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The Spooky 448/844 Halloween Story

It’s 11:22 pm on Halloween evening October 31st, 2011.

This is not a really scary story, but definitely a spooky one with the showing of my infamous 448 & 844 numbers that culminated just today!

Early last week it was decided I would move ahead with plans to test and write an article for MXP & PRN Magazines on the MV Agusta motorcycles.

The MV Agusta article was originally slated to involve only the 1090R MV Agusta, which I picked up @ Kahuna Cycle on Wednesday Oct 26th, 2011.

One aspect of this multifaceted plan was to arrange a photographer and a model to help this project come to life. I personally made the decision to employ my daughter Amelia Jaggard, as she has ambitions of becoming a fashion model. To handle the photography aspect of this job, I decided on Philip Toth, a budding photographer looking for experience in this trade.

Philip currently works @ Royal Distributing. Royal MV Agusta is their new alter ego trade name in regards to the famous line of motorcycles MV Agusta.

The plan was to hold an in house photo session @ Royal MV on Saturday Oct 29th, 2011. I had earlier in the week secured approval from the Motovan Marketing Department to create product image photos utilizing Amelia as the model for possible use in the soon to be printed 2012 Motovan Fashion Catalog. Philip had work with Amelia in another Royal Distributing project I arranged back in August, 2011 that saw Amelia granted her first official modeling job by the good folks at Royal Distributing.

This project to create photos for Royal’s Fall/Winter Catalogue also resulted in a 448 story that freaked a few people out when an anomaly was discovered after the catalogue came back from the printers. The images found on page 102 in the center top photo shows Amelia wearing an Oakley Zip Hoody that happened to have the part number…


Amelia now has this sweater as of her birthday in mid September.

It was determined through further investigation that the printed text on this page was put in at the last minute by the graphic designer of the catalogue, Amanda who had no idea or knowledge about my 448 Stories.

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

To not digress further, I will now describe further how the number 448 and its mirror image 844 continued into this current project involving the MV Agusta Road Test, the Article and the Accessory Product shoot for the possible use by Motovan Corporation.

On Saturday, the “in studio” Royal photo session was set to start at 9.30 am and this continued till just after noon. Successful it was! Hundreds of shots were taken and to give you an idea of what it was like, I’ve pasted one of the many contact sheets.

Once completed the next task would be to create the outdoor photos using Amelia, the MV Agustas, and the various Motovan accessories.

It was determined after a seemingly successful indoor shoot that we needed to take advantage of the very nice sunny weather and get the stills & soon to follow action shots we needed.

We decided based on my advice that it would be worth the trip to my hometown of Belfountain to get the still photos of The MV Agusta, due to the beautiful surroundings and the action shots without a doubt, on the famous Forks of the Credit Road.

After arriving at my home we immediately began to shoot as it was determined that my own landscaped yard gave a suitable backdrop for the gorgeous MV Agustas. I say Agusta’s as now my project had morphed into including the stellar MV F4 that Royal had as a demo and graciously loaned for the photo shoot and the keys in order to test this model as well.

Here are a few examples of the photos we took…

Halloween Page 04 Image 0001
Halloween Page 04 Image 0002
Halloween Page 04 Image 0003

Now it was time to do the Fun Part… RIDE!

I suited up as the designated test rider and stated I would start on the 1090R Brutale MV. I told Philip and Amelia that I wanted to go ahead and warm up and scope out the twisty Forks of the Credit Road as I knew of a spot that I thought would be perfect. I said to Philip and Amelia that they should follow at their own pace in the truck and see if they felt they saw a suitable area to get some good shots.

I started up the 1090R MV Brutale and I was feeling good. I pulled out onto the Forks from my house and it was to be only moments till I was marvelling at the magnificence of the MV!

The MV Brutale felt awesome and immediately inspired confidence, with its incredible power and almost “thought” directed handling.

As I quickly sped along the winding road, I came to the area I felt would be the portion of the road that would gives us the best possible images. I felt confident enough to speed into the 90 degree left hand turn and just as I negotiated the turn I saw a car coming through the S bend and what catches my eye but the licence plate that read…

??? 844…!!!

I immediately knew my intuition had been right and this was my confirmation!

I completed the S-Bend and did a U-Turn and rushed, back tracking the Forks of the Credit Road to find Philip and Amelia in the truck. It was not more than a quarter of a kilometre and I seen the truck heading towards me.

I flagged them down. I was obviously excited, as I knew the 448/844 was beginning again! I still at this point had no idea what was shortly to occur.

When I pulled up to the open drivers door window I called out to Amelia saying as I usually do in these cases… I swear to God! I just saw an 844 exactly where I thought we should be taking the photos and there was no doubt in my mind I knew where we needed to go.

I requested they follow and without hesitation they did. Before I pulled away I told Phil that I know you won’t understand what the fuss about the number was, but true to the usual pattern of my 448 Stories, he soon would.

As we drove our vehicles through the S-Bend in question the first job was finding a place to park the truck. It really was only suitable to park at the first side road that was about 500 yards from where I felt Philip and Amelia had to take up position. Amelia was going to video the passing MV I was riding.

Once in position at the crest of the hill I signalled to them both that I would make the first run through the section. I made this pass through with enthusiastic gusto and that’s when the balancing aspect of the previously seen 844 would occur.

I turned around at the road where the truck was parked and was cruising back to where Amelia & Phil were standing, to see how they felt the shot was. It was then as if by intuition my eyes were drawn to the Brutale’s instrument cluster and what should I see…

Are you ready?…

The Brutale’s Mileage OD for the first action shot was taken at… 6,448 km!

The Yin & Yang was completed and I knew I had the makings of a 448 Story!

Halloween Page 07 Image 0001
Halloween Page 07 Image 0002
Halloween Page 07 Image 0003

This was just the beginning though of a long afternoon of testing and photography, so I’ll show a few pictures here to give you an idea of the rest of this very eventful day.

Two of the sexiest motorcycles you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

The MV F4 & MV Brutale

By the time we finished it was near 5.00pm (maybe it was 4.48pm, LOL) and I began to prepare the cheque to pay Philip for his excellent work. It was then that I thought that before he left I should give him a briefing on the purpose of my 448 Stories.

I invited Phil in the house for a quick look at my Cosmic Warrior bike and pointed to the portrait of my Spiritual Teacher, the Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King who this custom bike was dedicated to after his passing on July 12th 1997 @… you guessed it…

4:48 am PST in Santa Barbara, California.

Nothing Happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence, was George King’s Mantra.

After a short tour of the custom paint job and the significance of some of its features I gave Philip a couple of my JAGG448 stickers and recommended he check out my sorely neglected website. I then promised to e-mail him one of my written stories which have been the normal way for me to document these anomalies for at least the last five years, which is about the last time my website was updated.

It’s still worth checking out though if you want to review some of my other 448 Stories some of which date back to the early 80’s.

For those of you unfamiliar with where the number originated, I chose it from the address of the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) way back in 1974.

The reason you ask…I just thought it looked like a cool number that would be easy to use black electrical tape to create the digits on my Motocross Bikes.

The rest in now just documented history, the number 448 or its mirror image 844 has a “weird way of showing itself” with those that are close to me.

The anomaly of the timing of their appearance is the KEY that allows me to create these stories that I use to bring your attention to my Teacher and His Stories which actually have worldwide significance.

I suggest if you’re interested to pursue my challenge of “investigation” go to the following link and read the Stories you’ll find there. If after reading these, I ask you to try to tell me, these stories do not present a strong case for giving validity to a claim that too many may be regarded as…CRAZY!

ACCEPTED OR REJECTED, TRUTH IS… another quote by Dr. George King

I pointed this statement out for Philip that is painted on the Cosmic Warriors gas tank, under the unusual image of Dr. George King that is based on an actual photograph. Philip due to his knowledge of photography could relate to this anomaly. This anomaly is present in multiple photos from different locations around the world. These photos have been reviewed by experts in the field and confirmed as being authentic. The photos clearly show a bright light shining from the heavens directly down to the head and shoulders of the Yogi, George King. These photos taken just after being used as a channel performing an amazing mission that can also be investigated known as Operation Starlight….

I returned the Black MV Agusta F4 to Royal MV on Monday Oct 31st…


So how shall I end this Story to leave you still wondering?

Maybe just this…

Want to see something Spooky?

As I drove to within 5 Minutes of Royal MV

I was sending one of the photos in this story to Mark Fries @ Royal on my Blackberry and then immediately, while the photo was sending, I saw a licence plate on a oncoming car that has significance to me personally, and it involves the number 748.

(The Eastern Standard Time, it was for me when Dr. George King passed away).

I gave the passing vehicle a quick “thumbs up” as I took it as a positive sign as to how this whole MV Test and Photo session had gone.

Just at the instant of my spontaneous hand jester, what drives right up next to me on this Halloween afternoon?

A “ghosted” out licence plate that you can barely see for yourself…

448 ZLV!

Well now I’m really pumped at this double whammy sign of a positive nature, which I would like to point out is always the case, without fail when the numbers 448 or 844 present themselves.

I then pull up to the next stop light literally about a 2 minute drive from Royal MV’s parking lot and my eyes were drawn to the Fun Movers Trip Odometer and I can’t believe what’s next!

It seemed I was going to have an 844 in Royals parking lot delivering… The MV Agusta F4.

As I drove closer and closer I was beginning to think it was going to go pass the 844 on the trip odometre but you know what happened… It didn’t! I pulled into my usual parking spot and came to a stop.

I was almost dumbfounded by what I saw!


How Spooky is that? To be continued…

The Photos in this story were taken with my Blackberry or my Sony video cam. So therefore will not be of the quality that I’m sure Philips will be when we pick from the contact sheets that have been just cut and pasted into this Story. Hope you enjoyed…

Happy Halloween!

I hate to tell you this but it’s 4:48 am, November 1st, 2011.

Halloween Page 12 Image 0002
Halloween Page 12 Image 0003

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