The Seven Day Blitz of the 448/844

As the title suggests I have just completed a seven day blitz of the recurring anomaly of the 448/844.

To those following the sequence it all began with the story entitled the “Yin & Yang of the BlackBerry Bold” on Nov 22nd, 2009.

Throughout the week this story was exposed to a rather diverse crowd of people and garnered its usual range of effects from raised eyebrows to true astonishment of how this number shows itself to me at critical times of what some may say are just everyday events. It’s true that the events themselves are at times mundane but the point is not so much what the event is but how and when the 448/844 occurs that result in my ability to write these stories and relay my reasons why I know they happen.

It’s all about getting your attention.

As I’ve explained many times before, it is not about me and it’s not about the number.

Although I will mention from a numerology viewpoint the number 448 or 844 does equate to the number (7) seven.

This is determined by adding the numbers together then adding the sums individual digits to equal its numerology number.

4+4+8=16 OR 8+4+4=16

Therefore 1+6=7

Many regard the number 7 as the most spiritually oriented number but I’m not going to get into numerology here, and mention this only as an aside. If you wish to know more about the number 7 research this link.

The main reason for my 448/844 Stories are for me to give you examples that verify that the words Chance, Luck, & Coincidence really have no validity.

I believe most strongly that the meaning we give these words is in itself an impossibility. In creation as we know it,this is virtually unique. All things I believe are possible but random events or any event for that matter occurring by


Is Impossible!

How can things happen by chance or luck or coincidence if you prefer.

It Defies the LAW of Cause & Effect.

This statement is a known scientific and spiritual fact. These two divisions are really as one to quote one of the Masters who conveyed information through my Yoga Teacher, Sir George King when he stated.

“There is no Religion without Science and there is no Science without Religion”

The sooner this fact is accepted the easier Life, which is Experience, is able to be controlled and directed.

You and you alone are captain of your vessel, and the wind that blows your sails is your preordained destined experience pattern. How you control the rudder and trim your sails will determine whether you skip across the water with ease or veer off course and onto the rocks.

Accepted or Rejected, Truth Is!

You Are Responsible!

Now here’s my latest 448/844 anomaly.

After experiencing the Epilogue to the BlackBerry Story on Saturday night, November 28th and then documenting this crazy event till 3:00 am in the morning. The dawn of Sunday indeed came very quickly.

The day started in turmoil as I was rushing to perform some editing tasks on my Epilogue Story as I wanted to utilize this Story during an action packed day of multiple activities. The initial agenda for me was to start at 11:00 am at my Toronto Group of the Aetherius Society.

A special Service to Commemorate the successful conclusion of an 16 month Mission referred to as Operation Blue Water. This series of manipulations occurred between July 11th, 1963 and November 29th, 1964. This Mission as a result of its successful completion, affected the San Andreas fault line that stretches from Portland Oregon to Ensenada, Mexico.

After this very enlightening Service it was off to the Simcoe area in south western Ontario to visit my kids and hopefully get in a little practise riding on my Trials bike which I guess was not meant to be as you’ll see from the following events.

Job number one was a pre-planned phone contact with James Paladino the President of Motovan, the company I represent, to wrangle out details of an ongoing Liquidation Sale I had actually been trying to make work for months.

The call to James occurred right after my Service and the details were discussed and decided upon. The next call would be to relay the comeback offer to my potential buyer at the retail giant Royal Distributing. This call with the buyer didn’t go quite as smooth as expected but my experience told me that these large volume deals rarely do!

The new offer was conveyed to the Buyer and all I could do now was wait and hope for a positive response as I continued now in my Motor-home in the direction of Simcoe.

While driving towards Burlington my mother called and had an offer for me to take a bunch of Christmas decorations and lighting she had decided not to use. I told my mother I’d consider them and let her know later as I would be dropping by that evening prior to attending a Grey Cup Party with a bunch of my friends. The party’s location was only a 5 minute drive away from my parents home so it seemed logical to drop by at this point.

Immediately after this call was completed I had a great revelation of the not so positive kind.

I had forgot in my rush leaving that morning to bring my monthly support cheque for the kids and this really perturbed me as I knew now I’d have to ship it by Purolator on Monday so it would arrive on December 1st as is expected of me. Give me another job I mused.

That’s when I had an idea that I thought might work. I would go to my parent’s house now and ask my father for a loaner cheque and I would just pay him back. At the same time I’d pick-up the Christmas decorations and also have the opportunity to test out my new Epilogue Story on my parents who had just conveyed in the previous phone call how impressed they were with my original BlackBerry Story from the start of the week. So I changed my plans and diverted off the Highway as I got to the Burlington area.

I don’t believe this will ruin the story in any way but I’ll emphasize now that had this one unplanned change not occurred the rest you’ll now read about would not have occurred.

Nothing happens by chance, luck or coincidence!

While reading my Epilogue Story to my parents my BlackBerry rang in the middle of my presentation and it was the buyer from Royal, so this was an important call I had to take. I apologized to my parents and quickly answered it asking if I could return the call shortly and this was graciously approved.

The Epilogue Story met with my parent’s approval and they marvelled at the frequency in which my number shows itself at the most unusual yet appropriate times.

I had to keep moving to keep close to my planned itinerary so I gave my parents a hug and scrambled back to the Motor-home to continue my trek.

Once passed neighbouring Hamilton I got to a clear stretch of highway and I returned the call to the Buyer at Royal,hoping that possibly this would finally be the moment I’d been striving for, an acceptance of the proposed deal.

It was not to be! Yet another counter offer was proposed by Royal and this time I did the negotiating myself as my frustration level was growing to find that middle ground that would bring this deal together once and for all.

My proposal was accepted as reasonable and that glorious word “YES” came from the buyers voice. Make your proposal work he said or the deal is off!

Now the hard part, convincing the President, James that what I proposed was the direction to take, so that not only would this deal occur but more in the very near future! Otherwise no one will be happy and this was my main objective!

The presentation was carefully considered before I made the call to James, so I practised my talk to make sure I’d be clear and this took till I was almost to Brantford.

Finally I was ready and by now was off the highway to take my usual route which is referred to as the Brantford bypass and now was heading to farm country and the possibility of a bad cell phone connection.

I had no time to waste so I quickly made the call. James answered immediately!

I began by warning James that the cell signal was weak but I wanted to get this done and just as I got started with my presentation it happened.

A car passed me in the opposite direction and the licence plate numbers caught my eye!


On the end of the plate clear as can be!

I was taken aback! So much so that I blurted out loud and into the phone OMG 844 there it is!

The comment was not intended for James, but he would have had to have heard me.

I immediately continued and told James that I’m going to have to pay attention to my driving as I noted in my mirrors a large number of vehicles behind me. I continually monitored my pace as I proceeded with my talk, but my mind was racing as I knew what I had just witnessed and I couldn’t really believe that it was happening again at this most important time.

The next event was to throw me off completely. One and One car only that was directly behind me pulled out and quickly passed and then pulled in, directly in front of me and there it was staring me back in the face…

The licence Plate was some series of 3 or 4 letters then,


I was shocked to my very core and I know James will be a witness to my reaction.

I freaked and began exclaiming to James that you won’t believe what’s in front of me and I was so afraid he wouldn’t believe me. I immediately asked him if he had heard my previous utterance only moments before about the 844 and he acknowledged he had.

I then did something I had never, ever done before, and now after the fact wonder if I should have said what I did!

I swore on the body of my deceased Master Sir George King who passed away on July 12th 1997 @ 4:48 am PST, that I was telling the truth!

I just couldn’t believe it.

James must have wondered what the heck was going on but he too is well aware of my 448 Stories, yet it did cause him to ask this question.

Is this sign a good thing? I replied confidently,

It’s ALWAYS a good sign!

I quickly tried to regain my composure but this was almost too much to handle after all that had happened with my 448/844 over this previous 7 day period.

I was soon was to find out the 448 was just warming up!

I began to get to the bottom line points of my proposal and just as I was about to drop the proposal bomb, the cell phone died. UGHHHHHHHH!

Minutes and miles passed as I monitored the signal of my BlackBerry and eventually I regained some signal bars so I attempted the call back and by now I had lost the 448 car in front of me but not another vehicle had yet to pass me.

With James back on the line I immediately told him my proposed concession that I emphasized would confirm this deal once and for all. It was a hard pill to swallow but there were no other options, other than pass on the deal.

I did my best to justify the proposal but James needed more convincing and the conversation continued. That’s when I became worried as the signal was fading again and just when I was afraid I’d lose him again I decided I should pull over to maintain the signal I had. I made the move and smiled as I recognized where I was at this point.

Wow! A lone house situated in a vast farmer’s field that I was familiar with as it was the house with the fire route number of, you guessed it…


(The picture of the sign is in the attachments with my Motor-home on the roadside)

To make this long story shorter this massive liquidation deal was finalized at this very location, but I only told James after the deal was done that I’d send him a picture of where I was sitting and he would laugh when he saw it.

The Buyer at Royal was contacted here as well and the mission was completed!

Or was it? Not So!

The monetary work of this deal was complete, but the real reason for the happening was not!

After taking the pictures I got back in the motorhome and I was in a euphoric state as I knew this had to be another story and I drove away thinking how this was going to be one of my best stories yet!

I continued my drive to the next major intersection that was the exact site of a major 448 story I had had with my parent’s years ago and I thought I would stop at the gas station on the corner and call them to relay my good news.

My mother answered the phone and I wanted my dad on the line too but he was outside doing some chores. So I said not to bother him and I just relayed the happenings to my mother. She was amazed at the number anomaly and elated to hear that I had successfully completed my deal. It was then that I noticed something interesting and I made the comment to my mother that I noticed my motorhome odometer was resting at 161,430 kms.

I stated to her that based on the recent events of this week, I predicted that I wouldn’t be surprised if something else were to happen when my main odometer hit 161,448!

Well without a clue about this possibility at the time, I am now able to report that where my kids live on their 120 acre farm is exactly 18km from this gas station and yes it did occur.

It was 161,448 km at the home of my kids!

See the picture in the attachments and you will see that I’m parked in their driveway and note how the 8 is moving slightly to the 9.


So imagine the effect this had for me, as I informed my kids of the 7 day adventure with the 448 & 844.

They had no prior knowledge of these events and now they did with the 448 sitting on the odometer right before their eyes. The youngest of the crew is Jimmy who is not my son and is in the middle of the picture. I also must report that as I was arranging that picture, Jimmy’s father Jim came out from the barn where he was working, and came to say hi and he was blown away as well. It was only 3 weeks before that Jim experienced the 448 anomaly himself in yet another story I have yet to document. This one had his head spinning for sure as I gave him copies of the Yin & Yang of the BlackBerry Story plus the Epilogue Story and conveyed verbally what had just occurred only miles away from his home.

I know this may sound strange to you and possibly hard to believe but just to overwhelm you I will mention now that I was on the BlackBerry with my girlfriend Anne telling her about the Liquidation Story prior to what was about to occur as I approached the kids driveway. This was BEFORE I told her what I was about to witness regarding the 448 on the odometer as I wanted to surprise her with this incredible finale, yet wanted to make sure it happened.

Anne then told me while driving in the Saturn you read about in the Epilogue Story which had the trip odometer at 244.8 at that crucial point Saturday night. Now had her trip OD on this Sunday turning past 344.8 just as I then told her what I was experiencing as I pulled into the driveway of my kids!

Simultaneous 448’s a distance of over 2 hours apart while the 448 story is being expressed.

Is it Chance, Luck, or Coincidence?… You Decide!

If you think this is the end you would be mistaken, The Grey Cup 448/844 Party is next!

As always this story is dedicated to my Yoga Teacher, Sir George King, who passed away peacefully on July 12th, 1997 @ 4:48 am PDT in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

I won’t forget you Master, as I know,

You’ve got my number!

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