The Tip Top Tailor 448 Story!

It was Saturday afternoon June 28, 2008. I had a series of errands to run in Orangeville, Ontario, which is 15 minutes north of my hometown village of Belfountain.

In preparation for a special commemorative event in The Aetherius Society, the most important day of the year July the 8th , I wanted to drop off suits @ the dry cleaners and deliver my 448 dress shoes to the shoe repair man to have some minor stitching done to the straps that hold the buckles.

After dropping off my special shoes, I did some window shopping through the Orangeville Mall and was lured in by signs of specials at Tip Top Tailors as my mind immediately drifted back to my last Service and how I had been so uncomfortable due to an inadequate air condition unit. I asked if they had short sleeve dress shirts and my request was met with an immediate NO! Why’s that? Lack of demand was the answer.

I accepted this reply and thanked them and said I would continue looking elsewhere and proceeded to leave the store.

Something wasn’t right though and as I walked 20 steps or so into the mall my mind kept telling me to go back and research a new suit that I’ve been contemplating for ages but hadn’t pursued due to financial reasons as the last suit I bought was almost $1500.

As I re-entered the store I noted how the sales staff was now occupied with other customers so I thought to myself ok I have some time to look around before I was sure they would be pouncing on me like a bird of prey.

It’s funny how even being a Salesman myself as a profession, I was still paranoid of being harassed and laughed to myself, about how my own clients may feel when they see me walk through their doors!

I continued scanning the walls of suits and thought to myself, lets just check out some prices quickly and maybe I’d be on my way. No such Luck! Whoops I mean circumstance.

The first suit I walk up to, I grabbed the sleeve to search for a price and what do you think I see but a bar code number with a 448 clearly in the sequence.

Oh no! Now I’m in trouble!

I quickly check some other suits and no 448. By this time I’m thinking I better get prepared as I’ve been through this too many times before and had a new policy of photographing any possible 448’s that may develop into a future story so job one was take a picture.

By this time the manager of the store was back at the cash register and had noticed my actions utilizing my cell phone to document the discovered 448.

How’d it turn out? He chirped (being a bird of prey and all, lol).

Just fine I said, a little embarrassed I was caught in the act.

I confidently retorted that I had noticed a significant number to me on the sleeve of the jacket and I had to record it and stated that I hoped he didn’t mind.

No problem! Shoot away. Are you interested in a suit? I was trapped!

Well as a matter of fact I may just be… and explained to the gentleman that I had returned due to some strong internal urges and that I was shocked to see the number I was connected with had shown up on the 1st suit I looked at so I guess I should take it as a sign and see what you’ve got.

I barely had these words out of my mouth and the man was by my side offering to help try the suit in question on. It looked pretty good in the mirror right away but upon further examination it was determined that it was a size too large. So much for the 448, maybe it was just a sign to pursue the quest.

Suit after suit I tried on, and this was after I had to explain the crazy contraption I had strapped to my body that held together my damaged spine, the result of a motocross racing incident back in May.

All the while I was fielding questions and offering explanations of what my affiliation with the number 448 was all about and told the manager how by reviewing my website & my sister site would allow him to understand more clearly.

That’s when it happened. I thought I had the suit I was going to get on my back and was getting a little sweaty from trying on the different suits and now wanted to just get this over with. One last scan of the size “42 short” rack and a suit jumped out to me that had a pinstripe in it that I found quite appealing and said just one more!

The model number of this suit, you guessed it……“10448 Black”.

It fit perfectly, looked great, and was far less money than $1500!

The deal was done!

I told the manager I was content with the choice and then told him to show me some dress shirts and ties, which he did and the mission was accomplished.

Or so I thought…

He still continued to talk about my 448 stories and I told him about the 448 Shoes I had just dropped off at the Shoe Repair shop and even offered to go retrieve them but he said he believed me!

He then stated he would go to my website to read the other stories himself, especially the one about the passing of my Yoga Master Sir George King who I had told had passed away @ 4.48 am on July 12th, 1997.

Wow the 448 had worked again!

After chalking my pants for the necessary hemming we proceeded to the counter to ring up the bill and yet another surprise was to come!

The manager handed me the claim check stub and what did I see but “claim number 199448!”

I said “come on” you got to be joking! I said where did this come from?

He admitted to me that it was only appropriate that you have this stub.

I said let me see where you got that and my eyes were drawn to the pad by the cash register and there I found that the number on top was 199442.

The manager had purposely pulled the stub that was six units down. We both had a laugh about this and the fact that he had done it purposely! I emphasized you can’t “make them happen”.

Nevertheless, it showed me that my 448 Stories had had an effect on him personally and that’s the whole point.

The 448 is the lure and I had reeled in my catch!

So now I had everything I needed to prepare for my upcoming special day July the 8th. I’d be looking sharp in my new attire to compliment my infamous 448 Shoes that would also be ready the following Thursday when I would pick everything up.

I should also mention that the young chap that assisted the manager also heard about my website. I left thinking I can’t believe how this 448 number works for me as what are the chances I’d ever be able to expose my metaphysical information meant for those… “that are ready.”

I thanked the 448 Stories for giving me the opportunity! The 448 Stories had once again led others to the waters of truth.

It was now up to them to determine if they were willing to drink!


On Thursday July 3rd one month to the day of my Midas Touch Story, I returned to pickup my 448 Shoes and my new 448 Suit.

I was also carrying two envelopes of copies of the Midas Touch Story, as I thought the Manager and his assistant would get a kick out of reading this story as it was one of many I have written, that have yet to go on my website. I felt a little strange giving this very personal story to almost complete strangers, but I felt that’s what I needed to do. This feeling was quickly dispelled, as I got my confirmation – as I approached the Orangeville Mall, at the last stop light before turning in…
I pulled up to a car making the same turn and the license plate read…

APET 448!

The thought that came to mind…

Aetherius Professes Extra Terrestrials 448


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