing not to mention preparing a late night dinner. The plan was to leave at 3:00 am in the morning and I knew there would be little sleep. We finally went to bed around midnight with the alarm set for 2:00 am.


Anne’s father the designated parental guardian of Kristy & Robyn, would arrive before the girls awoke.

Anne and I would be at Toronto’s Pearson Airport by 3:45 am and that’s just what happened.
Security levels were much higher than I’d ever experienced before and with good reason after the Christmas period attempt in Detroit of…

The infamous Underwear Bomber.

We finally cleared the main customs area and this is where my story really begins.

As we put our shoes back on and emptied the X-Ray tray of our belongings back into our pockets, we turned to head through the doors and there it was on a large clock above the doorway.
It was exactly… 4:48 am!

A quick check of my BlackBerry time, and it was clear as day.

Anne was impressed that it had started already at this important juncture as she knew I had told her that the 448/844’s would continue. I had said that the numbers would continue but had no idea it would get as crazy as it did!

This next one should knock your socks off!

The flight that our Cliffshore Adventure Tour group was on was such that we had to take a short 45 minute flight from Toronto to Detroit, Michigan, switch planes then go straight to San Diego, California. It was during this transition in Detroit that the next 448 would show itself in perfectly timed fashion.

During the walk throughout the terminal I was planning in my mind to spark up the 448 subject by thinking about how I would tell Barry Ferguson and in particular Warren Thaxter about clearing customs @ exactly 4:48 AM.

Barry & Warren were the only two people of our tour group at this stage that really knew much of anything about my 448 Stories. That would change dramatically before the day would finish! Here’s why…

As Anne and I approached an escalator to the lower level where our next flight was to board, and who should stroll up beside us but Warren. He was on his own, so my mind calculated with rapid speed, that here was my chance!

I felt like I wanted reassurance and turned to Anne to get her approval and simultaneously we all stepped onto the extra wide escalator, with Anne on my left and Warren on my right. Immediately we were all drawn to look out a huge bay window that looked out onto the tarmac, where all you could see was the nose cone of a large pure White Jet and what do you think was the only distinguishing mark on the body…

A Big 448!

We just couldn’t believe it and just at that moment, when I was about to convey our story about the timing with the customs clearance.

The effect was stunning!

We arrived at the lower level and I was immediately instructed by Anne, to get back up the escalator again to document this 448 with pictures, as our only proof from the customs clearance experience, was a receipt that showed the coffee, tea and muffins we bought just outside the customs area. The receipt shows a time of 4:52 am.

This 448 on the plane was just a classic, as when you looked through this window that almost resembled a movie screen, all you could see was a the white nose cone and….

A Big 448… Priceless!

The effect on Warren you could see in his eyes as I think he was as shocked as we were, if not more so, as Anne & I are somewhat used to these anomalies, but as I’ve said before, you never really get over the surprise when they occur and especially in this fashion.

Trust me though, this is just the beginning!

Before we move on let’s take this opportunity to list a famous quote of my Teacher, Sir George King D.D. TH.D.


The boarding of our second flight out of Detroit was without incident but now the opposite polarity of the 448 was to occur this time with Anne who had turned her I-Phone off during the previous flight, and had yet to turn it back on. Anne performed this action once settled in her seat right next to me and what is the first thing to appear on the screen…

8:44 AM!

How appropriate, as we both looked at each other in astonishment!

For the benefit of the newer readers of my 448/844 Stories it would help to explain why I believe my number shows itself, backwards and forwards throughout so many of my Stories.

According to Sir George King D.D.TH.D., he states, “Truth is dual poled, with a positive & negative polarity, as it must have this in order to be balanced” I personally give this explanation to explain to people who ask me this question about the 448 and 844. It also gives me the opportunity to explain how everything in creation has its opposite.

Action & Reaction, Male & Female, Good & Evil, Yin & Yang, War & Peace, Rich & Poor…
The list goes on and on to infinitum.

I don’t believe at this point that the numbers 448 or 844 themselves have any great significance compared to any other 3 digits. I’m just saying that for whatever reason I experience this anomaly, it’s clear what this Tool or Lure allows me to do! That’s talk about subjects that under most circumstances in today’s world is not always easy to do.

Except in appropriate venues where this type of talk is expected.

I’m able with the 448/844 Lure to talk about metaphysical subjects in unconventional situations and really only due to the curiosity factor these 448 Stories invoke.

One way or another though, you’re getting the message and the message is all I have a responsibility to give. The recipient’s responsibility is to question or challenge my statements.

My further responsibility is to provide an answer or reasonable explanation.

What I’m really doing is offering a challenge to everyone interested, to investigate the claims of Truth propounded by my teacher Sir George King.

Your research of His Stories which have worldwide importance to every man, woman, and child on this planet is my real goal at this most important stage in our evolution. Sir George King’s Stories are like my 448 Stories in the sense that if you study them you’ll be scratching your head saying things like how could this be, how could this man have been so accurate in his statements?

Sir George King’s Truth’s, go way beyond the realms of just Chance, Luck, and Coincidence!

Research for yourself at this link that gives examples of what I’m referring to.

Sir George King claimed to have received hundreds of transmissions of valuable information for mankind from higher sources. If the Stories to be found in the link above on the website are any indication, these Stories are at the very least extremely good evidence to confirm the validity of this Yogis claims.

Personally I believe them to be virtually irrefutable proof, with the other hundreds of Transmissions of information now worthy of serious investigation.

After all the information channelled by SGK, was not given for him personally, it was given for All of Us!

I realize that many may investigate these Truths… Yet still not see the Forest for the Trees.
To quote this Western Master of Yoga again, I’ll add this statement…

“You do have limited belief capabilities and this is based on your level of experience”.

In other words some will be able understand and some are just not ready yet. Only through further study and education will it all begin to make sense and that’s why another famous quote might be appropriate at this point.

Sir George King reiterated a statement made by many great mystics throughout history and that is as follows…

When the Student is ready… The Teacher will appear!

This statement is conditioned also by the fact that…

It is YOUR responsibility to recognize the TEACHER, when he does appear!

Now back to the Story.

Once our Cliffshore Adventure Tour Group had safely arrived in San Diego, the next task was to catch the Holiday Inn shuttle bus to meet up with Barry Ferguson’s parents, John & Joyce, who were already at the hotel waiting for our arrival.

This kind couple had traveled all the way from Cobourg, Ontario in a 35 ft Fun Mover, towing the seemingly equally long enclosed trailer that held the majority of all the bikes.

As mentioned in my previous Baja 448 Story, my KTM 530EXC and Anne’s 750 Honda Magna were in the FUN MOVER’S garage section and hopefully soon to be unloaded for our separate trek to Los Angeles to visit The Aetherius Society Encounter of problem #1.

While waiting for the Shuttle Bus in some very nasty weather a great revelation was made.

Barry had made it clear to everyone at this point, that the trailer with all the bikes had been taken to Tecate, Mexico, a day or two earlier.

This was for reasons I believe, that were to allow his parents to be able to travel the San Diego area without towing the equally large trailer.

Tecate, Mexico was over an hour’s drive away in a south-easterly direction.

My mind immediately raced back to the night described in my previous Baja 448 Story, of the drop off of our bikes and the loading of all our equipment at Barry’s home in Cobourg.

I remembered watching our bags being loaded into the trailer.

I was inspired to ask Barry the million dollar question at this point and Oh My God…

There was silence!

It was true, as I saw it in Barry’s face as he looked over at Warren.

I knew it was a fact that we had no equipment, so our plans to leave directly from San Diego to LA were now thwarted.

We would have to go to Mexico first! Anne was virtually in tears. My mind did some quick calculations but there was really no alternative. We would have to change our plans.

The way the weather was looking, we all began to think that a change was maybe inevitable for…


I tried to console Anne by telling her directly that based on the two 448’s and the most recent 844,
This wasn’t by Chance, and that all would Work Out as it should.

Anne felt comforted by this prophesy and it would prove to be true in just a very short while. And where was the Shuttle Bus?

Barry was constantly on his cell phone calling the Holiday Inn as to why there was no Shuttle Bus that had come to pick us up.

During one of Barry’s many calls the Holiday Inn admitted that the shuttle had been diverted to a Cruise Ship in the San Diego Harbour area and once this group was delivered to the hotel it would be on its way directly to us.

This diversion of the Shuttle Bus would later prove to be interesting as had this not occurred, the next anomaly of the 448 would not have happened!

By the time the Shuttle finally arrived we had been waiting almost 45 minutes and upon its arrival, the pickup area was so jammed with other shuttle buses that the driver signaled to us to move further down the walkway, that I’d estimate was about 7 or 8 bus lengths away.

As we all dragged our luggage down the sidewalk the bus finally found an opening and parked.

I was the first one to enter the bus and immediately sat down directly behind the now empty driver’s seat as our pilot was now busily loading luggage into the back storage compartment.

That’s when my eyes were drawn to the opposite polarity of the…


The last three digits on the Shuttle Buses Odometer were…


I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I knew this wasn’t by…

Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

The diversion of the Shuttle Bus to the San Diego Harbour, the movement of this vehicle to an open parking space! All of these circumstances affected this newest anomaly, had this not occurred, I wouldn’t be able to enhance this story, more importantly impress upon those present that my…
stories are for real!

I knew exactly what needed to be done, and my Blackberry was clicking pictures within seconds.
By now our entire crew was now seated in the bus and the talk was already starting about the 448.
Somewhat in a joking manner it seemed.

It was now that I realized that the 448 Jet Story had spread throughout the group and here I was, now able to turn around and pass my Blackberry around the occupants.

Too see this latest complimenting… 844.

The opposite polarity of the… 448.

My personal symbol of validity that is indeed dual poled!

The Shuttle Bus became rather silent for a moment.

Now for the first time, I was able to then show all of the crew, the previous classic photo I had taken of…

The 448 JET!

It was absolutely perfect!

My confidence level shot sky high at this point and I proceeded to boldly state out loud that I knew that the 448’s & 844’s would continue to occur, even though I knew that the majority of those who were seeing it now for themselves, were not even likely to know what the heck was going on, which was fine.

I knew, that time would take care of that!

I just needed to wait for the right moment and eventually the information of what my 448/844 Stories were all about would begin to be revealed.

The opportunity came later at our planned luncheon at the Holiday Inn.

After checking into to the Holiday Inn, we all agreed to meet shortly in a reserved area of the hotel restaurant that would accommodate our now group of 11 and it was actually a private room so it was perfect for our needs to discuss the trips itinerary.

It was during this luncheon, that I was able to begin to enlighten those present about my 448 anomaly and went so far as to explain that I felt this was occurring due to the fact that Anne & I would be separating from the group to do our planned trip to Los Angeles.

The purpose of this diversion was to attend a Special Birthday Commemoration Service, on Saturday January 23rd to acknowledge the birth date of Sir George King, our teacher and founder of The Aetherius Society (TAS).

This would be Anne’s first visit to the LA Headquarters of TAS and it was indeed her first time in California, so her excitement was palatable. The weather in California was all over the news as some of the worst winter storms in the last 25 years were battering the west coast and it was moving towards the Baja California Peninsula.

That famous song of the 70’s that has as one of its verses, ‘It never rains in Southern California’… could not have been more wrong!

During our Lunch meeting it had been determined that we would all leave the next morning at 7am for Tecate, Mexico and it was still the intention of Anne and I to make the trek to LA in time for another special event at TAS slated for 8:00 pm on Friday January 22nd.

Our hope was that the weather would change.

After picking up a copy of the local newspaper the San Diego, Union-Tribune, the headlines were bold…

“Week of Wet Weather may get even Weirder”.

With the 448’s and 844’s already in full action, there were more things going weird than just the weather and it was about to get even weirder.

Upon entering our room Anne gave me the go ahead to take the first shower. Having had very little sleep we were both looking forward to just relaxing before we would soon meet up again with the crew for dinner. Warren & Barry and few of the others seemed fine as they went to the San Diego Harbour to view a tourist attraction featuring a World War II Battleship.

Upon my exit from the shower and into fresh clothes it was now Anne`s turn to get cleaned up so I went for the newspaper I had picked up at the front desk. I again smirked at the headline.

I laughed at the word “weirder” once more and thought to myself about the 448’s.

If you all only knew, I thought, I’ll show you weird!

When I finally got to lie down, it was then that I noticed the time on the alarm clock next to the bed and you guessed it, it was…

4:48 pm

I thought immediately, I should document this, so grabbed my BlackBerry and took a shot… Only too then notice something strange…

It really wasn’t 4:48!

Did my BlackBerry not self-adjust to the appropriate time zone, as earlier in the day?

A quick shout out to Anne who was now in the shower.

“Where is your iPhone?”

It was found and confirmed that my Blackberry was correct. Further confirmation was received when a call to the front desk proved that indeed the room’s alarm clock was an hour fast!

I’m was now having 448’s occur, in regards to time, when it really wasn’t even the right time!
Now that’s Weirder!

During dinner I revealed the alarm clock anomaly to Barry & Warren and their eyes left me with an impression that they must have wondered what’s up with this Jagg448 guy!

Even in our trip 2 years ago to the Las Vegas Nevada Ride the 448’s were everywhere, but not to this extent.

I thought of the analogy that if you knock long enough, and there is indeed someone home, the door will eventually be opened.

The 448/844 anomaly can definitely be tenacious!

The next morning came quickly, the weather was intermittent with sun and clouds, but the rain seemed to have gone away. Unfortunately, the rain was now just moving to where we were going.
Soon we would be chasing the clouds to the Mexican border.

When we finally arrived, the clouds were thick and the rain was beginning to sprinkle. We located the Trailer and began the task of unloading.

The stress was building as we could clearly see this was not to be a perfect riding weather day!

Once all was ready it was decided that the crew going into Mexico would ride across the border but Anne and I would be guided by Barry’s mother Joyce on a short walk to the border.

There we would cross on foot to obtain our necessary Mexican Visitors permit so that we wouldn’t have to deal with this job later in the week on our return from Los Angeles.

This was an interesting experience in itself, getting our Mexican Visitors Permits, but for now in the interest of time I won’t elaborate.

Once our farewells were made to the Riders we headed back across the US Customs walk-through area and back to the Fun Mover, to begin our trek north but not before we learned from some Truckers, some disturbing information!

The storms that were evident to us at the border were much worse, farther south and a rumour was circulating that bridges had been washed out as close as San Quintin, which is only about a 4 hour drive south. It would later prove to be Bridges in vicinities even closer.

Therefore, the chase vehicle being the Fun Mover, and the Riders were heading into an uncertain future.

Anne and I had our own issues to deal with as the weather was getting worse by the minute.

Once on our way Anne & I were to be dealt an initial test of our fortitude as we left the security of the chase vehicle. We began our ride into what would turn out to be at least 20 minutes of terror. The clouds had now opened up and the rain came down with a ferocious force.

Poor Anne with only 4 years of motorcycling experience under her belt was being subjected to the worse possible conditions. As I stood on the pegs of my KTM 530 leading the way I have to admit I was concerned for our safety. My open face MX Shoei helmet with goggles was definitely not the hot ticket as I swear the rain felt like hail on my face.

Soldier ahead we did though, with the utmost of caution, pulling over frequently to let the traffic pass us, so that pressure in itself would be relieved.

The Road north out of Tecate is mountainous, winding and spectacular but it was hard to enjoy under these trying conditions.

The rain did eventually let up for a time, but now there was more to deal with as at about the half hour point of our adventure we came to our first obstacle, that being a portion of the road with a 2 ft deep torrent of water rushing across the pavement, from a valley of a mountain pass. Not an issue for a seasoned rider on a KTM 530, but not something you would want to traverse across on a 750 Honda Magna with little of this type of experience.

Anne was then to prove to me what she was made of, as I looked back to see her legs up by the handlebars and a wake of water to each side, as she forced her way across with momentum through the obstacle!

Wow! Good Job!

I relayed my feelings with a proud thumbs up signal and we continued on, as the rains would come and go.

At one point I rode along side of Anne and tried to communicate with her as to how she was holding up, and I received no noticeable response. I began to worry that Anne was not having a very good time, which I could well understand if that was truly the case.

We soon came to a major town along the way and I thought I’d better stop and we could get out of the elements and get a coffee and tea (Anne`s preferred beverage, besides Coronas,) and possibly get something to eat.

I quickly spotted a Mall area and turned in, as we searched for a suitable venue and a Fridays Restaurant was our choice. We quickly dismounted and went inside.

We should have noticed something at the time, but in our rush we missed it and would only discover it upon our return to the bikes.

Anne’s Main Odometer was at 23,544.8 miles as we entered the Fridays Parking Lot!

This would prove to be a good sign as once sitting in the warmth of the Fridays restaurant and sipping on our hot drinks, the skies opened up again with such severity that even the patrons sitting at the table next to us, called over saying.

It was Good Luck you pulled in now.

Was it Luck… or… was it by Design! You Decide!

I felt like we were being protected by some unknown force but vowed to myself as we remounted the bikes again that I would take nothing for granted. I felt responsible for our safety and I was not planning on letting my guard down for a moment and I told Anne to do the same.

We continued on….

The next part of the trek was still not without incident but again we got through the intermittent thunderstorms and at times the brutally strong gusts of wind that would push us about the # 5 Freeway north that stretches between San Diego and Los Angeles.

The next 448 experience was soon to occur and this one with uncanny timing.

Anne & I had always known that we wanted to stop at a location called DANA POINT that is south of Newport Beach, and has important significance to us as Full Members of the Aetherius Society. Dana Point was one of two areas utilized in a Mission referred to as OPERATION BLUEWATER. This Mission was performed by George King and a small group of assistants over many months between 1963 & 1964. This Mission was performed in the two area’s mentioned above just off the coast in the Pacific Ocean.

This may be hard for you to accept but I must make this next point crystal clear!

Whether you can accept this claim or not, this Mission Operation Bluewater is responsible for postponing a severe Earthquake off the California coast affecting the San Andres fault line. This action that was taken, which in my opinion was nothing short of a Divine Intervention, had staggering results! If one is to believe the information provided through the unique yogic abilities of this man we call George King, had this Mission not occurred you would not this day recognize the whole coastal area from Portland, Oregon all the way down to Ensenada, Mexico.

It would have been gone!

And you thought the recent Haiti, and Chilean Earthquakes were brutal!

We’re talking about something that is nothing short of what you can view in the recent fictional movie called 2012!

Complete devastation with San Francisco, for example, in ruins underneath 2 miles of seawater from the Pacific Ocean!

You can research the details of Operation Bluewater @

Again, two quotes from Sir George King D.D TH.D.

  1. GOD does not perform Miracles for Man…..Man must perform Miracles for GOD!

Remember the Law of Cause & Effect… The Law of Karma…

This Law is perfect and it’s perfectly fair to every molecule in creation, The Law of Karma is not made by God as much as… IT IS GOD!

When we arrived in Dana Point, our first stop was a local gas station for refueling and a chance to decide the best route to take to Los Angeles, as you could see by the Sun`s rays peeking through the clouds that it was getting later in the day. After gassing up the bikes I went into the station and inquired about maps of the area but surprisingly the manager of the station just asked me where I was going and offered to map quest on a computer. Just as I was describing where we were heading the Manager was distracted by another few customers that had entered the store but one that was behind me spoke up immediately and offered to use his GPS on his iPhone and that`s just what we did.

He said too come out to his truck and when we arrived Anne, the social butterfly that she is, was already in conversation with the driving partner of the guy I was with.

Before you knew it, we were all standing by the motorcycles and here`s an example of…

“It’s a small world”

The passenger from this truck, a man named John, was a previous resident of London, Ontario, and the driver who had approached me in the station used to date a girl in Toronto for quite a time. On top of that, this fellow whose name was Ryan was also a Motorcycle Desert Racer and ex-Pro Motocross rider, similar to myself. While Ryan was getting his GPS functioning, Anne began telling me about the amazing conversation she was having with his partner John who had conveyed the following story.

John’s Uncle who was from Canada was an Airline pilot here in the USA and had the bizarre experience of being a pilot who was originally slated to fly one of the planes that flew into the Twin Towers of the infamous 9-11 disaster. Shortly thereafter, John began having strange experiences; continually seeing the number 911 show-up in his life well into the future. This had been really weird for John and he didn’t know what to make of this strange recurring anomaly.

Anne said… “that sounds like what my boyfriend Allan experiences with the number 448”.

This only after Anne had already given John a talk that his Uncle’s experience, although seemingly LUCKY would have indeed not been by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

It would have been by Design.

This pilot had obviously had his circumstances changed as it must not have been his destiny to have died in that horrific tragedy. This is only logical if one understands clearly how Karma ,as a Law, works with God-like perfection.

If it’s not meant to happen, it won’t!

At this point the fellow Ryan with the GPS gets involved in the conversation verifying his partner’s story and something prompted me to explain to them both what my 448 experiences were about and that ironically, it`s related to why we were now together preparing to review Ryan’s GPS.

I then proceeded to tell the two gentlemen about our destination to The Aetherius Society and its relationship to our Yoga Teacher, Sir George King. I told them both about Sir George King’s passing on July 12th, 1997 at the ironic time of…

4:48 am Pacific Standard Time, Santa Barbara, California.

The two were blown away by this fact and they said out loud, “that’s truly bizarre!”

I then told Anne to go into my backpack and give them each my JAGG448 stickers.

Well here’s the Kicker!

We decided to exchange cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses so I bring my BlackBerry out and I’ll ask you to guess what was there…

Yes… That’s Right! For All to See!

4:48 pm!

These guys were in shock and so were Anne and yours truly, as the…

448 had appeared again out of the blue!

As we bid the men farewell, it was with a promise to e-mail copies of my 448 Stories upon our return and I will mention here that at the end of this story you will read of another bizarre experience that Anne & I had once home and during the writing of this Story. We would have an experience that would create a connection with these two individuals again.

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

I felt that this meeting was all I needed to accomplish in Dana Point so we turned back to the Freeway and headed north. The sunshine we had experienced in the Dana Point area was short- lived and the rain started again about 15 minutes later. Our trek onwards was still to be a test of our endurance.

It was soon dark, much cooler and the rain was relentless.

As we approached the Los Angeles area, it was now confirmed I had made a mistake and was now traveling on the 405 Freeway instead of the 5 Freeway, and I was slightly disoriented.

These two highways basically parallel each other, so it was not a major issue. I did however, have them backwards in my mind as I thought, we were too far east, but in reality we were too far west.
This mistake would now have us somewhat lost and we ended up by the Ocean in Santa Monica and the resulting delays to retrace our route, would cause us to miss the important event we were trying to attend at The Aetherius Society (TAS) by a scant 10 minutes of its scheduled start
Anne and I were wet, tired and cold!

So we texted our associates at The Aetherius Society that we would have to just see them on Saturday for the Birthday Commemoration.

We then checked in to a local motel appropriately named the…

The Vagabond Inn!

After getting our ground floor room, the pressure was finally off and the luggage was off-loaded from Anne’s Magna, with further jokes about her being the astrological sign of the Metal Gemini OX, burdened with all of our baggage strapped to her two-wheeled cart!

You see, I being the Sagittarian Monkey, was only laden with a KTM backpack that I barely could feel!

Free of excessive weight so I could swing freely from tree to tree in true…

Sagittarian Monkey fashion! LOL.

A call later in the evening would result in a planned meeting at The Aetherius Society for Saturday.

This to meet with a couple of The Aetherius Society Directors to discuss my son Owens letter and his proposed promotion ideas expressed in the e-mail I had previously forwarded.

As we rested in the warmth of our bed, we watched the local news on TV, and were shocked to see the flooding and rain damage caused in the LA area. We also wondered how our fellow Tour Group members were doing in Mexico.

It didn’t look good!

The weather reports showed that this major winter storm was concentrated to the south of us now, but was far from over.

More on their adventures in Mexico later!

It wasn’t long before Anne & I were soundly asleep after our adventurous 8 hour ride!

The next morning came quickly and our plan to get a rental car was achieved, as we didn’t want to arrive at The Aetherius Society looking like the crew from the movie Wild Hogs.

Plus the fact that we would , later on this special day, travel south to Anaheim to attend the 3rd Round of the 2010 Monster Energy Supercross @ Angel Stadium. We did not want to make this trek on the motorcycles for security reasons, as well as have to deal with the still unpredictable weather patterns.

We awoke the next morning, to a beautiful day as the Sun shone brightly!

Saturday January 23rd, Sir George King’s Birthday!

If our Teacher were still with us today, he would have been celebrating his 91st year!

Born on January 23rd 1919, Sir George King left this physical plane on July 12th 1997.

I’ll never forget the feelings I felt that day when my fellow organizer of the Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society, Laura Shapiro, called me.

To read the Official Fax report of his passing, and the thought that swept over me, as I was told the news with a warning from Laura to brace myself for the officially recorded time of his passing.

4:48 am PST

All I could think of was…


You see…. to my friends and family, I was already well-known for my number 448 and its strange appearances in odd situations, even before Sir George King passed away.

I have been a spokesman for the Aetherius Society in Canada since the early 1980’s so the history had already been recorded.

I had chosen the number 448 originally in 1972 from the then address of the Canadian Motorcycle Association, 448 Jarvis Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

This would be the number that would grace my racing motorcycles for decades, and for no other reason than I thought the number looked cool and would be easy to apply to my number plates using black electrical tape.

The number 448 is still my official racing number to this day almost 40 years later.

This website has not been updated in nearly 5 years but all the 448 Stories throughout these last 5 years, I have put in print, waiting for an appropriate way to present them.

The opportunity to try something different was soon to be approved.

The meeting I was about to have with the Directors of The Aetherius Society regarding my son Owen’s e-mail was part of the solution to solve this issue but would also involve much more.

Owen felt that I needed to do something different and the idea was to be discussed shortly.

The 448 Stories were attention getters for sure but Owen felt that the information that I was trying to bring to my readers minds, needed to be given in a short and concise manner “LIVE” so to speak, utilizing Face Book & YouTube & possibly Twitter platforms. This concept was with the thought of attracting a younger audience which in reality is the future generation of potential researchers of The Aetherius Society’s information.

Interaction, he felt, was important as well and these three mentioned mediums could be utilized to bring this objective into reality.

The end result of the meeting at The Aetherius Society was that the Directors approved of Owens idea and gave me the go ahead to proceed and create some demos in order for them to be approved at a later date.

The Directors, only had one stipulation, that I was to do the talking with regard to answering questions posed to me relating to metaphysical subjects, but they wanted my 17 year old son Owen to be in charge of the creative format. They wanted to have this project directed by a youth for the purpose of attracting the attention of a more youthful audience.

I thought that was cool, and Owen should be pumped to hear his idea was accepted.

I then showed the Directors the 448 & 844 photo’s that I had recorded to date during this Trip, but as I write this Story they have yet to be informed of how the 448’s continued to show themselves later in the week only to end with a dramatic conclusion!

Even the Directors of TAS themselves are baffled I believe as to why this 448/844 anomaly occurs for me, but they see how I’m using it to promote awareness of our Spiritual Organization and they currently see no harm in it.

The Directors only wish is for me to keep spreading the word, about the truths that are to be discovered by researching the Teachings of The Aetherius Society. These teachings are the result of Sir George King`s unique yogic abilities and his claim of contact with higher forms of life who are concerned for our welfare at this precarious point in our history.

A claim that can be substantiated! This being a fact I emphasize relentlessly, and I will repeat here again for effect.

If you think my 448 Stories are interesting in how they occur, wait till you read the Stories of Sir George King in the website link I referred to earlier in this Story. They’re uncanny in their accuracy and these Stories meticulously recorded have for over 50 years, yet to be proved anything but correct by even the sceptics and debunkers of the world.

The plan with The Directors was established and we then had to be excused as there were many preparations still to be made before the start of the Commemoration, that was due to begin at 2:00 pm and would run through till 4:00 pm with a social gathering to follow.

Anne and I then left and walked to Sunset Blvd., to have lunch and prepare for this special event.
The Commemoration Service itself was fantastic and Anne and I were at times moved to tears as were many in attendance, as the exploits of our Founder and Teacher were expressed by the presenters. This Service also included video presentations, which were very interesting as well. When the Commemoration was near its end they played Sir George King’s favourite musical piece the…

“Impossible Dream”

There was not a dry eye in the Temple as the lyrics in this song sounded as if they were written to describe our Teacher’s Life.

If the trip were to have ended then and there it would have been worth all the expense and effort!
Sir George King was truly a Unique Individual whose life was unconditionally dedicated to his directed Mission and the Enlightenment of Mankind.

His Legacy will live on for generations to come!

As Members in the Aetherius Society it is indeed our responsibility to see that this occurs.

In my own small way the 448 Stories are helping to bring awareness to many that may not have under their own initiative discovered this Man who was dedicated without any reservations to the Service of Mankind and the living, breathing and intelligent life form that supports us The Mother Earth.

Upon the completion of the Commemorative Service there was a cake cutting, social and toast that took place in the neighbouring bungalow referred to as The King Centre.

Once this event was near over, it was time for Anne and I to excuse ourselves.

I took a picture of the room with the clock on the wall as it was now pointing to…

4:48 pm

We needed to leave immediately in order to make it to the Anaheim Supercross.

This prior to a 7:00 pm deadline, so we could pick up our tickets, graciously arranged for us by one of my business associates from the Dunlop Tire Corporation.

The drive to Anaheim took longer than expected with all the typical traffic issues one has to deal with in the Los Angeles area.

Anne and I were so glad we had decided to have rented the car which made the trek just that much more safe and comfortable.

We soon arrived at the famous Anaheim Angel Stadium!

We made it to the Promoters WILL CALL booth with only minutes to spare and headed into Angel Stadium, found our seats, which were awesome, and within a short period were standing for the US National Anthem.

We had made it and what a night of racing we would enjoy!

Conditions were cool with a high temperature of 50 degrees but the track conditions were perfect much to the surprise of fans and the racers alike.

The track builders had done a fantastic job earlier in the week to finish prepping the race course prior to the arrival of the terrible weather. The builders had upon completing the track, covered the entire stadium field with massive sheets of plastic that prevented the rain from turning this event into a mud fest!

At the end of the evening Anne and I left the Stadium knowing we had just had a fantastic night of entertainment!

The Commemoration from earlier in the day though, was etched on our minds and we were anxious for Sunday to come as a major highlight of our trip was to occur early the next morning.

We had been granted permission previously on Saturday to enter a now sacred area of The Aetherius Society grounds on Sunday morning at 10.15am, prior to the scheduled Sunday Service.

This Sacred area within The Aetherius Society is referred to as…

The Transmission Room!

This location as seen in the picture on the previous page, was taken from The Aetherius Society website, and is where our Teacher would go hundreds of times throughout His Mission to enter the deep states of Yogic Meditation to receive the information that constitutes the teachings found within The Aetherius Society.

This room has been left in its original condition, since Sir George King’s passing.

It really was to be an amazing experience, too special to convey properly in words, but I will report that, to Anne and myself it was…


Anne and I, were guided to this Sacred location, by none other than Lady Monique King herself, the wife of the late Sir George King.

We were allowed to sit in two seats directly in front of the table and chair that our Teacher would sit in for these amazing Transmissions.

The two original Telefunkin microphones still hanging in the air with the third placed on the table directly in front of where Sir George King would sit. These high quality microphones would record these invaluable messages that he channelled, so expertly, using his highly developed Yogic abilities.
These messages would be embedded onto magnetic reel to reel tape, sometimes recorded onto three separate machines in order to guarantee that any unexpected malfunction could not possibly jeopardize the loss of even a single word.

Once these tapes were created two Master Recordings were expertly packaged, for storage in two of the World’s safest vaults, located in England and the USA. The third copy to be used.

This intricate procedure adopted, to allow these recordings to safely live on into the future.

Directly to my right in this tiny room, was the bed that many times would have to be used to allow Sir George King to recover after the dangerous trance state conditions. To Anne’s left, the oxygen tanks mounted to the wall used in emergency situations to help revive SGK from the Samadhic condition that is really a form of conscious self-induced death.

In this condition total paralysis takes over the Yogis body, the heart beats, slowed to a rhythm that defies perception, and a thin band of warmth is naturally generated around the forehead that halts rigor mortis from taking over the body. This is SAMADHIC Meditation. Adepts of the science of Yoga (the word yoga, literally meaning… Union with God) could spend lives trying to attain this state. George King would demonstrate his ability to enter this highly sought after condition, sometimes in record time… routinely.

This ability was a result of his intense training of 8 hours a day of Yogic practises, 7 days a week, for a mind-boggling 11 years! All this while still holding down various jobs of employment just to support himself. This Training period began immediately after the Second World War where he served, with distinction, as a member of The British Fire Brigade.

The atmosphere within this virtually soundproof room was indescribable as we sat in silence, slowly breathing in yogic, rhythmic fashion, letting our minds reflect over the happenings that must have occurred in this room so many years ago.

We both were at various times unsuccessful in holding back our tears of appreciation.

It was a truly unique and humbling experience and although our time in this special room was short, it will be a moment in our lives that we’ll never forget.

We decided due to the time restraints to say our final prayers, and we left in silence to slowly walk back to the main Temple to attend the Sunday Service.

This next event was the one hour Sunday Service that anyone can attend wherever a Branch HQ’s, or Group may be located around the World.

This days Service would be different though in that it was to begin with a Special Initiation ritual, inducting a new Temple Degree Initiate, a lady member named Heidi, who had made the trip from Arizona.

I was familiar with this particular Initiation Service having gone through it myself back in 1989.
Our excitement was also enhanced by the fact that we had heard the day before that one of the most famous voices in TAS, The Rev. Charles Abrahamson was to be giving the sermon this day and the subject, to compliment the previous days Commemoration was appropriately entitled…

Sir George King… The Man.

The Rev. Charles Abrahamson, had only a couple of months previously celebrated 50 Years of Service in The Aetherius Society spending over 35 of these years working by the side of SGK, so this Disciple of SGK was in a perfect position to give greater insight into this Yoga Master’s unique personality.

When the Lecture had been completed, we knew that we had heard a talk that had been recorded and would be treasured by the Membership and Friends of the Aetherius Society at the various Groups and Branches around the World.

Our time at the Aetherius Society, Headquarters was nearing its end.

After a final luncheon with one of the Directors from the previous day’s meeting, along with Heidi the newly dubbed Initiate, plus a couple of other key Members, we gave our farewells and walked back to the car.

The remainder of this Sunday afternoon would be spent driving north in the rental car to the area of Santa Barbara to the other residence of Sir George King, the location where he actually had passed away in July of 1997.

It is now that I would like to pass on this spine chilling story that was relayed to me back in approximately 1999 when the same Director who I had the meeting with about my son’s idea, had visited Canada for the main purpose of coming to our Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society.
His name is The Reverend Brian Kneipp.

During this visit Brian came to my home which at the time was in Mississauga, Ontario less than an hour south of where I live today. Brian had come at my request to see my newly completed Custom Motorcycle, The Cosmic Warrior, which is an award-winning custom bike that I had commissioned to be built, and dedicated this project to our Teacher, Sir George King.

I built this bike with the knowledge that, George King prior to his designated Mission in 1954 that resulted in the creation of The Aetherius Society, had been interested in Motorcycles and had many throughout his life.

Sir George King even raced Motorcycles at one point, and you can view pictures of motorcycles he owned on this same website. SGK had a great attraction to anything mechanical and high performance orientated, whether it was motorcycles, cars, boats, audio or film equipment.

Here’s the main point that I’d like to express.

This meeting with Brian Kniepp, who was a personal aid to Sir George King during the final years of his life, happened in my small bungalow. I had just taken Brian for a test ride, through my neighbourhood, on… The Cosmic Warrior!

I was preparing myself to ask Brian a very important question that had bothered me for nearly 2 years and my goal was to receive an answer.

The Question…

How did the The Aetherius Society know for sure that the time that was documented of SGK’s passing was exactly 4:48 am PST, at his residence in Santa Barbara, California?

The answer I received was even more shocking than I had expected.

First of all, the time was recorded as 4:48 am, PST, as that’s what time it was, Brian confidently stated as he was the one who recorded it!

As all things that Sir George King did, it was meticulously recorded throughout his entire Mission that started in 1954, and ended as far as his physical presence was concerned at this exact time of 4:48 PST on July 12th, 1997.

Brian had recorded the time based on a large school style clock that was mounted on the wall of SGK’s bedroom. This is where Brian and his associate Paul Nugent, the two designated aides of Sir George King were to have been all night watching over our Master, whose health was rapidly deteriorating. They had been administering contact hands on healing, as taught by SGK, throughout the night, trying to bring about some relief to this Man that had given our world so much, but their efforts were to not suspend the inevitable.

The time had come.

Brian and Paul, each holding a hand, watched our Master peacefully, let out his last breath.
It was then that Brian relayed to me this most shocking statement.

Brian turned around to view the large wall clock in order to record the time and saw clearly it was 4.48am. To Brian’s utter amazement though, he also saw Dr. George King out of his body, standing straight up against the wall, and he was smiling as if relieved of his suffering while at the same time grateful to his two disciples for their help in his final hours.

Then almost as quickly as Brian witnessed this…

Our beloved Master… faded out of existence and was gone!

Also strangely though was the fact that the Rev. Paul Nugent did not see this vision.

With tears welling up in my eyes, I was blown away by this insight that had just been conveyed to me and I thanked Brian for sharing this intimate information.

It was then that I revealed the reason behind my question and asked Brian to look out the door to my left as we sat on the couch within my tiny living room. The open door which exposed my garage revealed The Cosmic Warrior, but it was my multiple Motocross machines that I wanted him to see and in particular the number plates as they all had boldly displayed….


I turned to Brian and said, “Now you can see why I needed to know”.

This number 448 had been with me and demonstrated itself in mysterious ways for the past… 20 years!

I needed to know if this was just Chance, Luck, or Coincidence.

Yet even at this stage I knew the answer to this reasoning, for as SGK had stated before…
These particular 3 words have no valid meaning.

It was during this meeting that Brian, inspired by my Stories suggested I needed to document these anomalies, and that is how my first of two websites to date were created shortly thereafter.

I had finally had an answer to my question but to be quite honest it actually now made me feel my responsibilities had just increased. My feelings of inadequacies had now risen and I thought back to the events of Sir George Kings Funeral which I had attended and a level of guilt swept over me as I felt I should have done more in regards to my level of dedication to my Teacher and his Mission.

The battle between ones Lower & Higher Self is a battle we should all recognize 24/7…365.

If anyone reading this is unsure of what I’m talking about in regards to this comment, I will expand on this by reminding you of experiences we all share…

Those voices or intuitive impulses you hear in your head when doing something bad and that voice that hopefully you’ll hear, calls out saying…

‘No you shouldn’t’.

The analogy of the Devil on one shoulder, the Angel on the other shoulder!

You know what I mean!

Once again back to the Story…

Anne & I were now in Santa Barbara and standing on the property of our teacher’s past residence, a humble bungalow just up the street from the cliffs lining the Pacific Ocean. It was the beach below these cliffs upon which Sir George King would walk. On one special occasion he was to have a mystical experience, which I will not relay at this time.

This experience though was actually documented in one of the 35 plus publications authored by our Teacher. I had been to this special location before but this time, it was to give Anne her initial experience and I believe it lived up to her preconceived notions. SGK had stated this was a Holy location due to the experiences he had there, and we wanted to see and feel for ourselves, this area he had described.

The long set of concrete stairs that cascaded down the cliff seemed to be in worse condition than I had remembered from before, and the beach that I know was previously exposed was I presume at this time covered by a high tide. Only rocks could be seen at the base of the cliff but the feelings we had here, were real. It was absolutely beautiful, as we listened to the surf crashing against the rocky shore.

We weren’t alone though to begin with as a lady and child were sitting on the rocks watching as the woman’s significant other was out in the surf trying his best to catch the undulating waves on his surfboard. The sun though was already setting beneath the horizon as he paddled his way back to shore, and was soon with his family, and on their way back up the stairs.

Anne and I were now alone, and we were now able take in the atmosphere and the experience was great! We performed a series of prayers known as the Twelve Blessings and I must report here even if it’s for the benefit of our own memories, that being the strange sound that happen to us twice during these 12 practices. That strange sound being….

Absolute Silence!

We have no real explanation for it but while performing these prayers, most notably the 3rd Blessing that states “Blessed Are They Who Love“, the continuous crashing sound of the waves against the shore ceased to exist, and the silence seemed to last forever. This could have been dismissed as a strange anomaly that may or may not have happened, but when it happened for the second time we both took note. This became the topic of conversation upon the 12 Blessings completion. We saw it as a precious moment that was happening to us on this beach our Teacher had stated was Holy.

As we each gave a personal silent prayer of thankfulness, the Mighty Sun was now fully set and darkness had totally engulfed the area, and we knew it was now time to go.

Our Spiritual Quest for California was now completed.

The drive back to the Hollywood area was uneventful, and we knew the next morning would see us return the rental car and once again be back on the motorcycles to continue our adventure.

This trip was becoming much more than we had even dreamed it would be!

Once back at the Vagabond Motel we began to pack our belongings and by 10 am the next morning we were on our way to our next destination, Newport Beach. This stop was mainly for the purpose of showing Anne the beach front condo that I had lived in during the winter months of 1974 through 1976. It was here that a fellow Motocross Racer and I would train to prepare for the upcoming race season while our Canadian competitors would be freezing in the Great White North.

We finally arrived in Newport Beach and the memories flooded back into my mind.

It was hard to believe it had been almost 35 years since I had walked on the boardwalk that separated the condo apartment from what has to be one of the most pristine beaches on the California coast. After a great brunch at a restaurant by the Newport Beach Wharf we were back on the motorcycles intent on making it to San Diego to end up at the same Holiday Inn where our trip had begun.

We did this successfully and the ride was awesome.

The room we received this time at the Holiday Inn was much nicer than before, as we were Poolside and the Hot Tub was directly outside our door. We were so happy with the accommodations that we joked about cancelling the Mexico plans, and considered just hanging out here. It was a passing thought that ironically would manifest into reality after watching the evening news. The rain was forecasted to return and the chances were in the 90% range.

I knew I didn’t want to experience what we did on our first day’s ride, so we decided to stay.
The pressure was off now and shopping was suggested by Anne (great revelation!) and our plans were set for the following day!

It was beginning to feel like a holiday now and the hot tub was enjoyed and a good movie rounded out the evening, which was followed by a great night’s sleep.

The next morning we woke to sunshine but you could see the clouds slowly moving in. We had our moments at breakfast wondering if we might be wasting a good ride day but our minds were set.
Anne being the woman that she is, began acting like one, and the next thing you know she was performing multiple loads in the Hotels coin operated Laundry Room.

This was actually something we`ll take into account on our next trip as we could have reduced our baggage load by 30 % if we had taken this activity into account.

It was nice to have clean clothes again and it was now that Anne wanted to go shopping to buy more things to carry!

Luckily my KTM backpack was full!

As we left the Holiday Inn about mid afternoon we decided to ride double on the Magna with me at the controls. With the Kuryakyn Luggage removed the Honda was a pleasure to ride.

I had told Anne before that I felt that her “Boy” as she lovingly calls her ride was one of the best handling and smooth running Cruisers I had ever experienced. As we rode through the San Diego streets, I almost felt jealous, as there was no comparison at all in relation to my KTM 530.

My ride of choice, offered little in comfort when compared to the Magna. The two are as different as Apples and Oranges and I reminded myself of this fact and just enjoyed the moment.

When we finally made it to the Mall, we entered the multi levelled indoor parking lot and pressed the automated button to get our Parking stub, the number…

We just can’t get away from it we laughed, but it made us feel as if we had made the right decision to stay in San Diego.

The shopping was not fruitful at this particular mall, as Anne knew exactly what she was looking for, and it wasn’t to be found. After consultation with one of the staff of a store we had entered, we were directed to what was supposedly San Diego’s Premier Mall which was a short drive up the #5 Freeway.

All I knew was, I got to ride the Magna again, so I was happy!

We then rode off to this other Mall and impressive it was.

Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, and now even I was interested, as we discovered a NO FEAR Store which was a company related to the Motorcycle & Extreme Sports cliental, so I was in my element. Anne’s search was successful and a pair of designer Jeans that cost more than our stay at the Holiday Inn was obtained and I got a cool, Metal Mulisha piece from the No Fear store and we were done!

As we left the Mall’s outdoor parking lot a few drops of rain were felt, so we decided to head back to the Holiday Inn. As we approached the street that the Hotel was on we pull up to the stop lights to turn left and what do we pull up to, but a car with Texas licence plates…

This led us both to comment, that what had been unusual in this trip so far was that this was our first time in 5 days of ever seeing a licence plate on any vehicle that would show a 448. This in many cases of my previous stories was not the norm but in this trip it wouldn’t be the last!

I think it is also important to mention, that had we not made the decision to stay in San Diego this day and ridden the Honda as we had, the next 448 anomaly would not have occurred.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before we met up with our friends again in Mexico and I felt we would have more 448’s to add to the experience, and that we did.

The next morning was beautiful, and after a hearty breakfast we repacked the luggage and prepared to leave with our goal now to go as far as we could into Mexico.

It felt great to be back on our bikes and the ride to Tecate was spectacular! It was totally different this time as the weather was Sunny and 65 degrees!

A Perfect Riding Day!

When we arrived back to the area just before the US/Mexico Border where we originally began our trek, we decided to stop for gas as once in Mexico, we didn’t know what to expect.

It was at this gas station that Anne called out to me that we were about to experience another 448, this time on her Trip Odometer, but at the gas station it was off by a few tenths of a mile and it was then that Anne and I had our first minor disagreement.

Anne has a ritual that every time she fills up with gas, she resets her Trip OD so she can calculate when to refill. I was not aware that she did this. When the filling was completed, I saw her hand go for the reset button and I immediately blurted out… What are you doing?

That’s when it started!

Anne said “I’m resetting my Trip OD”

I said, NO, you let it go, as I want to see if the 448 shows at the border.

Well that became a disagreement as she said it would not even be close!

I said I beg to differ, as she once again went for the reset button!

I repeated…. “No don’t”…. now she was mad!

Just humour me, I said!

Women, I huffed under my breath… sometimes they just don’t listen!

I paid for the fuel, and we traveled the short distance to the border and stopped behind a long transport truck that was directly in front of us. While the trucker was being interrogated at the border we sat awaiting our turn.

Anne’s trip OD was sitting exactly at…


We had ample time now for me to revel in my predication, and to say the required, “See I Told You So!”

Since Anne and I rarely ever argue, we were both laughing within seconds as I took the required photographs with the Blackberry to document. I then told Anne, you can now clear your Trip OD, and she did so. The Truck ahead of us actually got pulled aside for a physical inspection, so once he moved, I took a picture of the Border itself, and we moved up to the Customs Booth.

Once at the booth, a quick show of our ID, and our Visitor Permits and we were on our way!

We were now in Mexico and the 448 had showed itself again at this important transition!

As we traveled through the town of Tecate, it was if we were in another world.

It was amazing how the environment was immediately different. We were slightly nervous as we darted through the dense traffic all the while scanning for street signs that would lead us out of Tecate, on what would be Hwy #3 heading south-west to Ensenada.

I will admit to you now, that the first hour of our ride, it was a little disconcerting, due to the fact, that we had to have seen about 20 or so Memorials with Crosses and fresh flowers and I thought to myself what the heck is going on here.

Were we traveling on the Hwy of Death?

Well I can report to you now that after checking some of these memorials out, I saw that the dates were sometimes over 10 years old! Yet they were still decorated with fresh flowers.

I was to realize that the Mexican people maintain these Memorials forever as opposed to what we usually see here in Canada, where the Memorial may stay up for a matter of months. This realization was helpful to somewhat calm our nerves, as we had been told so many horror stories about the roads. As our trip was to unfold, I’m happy to report that the warnings were slightly exaggerated, as we found the roads to be better than expected.

While on the subject of the roads, for any would be novice Mexican travellers, I will say that the crazy truck drivers, wild animals, narrow highways with abrupt 6 inch high paved edges with 45 degree dirt and gravel shoulders, are definitely not to be taken for granted. These warnings were correct, and a large displacement dual purpose bike is definitely the hot ticket and that’s what I was on with the KTM.

Anne on the 750 pound Honda Magna needed to use the utmost of caution as you couldn’t just pull off the Highway wherever you wanted, for whatever reason, and we definitely took this into account as we traveled along, all the while marveling at the beautiful scenery.

It was not long before we were started to recognize the damage caused by the rain storms that had ravaged the area. The terrain was noticeably wet and all I could think of myself was what my off-road buddies must be experiencing.

I even told Anne at one point that I’m sure these guys are going to have some stories to tell and it would end up being a prophesy that would be absolutely correct!

As we traveled the winding mountainous roads towards Ensenada I thought about how far off I was in my mental visualizations of what the Baja area was like!

I had thought the Baja would have been vast plains of desert, but at least in the area we were traveling it was just the opposite. Deep valleys and mountains that were far beyond, what one would call foothills. The elevation changes were enough to cause temperatures to drop and we noted how much cooler it became as we rode into the mountains.

Road construction was our next adventure, as we came upon a stretch of highway that was being rebuilt, and it was here that Anne would be tested again. For a distance I’d estimate at
about 1- 2 miles, Anne would have to ride the normally nimble Magna through sand and dirt that had some sections that had been saturated by the rains and were nothing short of slippery mud holes. Again I was concerned for Anne and paused at one point to instruct her to follow my lines as I would try to pick the best possible areas for her to pass. This all went well until one large mud hole took its toll. Anne had a bad left shoulder which had already been injured in a fall near my home and was now to be re-aggravated by a front tire washout that wrenched her shoulder again. Believe me even a pro rider would have problems on a Magna saving it once it began to go down, but Anne was quick with her feet and smart on the throttle as she had remembered my tutoring during some previous sand riding on her dirt bike that being…

“When In Doubt Gas It!”

When we finally returned to the pavement, Anne needed to stop and it was then that I could see she was quite shaken by this near mishap. Once again I needed to reassure her on how well she had handled the situation. A quick drink of water and a review of the now muddy Magna and we were back on the road again.

We finally arrived in Ensenada and we were now to see the Ocean again.

It was here that we would stop along the boardwalk of the beach area and we watched the waves trying to be mastered by groups of surfers and noted tourists from a nearby Cruise Ship some of whom were riding horses on the beach.

It wasn’t long before Anne was approached by some Mexican vendors who successfully convinced her to have them create hand-woven bracelets for her daughters Kristy and Robyn.

While Anne sat with the Mexican vendors amazed at their craftsmanship, I was to be approached by an American fellow walking his dog. This man turned out to be a Dirt Biker and had recognized my KTM with its Ontario plates, and just had to ask where we were heading.

We would talk for the next 15 minutes as we exchanged stories in true bench racing fashion. This man who ironically originated from Santa Barbara, California, was now a permanent resident of Ensenada, and extolled the virtues of the area, which contradicted all Anne and I had previously been told.

You see Anne and I we’re actually a little paranoid prior to entering Ensenada, as we had been constantly warned while in California to beware of the current issues occurring in this area. That being the drug wars between The Mafia and the Drug Cartels.

This gentleman was to play down these stories, but at the same time acknowledge that the large city of Tijuana north and close to the border, was the area to avoid without doubt, and explained how the tourism industry in this area had been devastated by this violent criminal activity.

All I could think about, yet wouldn’t dream of bringing the subject up, was how this man who had previously lived in an area where Operation Bluewater had been performed, decades before, was now enjoying his retirement completely oblivious to this following fact.

Had this Mission not been performed, not only would he not be able to enjoy this beautiful area for his retirement, but he would have most likely had his life cut short, had this disaster been allowed to have occurred.

This thought could be applied to the millions of people who currently lived in this southern most area, specified in one of the famous Transmissions of Sir George King.

I’ll remind you at this point that this area, mentioned in this particular Transmission was “Portland Oregon, all the way south to Ensenada, Mexico”. At that time in the mid 1960’s, as it is today, this region of the west coast is inhabited by more people than make up the entire population of my home country Canada!

All this population would have most likely been gone by the activation of the famous San Andres fault line. I recalled my days living in Newport Beach, in the mid 1970’s reading double page articles in the LA Times by scientists, who at that time stated, they couldn’t understand why the San Andres fault line had not yet created, what was referred to in California as….. The Big One!

Ignorance may seem to be Bliss, but its Karmic reaction will be Costly!

We have been warned of this repeatedly throughout the ages…

Action and Reaction are opposite and equal…. (Buddha)

As you Sow, So Shall (Not May!) You Reap… (Jesus)

The Law of Karma (Krishna)

All these thoughts unfortunately were not appropriate to express in this particular circumstance!
The bracelets were now completed, the man with the dog had wished us a safe journey, and Anne and I were back on the road with only an hour or so of daylight left to our credit.

We knew travelling at night was not a safe option and we’d have just enough time to make it to our next stop.

This destination would be a Motel we had been recommended to reach by Joyce co-pilot of the Fun Mover in a text message received the day before. Our fellow tour group members were another 5 hours south of this Motel and we set our goal to meet them by Wednesday as they stated they would be heading back north to San Quintin. No comments were conveyed yet about how they were doing and I was beginning to look forward to meeting them all again.

When we finally arrived at the motel we were to be in for a bit of a surprise!

The rain storms had done a lot of damage in this area and the proprietor of the motel was a very nice lady who spoke fairly good English and her first report was that they had…

No Water!

The rainstorm had washed away the water pipes and the motel had been flooded but they still had rooms available and we had…

“No Choice”.

I returned to relay this news to Anne, worried about her reaction but to her credit, this only added to the atmosphere of adventure. Although we were disappointed not to be able to shower, we were happy to have a reasonably good bed and a roof over our heads. The situation would actually turn out to be a load of laughs.

We must have just been in a giddy mood as when we were delivered a large pail of water in order to flush the toilet, you just couldn’t help but laugh and we did.

Dinner was still to be had and for a place with no running water you would have never known it by the dinner we enjoyed. It was interesting to review the decor that was plastered with memorabilia of the famous Baja 1000 races, as this motel was obviously used by the many who partake in these infamous races.

After a relatively good night’s sleep we were up early the next morning to ride off again but not before we added my Jagg448 stickers to the doors & windows of the restaurant that were covered with a vast array of Power Sport Industry decals.

Once again we were blessed with another beautiful day!

The ride this day would take us through the town of St Vincente and this was the area where the first bridge south of the border, had been washed out the day we began our trek to LA.

The bridge looked in fairly good shape to us, at the time of our passing but you could see the 500 yards of dirt on the south end, connecting the main concrete portion of the bridge to the adjacent mountain. This entire area probably 100ft in-depth had totally been rebuilt.

Later this day we were to learn that it was here that the Fun Mover was stranded for 3 full days and the exploits of the Riders who were to leave the chase vehicle behind would begin to become interesting to say the least.

I’ll mention here for effect, that it was not until we returned to Canada that we were to learn while viewing You Tube videos, that this 500 yards of dirt that was about a 100 ft deep, was originally topped with a layer of pavement and were shocked to see this remarkable video of the actual collapse. Cut & Paste into your Browser the following You Tube Videos!

When Mother Nature Flexes Her Muscles, Mankind is really no Match!

The fact that the Mexican road crews had filled this space in by digging out dirt from the side of the mountain in such a short period of time was just as impressive. It was the video taken by our own crew during the time just after the storm that was very interesting.

It was here that the riders would leave the security of the Chase Vehicle and be transported across the raging river in the back of a Monster 4X4 Truck to get to the other side!

The locals using tractors, bulldozers, and Desert 4X4 Trucks were making a killing charging people that were willing to risk having their vehicles towed across the very wide river. Unfortunately for John & Joyce in the 35Ft Fun Mover, this was not a viable option for obvious reasons.

They were destined to have to wait and watch for 3 days as the rebuilding began.

This was just the beginning of many Stories we were soon to hear about, as by early afternoon Anne and I pulled into the Hotel La Villa, in San Quintin, and were immediately greeted by John & Joyce who were in the parking lot just outside the Fun Mover.

We Had Made It!

It didn`t take long before Joyce was giving us the updates and it was now that we were to learn of some disturbing news.

Warren Thaxter, our fearless leader, was down with a broken wrist as a run in with a wild dog the night before had put an end to his riding plans. We would talk to Warren about this later at lunch and learned that even the year before, Warren had issues with these wild dogs, but during this previous experience the Dog was the one who had paid the price, and in this case with his life. At least it was just a painful wrist injury that Warren was to deal with as any tangle with an animal while on a motorcycle could have dire consequences.

In typical Warren fashion, he rode with the damaged wrist back to the Fun Mover.

Fortunately it wasn’t a long distance away, and to top that off Warren would refuse medical treatment and was planning on waiting for his return flight to Canada to have the injury checked out!

Warren is one tough character and this at an age where the average man is enjoying a relaxing retirement! Warren is not your average man!

Another one of the Riders, Rick was also at the hotel, and we were to learn, that through the previous 3 days that the riding Crew were separated from the Chase Vehicle, that they had experienced a series of challenges, that would test all of their levels of endurance and patience and Rick had just about enough.

Rick’s KTM had not been performing well due to some unknown carburetion issues and on top of that, prior to the trip, a wrong choice in tires was made as Rick opted for a dual sport type tire. This tire proved to be, just not up to the task of the overly wet conditions.

A full knobby tire was a definite requirement.

After checking into this virtually brand new hotel, built within the previous year, we were super impressed with our accommodations and a welcome shower was the first order on our agenda.

Anne & I considered an afternoon ride to survey the area, but as it would turn out our lunch meeting with Warren and then later with Rick cancelled these plans. We were told as well that the guys who rode again this day would be back around 4:00 pm and that a group dinner was planned for the evening.

This prediction would prove to be incorrect!

After resting in the room and eventually falling asleep, we were to awake well past the sunset and we scrambled to get ready for the dinner that we at that moment thought might have already started. When we left our hotel room and went outside, we were shocked to find no bikes and just as we were beginning to question this fact, the distinctive sound of 4 stroke dirt bikes, could be heard entering the parking lot.

One by One they came!

It was now after 7:30 pm! We watched as if it were the Troops coming home after a hard-fought battle!

Soaked with mud and water this crew looked like they had been through a war and with looks of exhaustion on their faces you could just tell they’re were to be more stories to come, and there was!

They had gotten lost and the leader Barry in his typical way laughed off the concerns claiming all was under control, just a few glitches, he claimed!

The beers were being passed around quickly and it was just one story after another as tales of impassable valleys, multiple river crossings, dead-end trails, incorrect GPS coordinates, crashes, and even encounters with quick sand filled the night’s air!

I was beginning to feel thankful I had previously chosen the road ride option for this trip, but deep down I knew I longed to ride off-road again, but it was not to be this time as my destiny for this trip along with Anne, was obviously meant to take a different path as relayed throughout this story.

With the crew all needing showers it was to be a late night dinner, but by 9:00 pm we were all enjoying our chosen feasts! It was in this dinner meeting that Barry admitted to me that the 448 had been a topic with the crew, while Anne and I had gone our separate ways.

The details of these conversations I cannot relay and for all I know they could have been in jest, but one thing I knew for sure, as I could feel it in my gut.

There would be more 448’s to come!

It was decided this night at dinner that the next day would be yet another off-road ride for this daring bunch of riders with the exception of a super funny character nicknamed Johnny Baja, now nursing possible cracked ribs a result of multiple crashes and he would join Warren in the Fun Mover, piloted by John and his lovely wife Joyce.

Rick would join Anne and I for the return road trip and the goal for all would be to return to Ensenada that following night.

The next day we awoke to another Beautiful Day and Anne and I both were anxious to ride!
A group breakfast was enjoyed by all and as we checked out of the hotel, some of the riders were already in the parking lot performing last-minute repairs and adjustments to their bikes. Our first group photos were taken, and it was then, time to hit the road and retrace our path.

Back to Ensenada.

The road ride was great with nothing but beautiful scenery to report and although the Off-Roaders took off before us, they were to experience the same, a fantastic ride with next to no traumas to report.

The Fun Mover and its crew now of four would not be far behind.

Rick, Anne and myself, did however have one interesting experience when we came to an immigration check point, as Anne and I had seen previously on the trek down to San Quintin.
I can tell you these spot checks are intimidating.

These checkpoints are manned by the Mexican Army and they are armed openly with AK47 assault rifles. It feels like you’re driving into a war zone. These Federalies as they’re referred to, are most likely, looking for suspicious characters possibly transporting drugs, but fortunately they like so many of the others in Mexico, love the motorcyclists and especially those on dirt bikes.

If you can do wheelies your chances are better that they’ll just ask you to perform!

Well at this particular juncture this is exactly what occurred but not before we had an interesting start that would begin the signals that would lead to my predicted 448 Finale.

The vehicle we pulled up to in line at this checkpoint was a small pickup truck with the licence
I felt like I had nothing to fear as we looked again at the 448 and sure enough our passage past the Federalies would require nothing more than a single wheelie, which under pressure, and with sand laced across the pavement, did not result in a very good display!

At least they didn’t shoot me! LOL.

Once Anne, Rick and I had arrived in Ensenada some 3 hours later, I utilized my inherent Daniel Boone skills and quickly found the Hotel we had been directed to find by the coordinator Joyce.
After checking in at this Villa, Anne and I decided to ride two up on the Magna and go check out into the City to take in the scenery and pursue some final shopping goals. I too had souvenirs to obtain for my kids Owen and Amelia and their live-in step brother Jimmy.

We spent the afternoon in this thriving town and again met some of the ever friendly locals who just seem to love anyone on a motorcycle. A lunch at a downtown restaurant was also enjoyed and it was here that we would be serenaded by a talented guitar duo. We both had a wonderful time.

Once back to the hotel it was another planned group dinner and this time there were no stragglers as all had arrived safely as planned. This was to be our second last night and the thoughts of our trip ending brought pain to our hearts.

A great time was had by all and for second time that day, we were to again enjoy the talents of another serenading duo, who really added a lot to the atmosphere of our Mexican adventure.

The next day would bring one more ride though, and this would be exciting, as the return trip to Tecate would be made by all the riders as a group on the roads through the winding mountains.

This with the exception of course, of our now wounded comrades traveling in the comforts of the Fun Mover.

I believe it will be useful at this time to mention that our wounded comrades of Warren & Johnny Baja were to, during this trip, get the attention and care of Anne directly, each on separate occasions.

Anne is very forthright and open to proclaim her ability to transfer healing energies based on a technique developed by our Teacher Sir George King and taught to her, by yours truly, as I am also a qualified, Trained Spiritual Healing Instructor.

This ability to Heal was promoted by Sir George King to be a birthright, within every man woman or child. This was made clear in the title of the Book SGK authored in the 1960’s entitled…


Recently this classic was supplemented by a newer and updated version authored by SGK’s, highest ranking associate in the London, England, Headquarters of The Aetherius Society, the Rev. Richard Lawerence TH.D. This publication is entitled…


Sir George King incorporated the following phrase of explanation into his personally designed Healing Course in order to simply state what Healing is… and I quote…

“Spiritual Healing is a Science, whereby Universal Life Forces (Prana) are transferred Through the Healer into the Patient“

Thousands upon Thousands of people around the World have been trained in this and other similar techniques, but it was George King in the 1960’s who pioneered this form of Healing as being, NOT a “GIFT From GOD”, possessed by a FEW, but was indeed a potential within EVERYONE!

It would be relevant at this time to point out that Sir George King stated the following as well…

It is impossible to receive a Gift from GOD, for it contradicts the All Pervasive Law of Karma.

Whatever the talent is, be it an ability to play music, be a champion athlete, a great writer, a great Yogi or a remarkable Healer…

These are Abilities acquired through Disciplined Experience, gained in this Life or Previous Lives!
So here’s what happened…

Warren Thaxter who had the broken wrist, had accepted a short healing session from Anne during our lunch in San Quintin, I think Warren was unsure of what was really going on, but he did admit that he could feel the heat emanating from Anne’s hands, in this impromptu relatively short Healing Session.

Warren thanked Anne for this gesture.

I was proud of Anne’s willingness to openly put to use her God like abilities, that anyone can utilize if they’d only realize and activate their Inner Potential!

The reactions by some, too Hands on Healing, are not always the same, as you’ll now read…
This story is meant to be on a less serious note and not intended to be a negative comment about the perpetrator, but was just one of the more hilarious moments of our trip.

This situation occurred while we were preparing for our final ride out of Ensenada, when Anne tried to give this, hands on healing assistance to Johnny Baja, as I watched with interest from a distance.
Anne placed her hands on Johnny’s sore right side, and began to concentrate and visualize the healing energies flowing through her.

As this action began to unfold, all I could see was Johnny`s left hand go immediately upwards, to begin rapidly scratching his ear and his left leg simultaneously started to shuffle like a dog that was in heat!

I couldn`t help but laugh at Johnny’s antics, but at the same time felt bad for Anne, as I knew she was experiencing a rejection to her open healing offers, which was I`m sure, just Johnny being funny and provocative, as Anne had made this move in the presence of all the guys.

Remember Anne, There’s a time and place for everything!

I think this was just too good of an opportunity for Johnny, well, To Just Be Johnny!

It was really funny though!

Johnny’s loss I might add, as Anne is a very powerful Healer and maybe, could have brought some relief, to his aching ribs!

Once we were all ready and dressed in our gear, another group photo was taken, and as I was the one most familiar with the City’s landscape, I was asked to lead the group out of town, and our final ride was set to begin.

A Motorcycle ride is always different when you put a bunch of guys together, and as expected the testosterone was flowing. Once on the open road, a series of wheelies were demonstrated by a few and I was probably as guilty as any involved, but we were definitely having fun, as we bolted towards the mountains.

Anne was not being nearly as aggressive, but was keeping up with a rather quick pace, and it wasn’t long before we returned to that construction area that Anne had nearly crashed on the day we entered Mexico. Conditions had definitely improved and although still a bit precarious on the luggage laden Magna, Anne was guided and surrounded by our crew, and she made it safely through without any incident.

Once back into the winding mountainous roads, that’s when Anne was just not willing to follow the pace set by Barry and some of the guys, so I had no choice but to fall back from the pack and to stick with Anne, riding at definitely a safer and more leisurely pace.

I’ll admit it was not easy for me to do this, as I would have loved to carve up the winding roads as it brought back memories of the battles our leader Barry and I had in years past in not only Motocross but on the paved courses were we raced together as Super Moto competitors.

SuperMoto is a sport that combines the talents of a Road Racer and Off-Road Racer into one on a track that is usually 70% Pavement and 30 % Dirt. Not an easy discipline to master and probably an activity best left to the track as opposed to these dangerous Mexican roads.

Even as it was, at one point when we had all joined together again as a group, we passed a crashed car that obviously had rolled several times and sat precariously near the edge of a cliff and its was frightening to see individuals still moving in the back of this vehicle. People were seen on cell phones on the side of the road obviously calling for help and I’d have to admit I felt guilty as we drove as group right passed this accident. I’ll say in our defence that it was right at the apex of a blind corner and stopping as a group here would probably not have a wise decision.

I guess we were assuming, and I hope rightfully so, that these other people on the road had all things under control. A truck was off to the side just a few yards up the road and it was unclear if this accident was caused by these two vehicles coming together or whether this was just a case of the car driver’s error. Regardless of who was at fault I sent strong thoughts of Healing white light back to this scene of carnage, with the hope, that all would be OK.

I still think we should have stopped though, even it was to double back on our tracks, and if I was in this same situation again in the future I would.

A few words of advice to remember….

“Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment”

The above is a quote by a Highly Elevated Master, who spoke through Sir George King, found in the transmission about Service, taken from the classic literary work referred to as…

The Nine Freedoms!

As much as we all enjoyed this beautiful ride back to Tecate, it was all too short!

We arrived as a Group back at the Customs Checkpoint and it wasn’t long before we were at the Trailer on the USA side of the border.

Our Riding Adventure Was Now Completed!

It was now 1.15pm PST as I specifically checked the time on my BlackBerry and the reloading process began. Beers once again were passed around in celebration of our safe journey and it was not long before the sight of the Fun Mover was to grace our eyes.

When all was completed and the Trailer was now secured to the back of the Fun Mover, the trek began along that beautiful winding road out of Tecate back towards our destination of the same Holiday Inn in San Diego where this adventure had all began.

As we traveled this scenic route that features a landscape that almost looks out of this world, my mind was still thinking about how amazing this trip had been, and all that had been experienced. It was funny to me how once again I had traveled with a Cliffshore Adventure Tour as in the Las Vegas Nevada Ride, two years earlier, and how my 448 anomaly, even then, resulted in more people being exposed to my metaphysical beliefs.

As to be expected these anomalies would affect some profoundly, yet for others, would see nothing more than an, interesting series of coincidences!

When we finally arrived back at the Holiday Inn, the icing on the proverbial cake, was soon to be revealed, and this in the most interesting of ways.

When the checking in process was being performed in the Hotel Lobby and immediately upon its completion, we were all gathered in a group, some lounging on the chairs and sofas, while others were standing to prepare to head off to our individual rooms.

It was then that the prophesized finale was to occur!

What made me do this is anybody’s guess but without any preconceived thought process, my hand reached into my pocket and withdrew my BlackBerry, this cell phone, the focus of one of my previous 448 Stories and the unit that had now documented over 200 pictures from our Trip and what do you think I saw…

4:48 PM!

I was shocked again and immediately responded with the following exclamation!

Look at this!

I stated this to the entire group as I quickly thrust the BlackBerry into the eyesight of each and everyone in attendance, some of whom I believe had seen that I had just randomly pulled this phone out of my pocket!

Where was Anne I called out!

I thought she should have seen this, yet she wasn’t to be found. Anne should’ve been here for this prophesized finale and had she been, her iPhone could have possibly captured this in a picture.
As my agitation grew it was still 4:48 pm on my phone!

I called out Anne’s name again, and as in many times in the past the number 4.48 seemed to stay on my phone beyond the 60 second allotment, and I stated this to the group again by commenting…

Look the 448 is still on my phone, and I showed it to all!

In my frustration I called out again!

Anne where are you!

Then all of a sudden, Anne comes walking towards me with a nonchalant look on her face as if to say, what’s your problem? That with a small piece of paper dangling from her hand.

I then probably incorrectly, mildly scolded her verbally for missing this… 448, Finale
Not to mention my chance to record this timely 448.

Anne immediately scolded me back that she was in the middle of making a decision as to how much money to withdraw from the ATM Machine just around the corner and then thrust the ATM receipt in her hand into the air as proof of her whereabouts. It was then that the documentation, I needed was discovered, and in an even better way than expected!

Even Anne didn’t realize, until she happened to look down to see… The printed ATM withdrawal receipt itself was dated and timed as January 30th, at 4:48 pm.

This on top of the fact that Anne had never used an ATM machine on this adventure until this moment!

The ATM receipt was now shown to ALL in Attendance!

Our crew had the 448 anomaly demonstrated to them Twice in virtually 60 Seconds!

Even if someone was sceptical about my BlackBerry being extracted from pocket by a preconceived plan, this transaction by Anne was further proof, as she didn`t even know it had happened!

The 448 had been displayed, in two different ways, from two different people, in two different locations, simultaneously!


I then proclaimed this is as the finale, I had been expecting for this Baja/California Trip!

I stated moments later to Anne, and in hindsight, should have to All in attendance, that the 448/844’s would now cease to occur, and as the wheel of life’s experiences would revolve, this too, was a prophesy that would prove to be…


As we traveled on the final leg of our flight back to The Great White North, I felt it was fantastic that our experiences had combined in such a dramatic and enjoyable manner!

Great Friends, Great Motorcycling, Great Experiences!

The Greatest of All, to me personally, is the Opportunity to once again bring your attention to my Spiritual Teacher, in the hope, that the seeds that I plant, may one day sprout in the unsuspecting minds of those caught up in the events that create my… 448 stories.

Too all of you reading this, I hope you have enjoyed this most recent chapter and it is truly my hope that you’ll at least investigate with an open mind and discover for yourself.

Sir George King, and His, Far More Important Stories!

All of this valuable information entrusted to the care of the great Spiritual Organization, this Man founded, now known to you all.

The Aetherius Society

A Safe Predication for the Future is that the 448 Stories will continue, ’till next time…

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Thy Will, Most Holy Brahma, Be Done.

As Always, This 448 Story is dedicated to…

His Eminence Sir George King, D.D, TH.D., Metropolitan Arch Bishop of The Aetherius Society Churches. January 23rd, 1919 to July 12th, 1997 @ 4:48 am PDT

Investigate, Discriminate, Research and Evolve!

The above Symbol is the logo of The Aetherius Society which represents, “God Manifesting Itself as Wisdom” The story you have just read was written and edited by Allan Jaggard

Assistant Group Organizer of the Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society.

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