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Duke’s 9th Birthday! Dragonfly Epilogue

Happy Birthday DOOSEY… You’re such a Good Boy!



It’s with a grieving heart that I begin to document this latest tale on May 19th, 2013 on what would have been the 9th birthday of our beloved dog and best friend Duke.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday May 11th 2013 when my girlfriend Anne & I had just finished a day of spring clean-up & gardening. It was now time to go to a planned dinner in Orangeville at our favorite Thai Restaurant and a required grocery shop at the local Sobey’s.

Upon completion of our meal we walked to the convenience store and it was here that I believe my tale begins. Upon leaving the store my eyes were drawn to a bi-weekly Smart Shoppers magazine and there on the front cover was a German Shepherd pup for sale. It looked a lot like Duke as a puppy.

It was interesting to see this picture then, as Anne had been talking during dinner as to how she feels Duke’s spirit is still around. Visions of Duke during our regular Twelve Blessings Service at the Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society seem to be a regular occurrence for Anne ,whom I believe is very intuitive.

Anne & I very much believe that the spirit & soul of any living thing (which to us, means ALL THINGS) must continue after passing from the Physical Realm to the Other Side. We also believe that it is very logical that it is possible for beings on the physical realm of this Earth to get messages or signals from the Other Side, if one is Open & Receptive and very much in tune.

We’re not alone by any means in this regard, as by today’s standards the majority of people who are polled will answer that they do believe in the afterlife. The details of how and what occurs in the afterlife is the part most have problems explaining. Some do not through, either through exhaustive study, or in the case of some… actual experience.

Before I go further to explain my “Tail from the Other Side”, I would offer a suggestion to any who are still on the fence about the after-life and recommend that you get yourself a copy of the recent #1 New York Times Best Seller… PROOF OF HEAVEN. This novel by a highly respected Neurosurgeon (an admitted prior “total skeptic”), EBEN ALEXANDER, M.D. This story has caused quite a stir due the remarkable reporting of this Doctors personal documented results of his own Near Death Experience.

(NDE’s as they’re commonly referred too, by the thousands of people who have documented case reports, all of which point to the continuance of consciousness after the Initiation called Death).

Trust me as someone who has spent nearly 4 decades of my life studying this Life after Death scenario that this book is worth the read. In my opinion this documented case is perfect, in that these events have occurred to a leader in the neurosurgeon segment of the medical profession. Traditionally most Medical Doctors of this caliber seem dedicated to proving, although unconvincingly, that these events are nothing more than sputtering of the Brain after Consciousness is lost.

Wisdom only comes to those with Open Minds, Inquisitive Thoughts, and the Discipline to thoroughly Investigate.

Now back to my… “Tail from the Other Side”…

When Anne & I got back into her SUV we drove the thousand yards or so to the Sobey’s at the other side of the shopping complex and parked. With no time to waste in performing this mundane task of grocery shopping I bolted to the Sobey’s door. I knew in my mind from many times before that Anne had a track record for doddling when it comes to shopping. I traditionally perform this task, as if I’m on a Military Mission. I know what I want and I’m going in to get it!

Well as a lesson, rushing can lead to missing things sometimes! Anne with her interest in gardening was immediately attracted by all the Spring plants on display by the entrance. It was during this review that Anne was rewarded for her surveying & high level of patience (something I seem to be lacking at times).

Anne discovered an ornamental DRAGONFLY that although not exactly the same, reminded her of the one in my story of Duke & The 448 Angels. This Dragonfly pictured on the right below had been gifted to the Glendale Veterinary Office where our beloved Duke had been laid to rest. That gift truly was an amazing supposed..Coincidence, as it occurred within days after Duke was laid to rest.

Dukes Page 4 Image 0001
Dukes Page 4 Image 0002

Ironically due to my recent workload since I began this story, I am writing and posting these pictures on this and the previous page on May 25th, 2013. The One Year Anniversary of DUKES Passing.

I know you’ll think it was planned but I just finished having dinner and began to start up writing again at 8:44 pm. It seemed like an appropriate time to “get back on track” and finish this story on this significant date. It’s also the date I had promised to complete & release this story.

This task of finishing this story is also occurring after a long but very fruitful day teaching 4 eager new students the KING TECHNIQUE of Spiritual Healing at the Aetherius Society’s Toronto Group location. It seemed appropriate to have taught this special course today, since we believe our beloved Duke had benefited greatly from this very effective King Technique, during the final days of his life.

Remember how Duke came to our Groups Sanctuary and received Healing from our Group of Healers?

Dukes Page 4 Image 0003
Dukes Page 4 Image 0004

DUKE was such a Good Boy! XOXOXO

Well the part of this story that relates to my anomaly of the occurrence of my special numbers is really the catalyst for why I write. Without these occurrences, I would not be able to slide into your awareness the Spiritual Philosophies of my Teacher, The Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King.

So heres where and how the numbers occured.

Anne upon finding the Dragonfly, searched the aisles of the Sobey’s to track me down. Anne eventually found me and presented her find. I was pleased! Anne asked if we should buy it, and my answer was an immediate yes! “ We’ll mount it somewhere at the house”, I said.

We then proceeded to the checkout and now all was completed. We then ventured out the door as Anne was excitedly showing where and how she had been alerted to notice the Dragonfly. As Anne came back towards me and out of my peripheral vision, I had already noted the licence plate on a black SUV parked right at the front door entrance. Obviously waiting there to pick someone up. You can see the SUV in the picture of Anne holding the Dragonfly above. My finger was already pointing at the plate!

BHVZ 748… Anne was stunned.

The numbers had shown again! It’s the timing that is always the shocking part.

To re-cap, we had just previously seen a picture of a DUKE look-alike on a magazine after dinner and then only moments later, the find of the Dragonfly ornament, and now this. The number 748 for those unfamiliar with my stories is one of 3 numbers that are synonymous in my stories.

448, its mirror image 844, and the number 748.

Their significance to me personally is as follows. The number 448 is the number I’ve been connected to most of my adult life since 1972. I picked this number due to its simplicity as a competition number for my motocross bikes. The 844 developed later as I incorporated this mirror image, almost as a form of Yin & Yang in my written stories. The two numbers of 448 & 844 are used when they occur, in my Stories to demonstrate the significant philosophies & verbal quotes of my Spiritual Teacher, Dr. George King.

  3. TRUTH IS PARADOXICAL & DUAL POLED with both Positive & Negative aspects…

So to me the 448 is the positive and the 844 is the negative opposing force.

The actual official documented time of our Teachers time of passing away was July 12th, 1997 @ 4:48 am PDT in Santa Barbara, California, USA. For research, please visit www.aetherius.org.

The time for me personally living in Eastern Canada was 7:48 am. See the connection? I hope so…

The “thought” that passed through my mind when I was called and informed of our teachers “time” of passing…


(It may be helpful to include that I have been since the age of 22 & still remain to this day 34 years later the Official Media Officer in Canada of my Teachers organization he founded… THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY.)

So with Anne’s amazement over the number 748 showing itself at that particular moment, we had to take pictures, which we did, but we still didnt have a clear shot of the licence plate. When we got back into Anne’s SUV, she asked me immediately a direct question. What do you think the letters mean? A game we play on a regular basis when we have experiences like this. We guess what the “letters” of the licence plate may mean to us personally.

The words came out of my mouth without a moments hesitation: BHVZ 748

BeHappyVonZabel 748

Anne immediately broke into tears… Von Zabel was a nickname I had called Duke!

Well, I don’t always respond so quickly, but I couldn’t have said anything more appropriate. It was like Anne was getting a message that related to her sadness she had expressed at dinner, over Duke not being physically with us anymore. Although Anne could still feel Dukes presence and in some cases actually see him in her mind.

Regardless the message was appropriate… BE HAPPY! A message from Von Zabel!

As Anne gathered her emotions back in check, she still wanted a picture of the plate number and we were willing to drive right up to the black SUV to get it. I told her NO as even from the picture you see above of Anne holding the Dragonfly the man sitting in the drivers seat had already been watching us take that picture! I didn’t want to disturb him anymore by making him think we were stalking him!

I told Anne, you watch, he’ll drive by us, and again as the words came out of my mouth, the action began just as I predicted. We were facing the wrong direction though, as the man was now passing behind us. I said clearly not to worry, just pull ahead and move towards the entrance and we will end up right behind him.

That’s exactly what happened!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a clear shot due to the movement of our vehicles. I know you’ll believe me though! BHVZ 748. If you squint your eyes you can sorta make it out. Damn BlackBerry camera!

So as we continued home the Black SUV soon left us and as we drove we discussed again, as we have done so many times before… “how do these circumstances occur?”

I began to explain that possibly somebody or something was working behind the scenes to give us these messages. We wondered if an associate of Duke or his spirit itself was allowing these circumstances to occur. You just don’t know for sure. When you firmly believe though that nothing happens by Chance Luck or Coincidence, it really makes you wonder.

I mentioned to Anne though that it was only the 748 this time. As it would turn out, I had spoke to soon!

When we arrived back at my house and unloaded all the groceries it was time to decide where we would mount the DRAGONFLY. The decision was easy! Right on the wall by the carport where the real Dragonfly that was featured in my original story of Duke & the 448 Angels had shown itself in that series of 36 amazing photos taken by the very same BlackBerry I had in my pocket. When we saw that the location we had picked was perfect in its proximity to the original event, I asked Anne to take a picture. As you can see below it turned out quite well. It was only later when we had completed our picture taking task and re-entered the house that we discovered the FINAL SIGN.

I present now the pictorial evidence for your contemplation! We didn’t have any idea what time it was!

Dukes Page 7 Image 0001
Dukes Page 7 Image 0002
Dukes Page 7 Image 0003

Nothing Happens By Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

This story is dedicated to Sir George King, Jan 23rd 1919- July 12th,1997 @ 4:48 am PDT

And to our beloved boy, Doosey Von Zabel (alias Duke) May 19th, 2004 – May 25th, 2012.

Blessings to you DUKE, from Erica, Anne, myself & all of your Friends.

You are truly loved by us all & we know that you want us all to be happy!

You are in a better place!


  • Beautiful story ! I too love the animal kingdom with all my soul many have helped me thru this life. Joann Michigan branch

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