The 448/844 Toronto Supercross Story

It’s March Break 2010 and I had decided to take Holidays in order to spend time with my son and daughter Owen & Amelia to fulfill some of our previously conceived plans.

Our first goal was to attend the Toronto Supercross at the Rogers Centre on Saturday March 13th and then spend the next 4 days doing what any parent would want to do with their kids and that’s spend some time doing the things that would bring us all closer together.

This goal was accomplished and so much more!

Here’s what happened!

On Saturday afternoon I left my home in Belfountain to make the hour long drive to Burlington to pickup up my kids at their Grandparents. When I arrived they were packed and ready to go. They knew that the Toronto Supercross was the plan for the night and in the back of their minds also knew we were getting together to fulfill another goal over the next few days and that was to help their Dad begin a Face Book and You Tube project that was originally the brainchild of my 17 year old son Owen.

For those of my readers who have read the most recent two stories I’ve documented of the Baja California Trip, you know what this idea entailed. For the benefit of those that are not aware, I’ll state that this was an idea by my son Owen that had been approved by the Spiritual Organization, that I am a spokesman for, The Aetherius Society

This idea was to create a Facebook & YouTube site that hopefully would help my task of attracting a younger audience to the fascinating truths to be found in our archives.

This Toronto SX Story is meant to document the astounding amount of times where my recurring anomaly of the number 448 and its exact opposite the 844 would show themselves throughout the beginning stages of this exciting new project which will also be followed by another story that will simply entitled.

The 448 Facebook Story.

I will begin by stating clearly before I proceed that the numbers 448 & 844 are an anomaly that I can’t really explain why they happen but one thing is absolutely clear and that’s that they…

Do Happen!

I believe in order to allow me to get your attention!

It is then that I’m able too…. Plant the seeds!

I also believe it is to show you constantly that the words Chance Luck and Coincidence are meaningless words and to quote my Spiritual Teacher, Sir George King D.D

“These words should be stricken from all known languages, for they have no meaning”.

Nothing happens by Chance Luck or Coincidence!

With Owen and Amelia now seat belted into the 448 Jeep we pulled out of the condo parking lot and onto the main thoroughfare and that’s when it began.

The very first vehicle we see as we turned onto this road. A vehicle with the licence plate:

BAZA 448!

I told the kids right away that we should be on the alert as I’d seen this happen too many times before, so the taking of the picture above was the number one task!

It could be a sign of things to come!

We were on our way now to Etobicoke to pickup my girlfriend Anne and as we drove along the way I gave the kids an update on how I was prepared for our job ahead with the videotaping project related to the Facebook/YouTube Project.

An HD SONY HANDYCAM had been purchased just two nights before and I related how even this task required for our project had resulted in a strange happening. After acquiring the unit from a Future Shop I went to a nearby Montana’s restaurant with a plan of reading the manual at dinner and with the manual in hand I went to turn off the ignition on the 448 Jeep and what should I see on the trip odometer but…

58440 km

Toronto Page 3 Image 0001
Toronto Page 3 Image 0002
Toronto Page 3 Image 0003

The pictures above were on my Blackberry so I showed them to Owen and Amelia.

I told Owen that this videotaping was all new to me and I hoped he would have no issues with how to operate the HANDYCAM as my review at the Montana’s almost left me more confused than when I started. Owen just smiled and told me not to worry!

We arrived at Anne’s condo and she was ready to go as well. It wasn’t long before we left her complex and headed to Islington Avenue to head south to the Gardiner Expressway.

Anne was still excited about the events of our Baja California Trip and was immediately engaged in a conversation with Amelia whom she was sitting with in the back seat of the Jeep. Anne was going on about how great the BAJA Adventure had been and the topic of the 448’s was unavoidable and a discussion ensued.

In particular the experiences with the 448 JET and the following 844 in the Shuttle Bus, both of which really have to be seen to be believed. I told Anne to take it easy on the kids as they had already seen the pictures previously and had already been verbally told the Story.

This most recent Story entitled The Prophesies of the 448 Baja California Trip should be released shortly but has yet to be approved by The Aetherius Society due to some of the sensitive information I’ve included in the original manuscript.

(note: this Baja Story I refer too was actually released before I had this TORONTO SX Story completed.)

We were now arriving at the major intersection of Islington and The Queensway and it was here that the 448 would be seen again in a couple of funny ways. First as we came to a stop at the Intersection only to look to our left and a big Bill Board with a digital clock boldly displaying…

Toronto Page 4 Image 0001
Toronto Page 4 Image 0002

The 448 you can view in the picture with the reflection of my finger pointing at it is the digital clock screen in the Jeep. This picture was taken about 2 minutes later as we as a group had commented on that it was a 4:48 pm on the Bill Board when it wasn’t even at 4:48 pm according to the Jeep, which is again similar to another aspect of the BAJA Prophesies Story but in that particular case the clocks were off by an hour!

I now knew at this point that the chances of this evening’s events turning into a 448 Story night were beginning to take shape.

We continued on into Toronto.

When we arrived at the Rogers Centre the first job was to park and I noted as we traveled along Front Street that my odometer was fairly close to being at 58,839 and that an 844 was soon to occur but it wasn’t going to have anything to do with our arrival as it was immediately apparent that parking was not to be issue. The first lot we came to was open for business and I pulled in to await what I knew would be an issue.


We managed to get a prime parking position that we thought would allow us a quick escape later in the evening and proceeded to walk through some pretty miserable weather to the Stadium to get our tickets at the Will Call area. It was here that we ran in to my buds from MXP Magazine who had supplied the extra 2 tickets I needed to get inside as the two I had already graciously received from my major business account Royal Distributing were already in my wallet. It probably was my own fault of hearing correctly at the time, but I was told by my MXP buds that the BOX we were to go too was on the 300 Level, but this turned out too…
Not be the case!

After taking the elevator to Level 300 we toured about 60 percent of the entire Stadium before we knew something was wrong, as The MXP BOX was nowhere to be found.

The inquiries began and it wasn’t long before we were told that The Summit Lounge which was the name of the room we were to locate was on Level 400!

I was a little frustrated at this point and instructed all too follow me as I headed for the first Stairwell I could find. The thought of waiting for the elevator again seemed to be a waste of time to travel up one floor. It was an interesting decision as we were soon to find out as we cracked open the door once we arrived at level 400 and what would be the Door Number that we would see right in front of us…

Toronto Page 5 Image 0001
Toronto Page 5 Image 0002

Since I was in such a rush I never even noticed it myself but it stopped everyone else in their tracks as they yelled for me to come back and see this anomaly of the 448 that would never had been noticed if it wasn’t for my decision to choose this particular stairwell that I did!

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck and Coincidence!

We finally arrived at the Summit Lounge and with the photos I had acquired already from the trip so far I was armed to the max should anyone need to bring up the subject of my 448 anomaly!

I wondered what else could happen while I was at this event! As it would turn out we were destined to have nothing more than a super enjoyable evening of some fantastic racing!

The best part though of the 448/844 anomaly was soon to come!

By the time the night was over I had shown my pictures to a few of my friends that are well aware of my 448 Stories and I confided in them all that I felt a finale was yet to come.

This Prophesy was a prediction that would later prove to be true!

Toronto Page 6 Image 0001
Toronto Page 6 Image 0002
Toronto Page 6 Image 0003

We thanked all the crew from MXP & Royal Distributing who were in the adjoining suite and it was time to follow the herd of the 42,000 Supercross Fans out into the streets of Toronto.

The weather was still miserable outside with a steady rain and we scrambled as fast as we could to get back to the 448 Jeep. Even though we had that sweet parking location it didn’t really do much for us as the traffic was virtually gridlocked.

We just had to be patient and be somewhat aggressive when the openings presented themselves.

Since there wasn’t much to do but crawl along slowly it wasn’t long before the conversations were sparking up again between Anne and Amelia in the backseat.

My mind began to ponder the night’s events. It was cool that I had all the 448’s and I wondered how these had impressed the kids and I also thought that the 844 soon to show on my odometer was not seemingly related to anything as what could happen now with this ridiculously gridlocked traffic.

I thought maybe this was all there was to be in regards to my number anomaly for the night and began to listen to the conversations going on in the back seat.

Owen who is normally quite quiet seemed to be just content to sit in relative silence.

The talk from the backseat had somehow got onto the subject of something that always makes my blood boil and if you can believe this the talk had somehow morphed onto the subject of suicide and Amelia and Anne traded back and forth Stories on this morbid topic.

Well, I just couldn’t hold myself back from putting in my two cents and before we knew it the conversation became quite metaphysical in nature, as the subjects of Reincarnation and the Law of Karma were part of my dissertation. This discussion went on for quite a while until the traffic congestion had finally given way. Finally we could see we were soon to break free and as we made it to the on-ramp we eventually pulled onto the Gardiner Expressway and we merged into the flow of traffic and what do you think we pull in behind but a car with the license plate…

ZEME 448

Toronto Page 7 Image 0001
Toronto Page 7 Image 0002

We were shocked again as the 448 pattern had repeated itself. Just as the trip had started earlier in the day, pulling into traffic and the first vehicle we see had a 448!

I threw my Blackberry to Owen and told him to get a picture as with the rain coming down as hard as it was I couldn’t afford to risk doing it myself and although a couple of shots were taken we just couldn’t get a clear picture and then that’s when I saw it! My heart began to race as the odometer switched to what you see in the picture above!

THE YIN & THE YANG… Another Stunning Display!

I was so pumped at that moment that I then stated to all that I knew this was the Finale and that we would not see the numbers again this evening and once again it was a prediction that would hold True!

We were all very impressed and I knew that I’d better get used to writing these 448 Stories as they were now occurring at a rapid pace!

Stayed tuned for the follow-up Facebook story soon to follow…

As always this Story is dedicated to my Teacher, Dr. George King.
Jan 23rd 1919 to July 12th, 1997, at 4.48 am PDT, Santa Barbara, California.

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