Don’t! FRIGG’N FRICK with the 448!

Friday January 14th 8:44 pm

The writing of this Story really begins at 8:44 pm. See the properties of this document below for proof. Just as I switched this document to a PDF format after completion, I noted the “size on disk” number in brackets, so look at the last three digits. OMG when will this craziness end! LOL.Let’s begin…

I had just arrived home, late after another long day working at the Royal Distributing warehouse helping to receive the large liquidation order you hopefully already read about in…

The Final 2010 448 Story

After going through my mail and weekly Sales Package from Motovan Corporation, I needed to fuel myself with some food to give me the energy to fulfill my pre-planned Friday night itinerary.

Kickback, relax, watch a hockey game, spend time with my girlfriend Anne, as is usually the case on any Friday night…  Nope not this time!

In fact I even asked Anne to not come untill Saturday, and when I did this, she quipped back jokingly, “I guess I’ll just have to wait”. (short pause)… to come Saturday.

Sexual pun intended. Anne is just so bad, but I love her sense of humour!

Not this Friday night… I’m writing a 448 Story!

I’ll be testing out a statement that I read months ago in an old documented article written by my Spiritual Teacher, the renowned Western Master of Yoga Sir George King, way back in 1967.

This extremely advanced Yogi stated, in this article I read, that there was a metaphysical advantage to the aspiring student to doing writings, of a spiritual or metaphysical nature, on Friday evenings.
He never really explained WHY though, that this is so.

Earlier in the week, I thought I’d give this statement a test. With this Story that had yet to be written. So here we go… let’s get into it!

Once my euphoria had died down from the fantastic results of my 2010 year-end Liquidation achievement, I began to wonder how my actual year-end Sales would pan out.

Would I break the 4 million dollar barrier or would I come up short?

This may sound like a rather large number but it was actually off from my projected 2010 target by a significant amount.

It would really bother me if I didn’t break this 4 million mark, so I thought I would sit down on the day after New Years and see if I could ball park the sales total.

I went on the computer and I noted that all of my liquidation orders had been invoiced as expected prior to year-end. I then totaled the numbers of each of these liquidation invoices.

Due to the holiday period there were no available regular daily sales reports, so I decided that I would go back to the last recorded sales report I had, which was dated Dec 23rd, 2010.

I would now get my calculator, go on-line to the dealer site, and total each and every invoice, starting with the Royal Distributing account.

I knew Royal would account for the majority of my sales during this holiday period.

This would be a tedious task but I thought it was the only way to calculate my approximate 2010 year-end sales total.

One by one, the number grew and grew.

Sometimes I recorded the exact invoice figure, right down to the penny, other times I would just round the number up to the closest dollar.

I came near the end of the Royal Distributing invoices, and before I even went to any of my other Dealer accounts, I could see I was going to go over 4 million.


I felt better right away, but I thought, I may as well finish the Royal account off, so I continued up the list until I came to the last invoice of the 2010 year.

I still was just randomly ball parking the numbers till the last invoice was entered.

What did I see as a final number on my calculator?

You Guessed It! Was I surprised, not really, and neither was Anne who was at my house at the time!

We’ve both come to expect these anomalies as it just seems to be a normal day in the life of…
Allan Jaggard Mr. 448.

Friday Page 03 Image 0003
Friday Page 03 Image 0002

This picture of the car comes from another one of my Stories and no the car isn’t mine.

The 448 and its opposite 844 is my Tool to create conversation as I’ve said so many time’s to so many people!

It’s the tool that allows me to say, time and time again, the wisdom of my Spiritual Teacher Dr. George King.

He stated clearly that the following 3 words are useless, as they can’t have any possible meaning.


When the law of Karma, or the law of Cause & Effect, which IS GOD, which is all aspects of creation, is fully understood, it is then that you begin to realize the foolishness of these words.

How could something happen by chance, luck or coincidence within creation unless you believe in a concept that all that fills the universe just happens and happens on a regular basis haphazardly.

Science doesn’t even accept this theory as the deeper they delve into the cosmos the more they discover the systematic arrangement of all things.

They’re beginning to understand how this universe really operates.

The scientists are just scratching the surface and another famous quote of Sir George King, would be appropriate here…

What the Metaphysician says today, the Scientist proves tomorrow!

If there is indeed intelligent design to the cosmos, what makes you think that the intelligence creating it all has no control over its superbly designed creation?

It’s not Logical, it’s not fair, and it’s irrational to think such thoughts, but this is mainstream thought on planet Earth.

Over 1,800 years ago the greatest astronomer of all time (in my opinion) Aristarchus told the masses that the planets in our Solar System revolved around the Sun!

He was shunned and declared a fool! BUT in the end it was proven just…

400 years ago!

Aristarchus was RIGHT!

It is my hope that it doesn’t take mankind over 1400 years for Dr. George King to be understood!
Onto the next phase of my Story!

Once I began work again on January 3rd my first job was to get the In Season discount structure finalized for Royal Distributing.

This should have been ready to go but some technical complications with the computer system would not allow the structure to be implemented as we thought. A new plan had to be put into place.
This took till Jan 5th.

When it was finalized, I went to Royal with the new plan and I approached each of the Managers to get their Blessing, that all was fine.

Within a few hours the plan was confirmed and the Partner Agreement was signed.

I faxed the document to our London Office and the program would be implemented immediately upon receipt. As this deal was different, and in many ways better than the 2010 deal, I wanted to make sure it was received with no mistakes.

I felt so relieved that this process was done.

I phoned the London office, talked to Anna and she responded enthusiastically, “Oh! I was just e-mailing you to tell you the fax was received and the program was active.”

We chatted for a bit and began to talk about my Sales and how I wanted to clarify my liquidation totals as the paper reports I had received on New Year’s Eve were incorrect. It wasn’t long before Anna explained to me that I didn’t have to worry as there was a reason why.

This conversation then led me to asking Anna if she had my actual year-end total of my Overall Sales total for 2010.

I knew this would be my way of telling Anna the story about the anomaly that showed on the calculator after my random way I calculated my own sales on New Year’s.

We also had a couple of chuckles over the points of my 2010 Final 448 Story in particular the comparison to the Chevy Chase, Christmas Vacation movie that you’ve hopefully already read about.
Anna was laughing and said…

“I think this could only happen to you Allan… Very Cool!”

Neither of us realized what was going to happen, only a short period later after we both got off the phone.

Royal Distributing submitted their only series of orders for the day and Anna would soon be entering them into the computer that now held within it the new discount structure for 2011!
These orders were sent in excel format. It was therefore easy to cut and paste over onto a Motovan order form.

The 4 PO’s were in the computer within a 4 minute period.

Unfortunately the computer doesn’t register the seconds of time on the orders.

The way things were developing I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a total time of 4 min 48 sec to input the orders.


The 4 orders ironically also represent all 4 of the Royal Distributing locations. Sudbury, Barrie, Whitby and Guelph.

So what’s so unusual you ask?

The next morning of January 6th, 2011 resulted in this find!

Upon filing my call report of the previous day’s activity, I then thought I would check Royal’s account on-line and see how the new discount structure was looking.

What I saw was quite amazing for 4 orders input in a 4 minute period and in light of all that had been going on recently regarding my 448 anomaly.

The first order for Barrie is entered @ 3:34 pm Invoice number 93298378

The second order for Sudbury is entered @ 3:36 pm Invoice number 93298374

The third order for Whitby is entered @ 3:37 pm Invoice number 93298384

Now the Finale Invoice which is now 64 invoices later (Motovans invoicing IS in numerical order by the way).

These are the only invoices for Royal Distributing on this January 5th, 2011 under the newly implemented program.

The fourth and final order for Guelph which is the location for all these 448 events within my Stories and was entered @ 3:38 pm.

Invoice number…


Is it Chance, Luck, Coincidence?

You Decide!

These highlighted numbers allow me to relate these following points in relation to the numbers in question.

WHY do I many times see the number 844 and its mirror image 448? (Yin & Yang, Positive & Negative)

My yoga teacher George King states that…


It must be in order to be balanced.

The short YouTube clip below expands on this with an extract from a talk given by Dr. George King on this subject of…


I took the picture of this extract of the Truth Message, off You Tube on January 10th, 2011, immediately after seeing a post on my Face book Wall.

Note the time I did this…

4:48 am!

I was so excited to see this extract on-line that I knew was a classic, I shared it on Facebook again so it would also go to my profile page.

You’ll see if your one of my friends on FB it loaded @ 4:49 am.

I know, I know, Close but no Cigar…

Now the next point is related to the fact there were 64 invoices up to the final Royal invoice that ends with the 448.

What’s the significance of the number 64? Remember I said the numbers are my tool to bring your attention to a particular subject.

I never realized this number 64 was involved until I started writing this Story.

I feel if I didn’t mention the following I’d be missing an opportunity to expose the wisdom of the great Eastern Yoga Master…


I-Ching’s great book of Divination and Prophesy is famous. It has been used with great effect for thousands of years. His book, which is composed of a series of hexagons each with a great story attached, is a book and practice that I am quite adept at utilizing.

This isn’t the time or place to explain how it works.

When I have to make an important decision or seek guidance or advise anyone making an important decision, this is the Book I always consult.

The number of hexagons in the chart…


Friday Page 08 Image 0001
Friday Page 08 Image 0002
Friday Page 08 Image 0003

Now, for the final icing on the cake…

This is the last anomaly to relate before I wrap this story up.

It is a somewhat rather common thing for me to be kidded about my seemingly strange obsession with this number 448 that has been with me since the early 1970’s.

Friday Page 09 Image 0001
Friday Page 09 Image 0002
Friday Page 09 Image 0003
Friday Page 09 Image 0004

The above pictures, in order, are 1975, 2005, 2007 so you see what I mean!

Also of interest is the next 448 anomaly…

Note the 448KB size of the artwork created in 2007 for my +50 Championship poster!

Anne and I only noticed this while looking for this picture taken in preparation for its use in this story!

Over time I have been joked with about my stories but here’s the bottom line…

I don’t know how they occur, but they…


I do feel I know why and as I’ve stated before many times…

The 448 or 844 is My Fishing Lure!

I have one major statement, I stand by, and that is…

“That You Can’t Make Them Happen.”

You must just let them happen, naturally!

Then after they happen, and only then, figure out the possible reasons associated to, why they are happening.

This final short story is an example of this statement and the reason for why I called this Story…

Don’t FRIGG’N FRICK with the 448.

Please realize this Story is just for fun but will demonstrate my point.

On Friday January 14th, 2011, I was working at Royal Distributing in order to continue my warehouse assistance.

Before I began to work in the warehouse, I stopped in the Royal offices to pass on a couple of messages I had forgotten the night before to tell Scott Spark. It was during that previous Thursday night visit that I had a funny little 448 occur when Scott witnessed how I solved a missing inventory report.

I made a call to the Buyer at our Head Office, in Boucherville, Quebec, to find out why the information was so late and the Buyer said he had sent the excel inventory report days earlier.

I assured him I had never received this information, I said this all clearly on my cell phone, while standing right in front of Scott’s desk so he heard what was going on.

The buyer went back into his e-mails only to discover and he hadn’t sent the missing information. The e-mail in question was in his draft file.

He apologized profusely and I said no problem just forward the information to me, and I would then forward to Scott who was again still sitting at his desk listening to this conversation.

Well as all this was done in about 2 minutes.

When the e-mail came through on my BlackBerry, just as I hung up my cell phone, I said to Scott,
I got it!

I immediately forwarded it to Scott so he could view the info on his computer and within a couple of seconds he had the missing info…

He received the e-mail at…

4:48 pm!…

Perfect Problem Solved! LOL.

This was funny but it would be even better the next morning on Friday when, as I said previously, I stopped in his office and gave Scott an update on an earlier morning conversation with one of our other Buyers.

This related to another important ordering issue and this buyer had expressed the urgency of getting this particular Helmet Order ASAP as a container load was ready to give to our Manufacturer.

It was imperative that we receive Royals order as we knew they would have a significantly sized order that we wanted to coordinate with our PO.

Scott gave me the answer I was hoping for; he said he was already working on the order in question.

About an hour or so later I was surprised to see Scott in the warehouse. He handed me a printed copy of the completed order which I didn’t expect to see until possibly Monday, I was pumped!

I asked him if he knew how many helmets he had ordered. Scott said he didn’t have a clue! He ordered each helmet based on the computer’s previous sales history.

He projected out his needs based on this information, to the end of the summer.

I could tell, by glancing at the pages quickly, that the order was big!

I then asked quickly, as he was preparing to walk away, if he would mind e-mailing me a copy so I could forward to the offices and have the order put into the computer.

The Buyer could then run a new report and balance out our planned container load accordingly.
He responded no problem and off he went. A short while later I received his e-mail. In the meantime I had already mentally added up the quantities, twice just to be sure I was correct.
The order was for 443 helmets just 5 short of from my number 448.

Again my thoughts were… Close but no Cigar!

I then looked at the e-mail from Scott which you can see below and had to laugh at the comment he made…

Scott was joking about my 448 as he said the 448 showed up in my e-mail address when he sent the helmet order to me.

My address is

Well Scott, I thought to myself… That Doesn’t Count!

So I thought I’d send him a funny e-mail back and emphasize that it was close to being a 448 Story as I then told him I had counted the Helmets and the number had come to a total of 443!

I then emphasized my point that you “Can’t Make a 448 Happen” so I said the order is being submitted as is and thanked him for getting the order done!

Here’s the Icing on the 448 Cake!

The Order came back from the Motovan London Office with an order dollar total that was bigger than my mental estimations. I then scanned the 11 page invoice to the bottom line and there it was in black & white.

Had Scott even ordered ONE HELMET MORE or ONE HELMET LESS…

The following would not have occurred!



In numerology the number 9, can refer to an “ending”.


You Decide.



Born January 23rd, 1919 and passed away on July 12th 1997 @ 4:48 am PDT.
Santa Barbara, California, USA

A Tribute to Sir George King by Dave Davies, the famous Rock Star of the Kinks in collaboration with the Rev. Chrissie Blaze a close follower of Sir George King.

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