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Good Fortune… “Signals From the Other Side”

This is a short story of the events of December 8th, 2017, the second anniversary of my Father’s passing.

In the early morning of Friday December 8th, 2017 I was awakened from my sleep. I didn’t really think nothing of this as I often get up a couple times a night to go to the washroom. This time however, even before I went to relieve myself, I felt an even stronger urge to see what time it was on the clock in the adjacent bedroom, and what should I see…

4.48 AM

It had been many months since I could recall be woken up at exactly 4:48 am, but when it did in the past, the results were always inevitable.

I had something… I needed to recognize or do.

As I finished my business, I mused as to why I should be awakened at exactly this time. I was also quite sure I was still quite tired and I really didn’t feel like I wanted to get up!

So back to the bed I went, only to realize it was not to be! I was more than wide awake. I thought oh well… Let’s see what happens and up I got.

A hot coffee was the first order of the day. I then proceeded to the living room couch to continue reading a book I had yet to finish. This book dealt with the subject of reincarnation and was part of my preparations that prepared me for a very successful talk I had given the previous Sunday at my church that was entitled…


I was still unaware of any particular reason I had been awakened at 4:48 am, so I just continued to read.

My wife Anne was scheduled to work this day and her alarm went off at 6 am. Anne had no time to spare as she had to be on the road by 7 am, so we virtually didn’t talk at all. Upon her departure we agreed to see each other later that evening for a pre-planned get together with my mother Mary at a Chinese restaurant in Burlington called, GOOD FORTUNE.

This dinner meeting was to continue a tradition we started last year, that being to observe the anniversary date of the passing of my father Jim Walter Jaggard.

Within minutes of Anne leaving, my coffee had run its course. I felt the need to return to the washroom again. This time however it was a different distraction that would alter my plans to return to my book. My loving cat TERRA, who every morning follows me like a shadow, lured me back to the bedroom. I decided to lay down with her for a short power nap and that’s just what occurred.

This intended 10-15 minute power nap turned into one of the deepest most comforting sleeps I’ve had in months. The difference here though this time were my very distinct thoughts upon waking…

My Dad.

I laid there in bed for a few minutes thinking of dad and remember distinctly saying to myself…

Today’s the Day!

My Fathers passing and that fateful call I had received from my Mother just before 9 am December 8th, 2015.

It was right about then that I thought to myself… how long have I been asleep? Feeling like I had just slept for hours, I reluctantly leveraged my body out of the bed, concerned I may be late to begin what I knew was to be a busy day ahead.

I was soon to get my second surprise of the morning!

As I walked into the kitchen I was greeted by the clock on the stove which displayed the mirror image of my mysterious number 448!

8.44 AM

I stood there, frozen in my tracks and blurted out loud…

Dad is this You!

When I get these signs I always know something is up and try to open up my latent power of intuition for guidance. The impression was clear… Go look at my dad.

I took the few steps to the dining room & was immediately drawn to the small card that had been given to all who had attended the “Celebration of Life” event in honor of my dad.

I opened the card and my eyes were drawn to the message…

It felt like I was reading the message for the first time and my eyes were swollen with tears… a most appropriate message indeed.

Love You Dad!

I realized at that moment, I had read this message at exactly the time I had received the call from my mother that fateful day 2 years ago! The timing of seeing the 8:44 AM after my unexpected blissful sleep was not by Chance I thought, as according to the nurse on duty that morning, this was quite possibly the time my father had passed away.

After receiving the call from my mother on December 8th, 2015 I dropped everything and within minutes was on my way for the hours drive to St. Josephs Hospital in Burlington to meet my mother and see My Dad.

Upon meeting my mother in the the lobby, we proceeded to the room. There we were greeted by the nurse on duty and allowed to see my dad who had not been moved.

To say the least, it was a little disturbing.

When the soul leaves the body as I had just explained in my public talk the Sunday prior… you are left with just the retired vehicle in which housed your loved one’s Soul and its various Astral bodies. It’s very physically apparent that your loved one is gone as the body is very cold to the touch. My first response was to kiss my dads forehead and this coolness I felt.

My mother and I stood there over my dads vacated physical structure and realized the time had finally arrived for Jim to move on and we prayed and reminisced.

When the nurse returned to the room I had a few questions to ask her as to how she discovered my fathers passing.

This is what she said…

“I came in to check on your father just after 8:30 am. Jim was sitting up and seemed to be happy and well.” I proceeded to continue with my regular checks on the other patients. I had told Jim I would be back in a few minutes and that’s exactly what I did. When I returned Jim was gone!

I asked the nurse what time she thought he passed and her exact words were…

“I’d say just before a quarter to nine”.

That’s about as close as you can get to 8:44 am I thought, without saying the exact moment!

Wiping the tears from my eyes from having read the emotion inducing message within the Celebration of Life card, I then went into my meditation room and sent prayers of Thankfulness and acknowledged the presence of my Dad.

One thing I knew for sure was that if my dad wanted to get my attention the numbers of 448 or 844 would do it!

Happy over this series of events I said my final prayers, closed my alter, and prepared for my work day ahead.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful but the connection had not been lost as my dad was on my mind all day. As it would turn out there was still one more sign to come. I’ll let you be the judge and determine if you think, I’m crazy and that all these circumstances are just a case of Chance, Luck or Coincidence.

After a very delightful dinner with Anne & my mother later that evening we continued another tradition that even management at the GOOD FORTUNE BUFFET realized we follow…

That being to request an extra Fortune Cookie for the empty spot where our beloved JIM would always sit.

This time my wife Anne did the honors and presented to Mom & I the message inside. Anne even said before cracking the cookie I hope we see the 448…

Well as the picture shows we did!



This story is dedicated to my father Jim Walter Jaggard.

As is always the case for all my 448 STORIES this is also dedicated to my beloved Spiritual Teacher,
Founder of the Aetherius Society, Dr. George King who passed away on July 12th, 1997 at the ironic
time of 4:48 am PDT in Santa Barbara, California.


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