A Cracker Barrel of a 448 Story

This story is a continuation of the previous week of events that culminated on Sept 12th, ’08 and created the amazing results of The Rubicon 448 Jeep Story.

On September 13th, 2008 the alarm rang at the purposely set hour of 4:48 am and jolted me out of an all too short sleep. I had no choice in the matter!

To reach our eventual destination of The Aetherius Society Michigan Branch by 11.00 am, required immediate action!

I had to make haste so I bolted to the kitchen for my morning coffee to achieve the required stimulation. Coffee sure hits the spot at this hour of the day!

Anne Coleman who was accompanying me on this trip was understandably groggy as well but rose to the occasion and quickly started helping in the preparations required for our departure.

My faithful dog Duke was already anxiously pacing and anticipating whatever adventure lay ahead as he could sense he was being included. Unfortunately that adventure was a 5 hour drive to Michigan in the relatively cramped quarters of the newly acquired vehicle that is affectionately referred to as…


On the road by 6:00 am we settled into what was for us all the first extended drive in this vehicle that proved immediately to be an awesome ride.

We were only 3 of a total of 9 associates of The Toronto Group of the Aetherius Society that were making the trek to Royal Oak, Michigan for the Grand Opening of The Aetherius Society’s Michigan Branch. This newly acquired Church was soon to be regarded by all the attendees as one of the most beautiful new facilities of our organization to be found throughout the world.

A whole weekend of special events was scheduled and we were on our way to support our closest and most dear Spiritual Brothers and Sisters in The Aetherius Society.

The 5 hour trek was successfully made but not without some scary moments as the front edge of Hurricane IKE was now passing through Michigan and would prove to make for miserable weather conditions the whole weekend through.

The purpose of this story however is not to report the happenings of this most amazing weekend of events related to this Grand Opening, but to show how once again my intriguing 448 Stories are basically relentless in their occurrence.

These 448 stories occur I firmly believe in order to give me the continuous ammunition needed to keep Dr. George King’s Story and the work of his wonderful organization The Aetherius Society in the view of the unknowing masses. Each of whom have the potential to discover its significance.

If this is your first time being exposed to my 448 stories then please consider the following information.

The number 448 has been with me since 1972, gracing the number plates of all my competition motorcycles. The number 448 I chose originated from the address at the time of the Canadian Motorcycle Association and has over the years demonstrated a strange an undeniable connection to me to this very day.

This phenomenon can be explored by reviewing my website www.jagg448.com & my sister website www.cosmicwarrior.com.

This latter website is dedicated to my Yoga Teacher and renowned Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King who ironically passed away at what was to me personally the most disturbing officially recorded time of…

4:48 am PDT on July 12th 1997.

It was if he was saying…

Don’t forget me; I’ve got your Number.

I have promoted Dr. George Kings teachings in Canada since my early teenage years and continue to do so at my ripe young age of 51.

I truly feel it`s my duty.

The 448 Stories are my lure and my motives are to educate and lead my fellow man to the profound waters of Truth that my Masters Teachings will bring to your attention for your own consideration. Not to convert you from your current belief system but to offer a broader conception as to why we are here and what we should be doing in these precarious yet amazing times were living in, on this glorious living sanctuary we call The Mother Earth.

Now here’s what happened…

After the tremendous events of the Saturday Grand Opening itinerary we left the Michigan Branch location in search of a motel that would allow us to include Duke and after a couple disappointments we struck upon our goal.

A short walk in the rain for Duke and then a much needed snooze for an hour and it was then time for me to leave for a 7:00 pm meeting with the visiting Directors from the Los Angeles Headquarters of the Aetherius Society.

This meeting was for me and my co-organizer Laura to discuss the future plans of our Toronto Group. Without complicating this story with the meeting details let’s just say the topic of my 448 Stories came up and was discussed as one of the Directors was totally unaware of this, my personal tool to bring up the subject of our Masters teachings to anyone the 448 Stories were exposed too.

The most recent 448 JEEP Story that occurred the night before and yet to be documented was explained as an example. A promise was then made to the unaware Director that I would before leaving Sundays events give copies of a few of my most recent Stories. In particular and in chronological order, The 448 Cell Phone Story, The 448 Commemorative Story and The Tip Top Tailor 448 Story.

The meeting concluded by 9:00 pm and now it was time to go to a planned get together at one of the local area members home for a party and after picking up Anne & Duke we arrived around 10:00 pm.

To make this story as short as possible I’ll just say that once again the 448 Stories became a topic of conversation and I was totally prepared and revealed the actual documents of the 448 JEEP Story to the amazement of all that viewed them.

Again some of the attendees not overly familiar with my 448 Stories struggled with the purpose behind them which gave me the opportunity to emphasize their underlying meaning. What is that meaning you ask?

To show the pattern that demonstrates literally one of Dr. George King’s most famous statements…

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence! These 3 words have no meaning and should be stricken from All Languages!
– Sir George King, as stated in the Life after Death Seminar Album

The obvious pattern and volume of the 448 Stories prove this beyond any shadow of a doubt, as the odds for them to occur in the manner they do goes way beyond the mathematical calculations of any Vegas odds maker. Therefore the message I deliver is simple.

If you think my 448 stories definitely show a pattern of occurrence that defies Chance, Luck and Coincidence. then go one step further.

Investigate the volumes of proof and evidence there is recorded to validate the claims of the various recorded transmissions of documented channeled information that make up the Stories of Dr George King and purported by the Aetherius Society.

Suggestion: go to www.aetherius.org and click on “the evidence section” and read thoroughly for yourselves. The pattern is the same between the two and the only difference is that Dr. George Kings Stories are of World Wide significance and have the potential to reveal to you what is really going on around you. My 448 Stories are just interesting yet undeniable anomalies that occur in my life! Their purpose however is to draw you to his stories.

A thorough open minded review of either leads to the same logical conclusion.

This can’t be just CHANCE, LUCK, or COINCIDENCE!

In a court of law with a jury this evidence would put a convicted criminal in some JAIL FOR LIFE!

Needless to say as the party progressed I once again was able to state my case and it proved to create stimulating conversation for all those involved.

By 1:00 am it was now time to leave as the schedule for Sunday was stacked and we all needed the rest in order to be at our best.

Sundays Grand Opening activities proved even more inspiring than the day before and the subject of the 448 Stories was concealed. The promise however to the unaware LA Director was fulfilled and the series of 448 Stories were delivered to provide some interesting reading for the long flight home.

The Grand Opening days events ended with the conclusion, a dramatic session of

Operation Prayer Power

This Cosmic Mission is in itself worthy of any Spiritual Students investigation.

(Operation Prayer power is also fully explained at www.aetherius.org)

The weekend’s activities were then finally concluded with the realization by all that the whole event had been a tremendous success.

The rain outside was now almost torrential and the act of getting to our vehicles was a trauma in itself. Even our inadequately sized umbrella had somehow broken and we quickly became soaked! Duke was let out by necessity and he too looked like a drowned rat and a smelly one at that! We finally drove out of the parking lot only to discover the removable roof of the Jeep had been improperly installed at the dealership and the rain was running into the cab! I was flustered with frustration.

Meanwhile, Anne was chanting out loud the classic song ‘Singing in the Rain” and was her usual bubbly self, this only added to my frustration. I began to feel guilty for my state of mental agitation that was radiating off my aura like a demonic black cloud!

As we made the short distance to the expressway I tried my best to regroup but it was difficult as I struggled to warm up and prepare for the 5 hour drive home. That’s when the 448’s started…

I pulled onto Hwy 75 South and the first vehicle that I pulled in behind startled me with its licence plate. BUP4487

I interpreted this as…

Be Up Mr 448 (as Im sometimes referred to), while realizing 7 is regarded as a spiritual number in numerology which by the way is what the number 448 breaks down to when calculated the way a person’s numerological life path is calculated.

Example: (4+4+8= 16 and 1+6 =7)

We followed this car with its inspirational plate all the way to the USA side of the border and then pulled off for dinner at the Cracker Barrel.

The food ordering process couldn’t happen fast enough for me and my frustration grew as Anne made me switch seats in order to view the fireplace that wasn’t even lit. Why I thought? The Cracker Barrel even had the air conditioning on as well and this just added to my chilled demeanour!

When it came to ordering the food, that too was traumatic as not only did I change my order choice once, Anne changed hers three different times!! The final change resulted in Anne chasing the waitress to the kitchen to request now a duplication of exactly what I had ordered.

It was hard for me to “B UP Mr 448”, but the future was looking brighter and warmer too as the waitress soon brought a bowel of hot chicken soup.

The dinner was truly satisfying! Very near its completion I was scanning the decor of the Cracker Barrel walls and what were my eyes drawn to but a sign just to my right that I wouldn’t have seen had in the beginning Anne not insisted that we change our seats.

A vintage “For Sale Sign” of a Home and the address was 448, 11th Street. In numerology the 448 breaks down to a 7 as I stated before and the 11 is one of two master numbers the other being the number 22. The number 11 is also found in my birth date, that being December 11th, 1956.

I was shocked to see this and brought it to Anne’s attention and she too was amazed after all the continuous 448 situations we had experienced over the past couple of days.

Almost immediately the waitress returned and we decided on a dessert of hot apple pie and I personally added a scoop of ice cream to my order. As we waited for this to come I continued to ponder the sign and reminisced over the weekend’s events and was amazed to see the 448 show itself again.

After we both devoured our respective apple pies we requested our bill and again a last minute decision was made this time coming from myself.

Coffee in a “to go” cup, please, that was the final request.

The coffee and the bill arrived simultaneously, Anne grabbing it first as she was intending to pay. As I sipped on the coffee Anne’s face turned pale and she uttered a, Oh My God!

What now? I blurted back…Anne revealed the receipt, $34.48 cents!

We were stunned into silence!

The switching of the chairs, the multiple changes to our orders, the Sign with the 448 address, the unplanned addition of dessert, the last minute decision for the coffee to GO, and to top it off a study of the receipt showed the waitress had made a mistake! She had billed Anne for ice cream with the pie yet it was never asked for, or received!

With taxes in it created the 448!

I now knew why!

This wasn’t by chance, luck or coincidence! It’s the icing on the proverbial cake. (or should I say the ice cream on the pie!) This bizarre circumstance would now allow me to go back to baffle those exposed to the 448 Jeep Story.

It would also become the basis of yet another chapter in the 448 Series of Stories to which you’re reading now.

After an extended stay in the Cracker Barrel parking lot to feed Duke and give him a run around we finally loaded back into the 448 JEEP only to have Anne turn on her iPhone as the tires left the parking lot and we saw in the bold numbers across the top of the screen…

8:44 pm!

A quick series of phone calls and texts to all those involved in the 448 discussions the night before and another verifying chapter was completed. To the amazement of all concerned.

To top that off we arrived back at my home at the inaccurate time displayed on my cell phone of 4:48 am!

In real time it was 12:01 am as I’ve never corrected the little postage stamp cell phone data that is the basis of the 448 Cell Phone Story!

Awe the Ying and Yang of it All!


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