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The Rubicon 448 Jeep Story

The Story began on September 8th 2008, during a work related visit to my account Royal Distributing. The events that make up this story would evolve over an entire week and finally culminate in the already documented elaborate, “Cracker Barrel of a 448 Story”. The two stories are really connected and should be read together.Royal Distributing is Canada’s Largest Aftermarket Power Sports Retailer. Their Toll Free order fax line is 1-800-448-9603.

I’ve often joked with the owner John not to ever change their fax number in order to retain the
“448 POWER”.

On this day the power was definitely in effect as during my visit I took John up on an offer to meet the owner of Wellington Chrysler Jeep located right next door. John and I had discussed this a few weeks earlier as he knew I was interested in a Jeep to replace my aging Ford Van.

John escorted me next door and the introduction was made. A very nice fellow by the name of Mike was encountered and after some small chat by John as to whom I was, he excused himself and left us for our meeting. A in-depth discussion ensued on what I was looking for and the result was an interesting revelation.

It turned out that Mike himself had the exact model I was looking for and it happened to be his personal Demo that he had been using over the summer. The model was a 2008 Jeep Rubicon loaded to the max with every available option and had just below 7000 kms and the unit was immaculate. Mike told me he as planning on putting the Jeep into the sales system on Sept 12th/08 as that is his usual practice at this time of year as the 2009’s had just recently become available. Mike had yet to even inform his Sales Staffs who are always given the first opportunity before these demos are offered to the public. I sheepishly asked if I could qualify as a friend of Johns and the request was granted. He explained the history behind the vehicle and it sounded great so I asked if a test ride could be arranged.

No problem was the answer! Awesome!

The Jeep Rubicon is truly impressive as it is the crown jewel of the Jeep 4X4 Wrangler line up and purpose-built for true Off Road action. The test ride was conducted around the surrounding neighbourhood and although not very long it was enough for me to realize I needed to explore this opportunity as I was blown away by how cool it looked with its doors removed and its soft top installed.

I was hooked! The opportunity seemed almost too good to be true! The Jeep was as good as new!
This situation was exactly how I had obtained my Ford E-150 Van, 11 years ago. It too was a demo of the owner of a Ford Dealership!

Standing outside the vehicle now, my mind was racing as Mike was enthusiastically proclaiming the virtues of this model’s capabilities and demonstrating all its features.

As Mike was giving his sales pitch, I scrambled around the Jeep taking pictures from all the angles. I then got into the passenger seat and while checking out the elaborate sound system I recognized the time on the clock and it was inching towards my magic number. 4:45 pm then SIX, could this be? Seven. Oh no! Mike began winding down his dissertation, stopped talking and there it was,

4:48 pm

I was nervous but in a good way!

I snapped a picture of the clock, and turned around to reach outside the door where Mike was standing with my hand outstretched to shake.

I’m sold lets work it out!

We shook hands and before we left I told him to look at the clock.

I warned him… It’s a 448 thing. You wouldn’t understand.

He looked at the clock just as it switched to 4:49 pm and he said that out loud. I then corrected him by saying the time it was when I took the picture which was 4:48 pm. I asked him to remember this as it would mean something to him in the future. He looked perplexed but I needed a witness!

We then proceeded to his office and the negotiations started and let’s just say my association as a friend of John the owner of Royal paid off in spades. I was going to get the JEEP at cost with an appropriate discount for depreciation and all current rebate incentives offered by JEEP!

My first thought upon seeing the estimate was “wow” that’s still a lot of money!

If you can believe this I had never previously checked on the pricing of this particular model let alone one with all these options. Needless to say I could see by his calculations it was “way below” what the regular new price would be!

I discussed the finance options briefly and thanked Mike for the test ride, his offer, expertise and his time. I told him I wanted the night to sleep on it to determine I could handle the cost. No problem! He stated. We shook again and I went back to work at Royal.

Once home I knew it wasn’t sleep I needed to make my decision. It was a consultation with my divining book the I-Ching as never do I make any major move in my life personally or in business without first consulting this most amazing book. The use of the I-Ching was recommended by my late Yoga Teacher, Dr George King who once again I’ll state passed away on July 12th, 1997 at the ironic time of 4:48 am.

I’ve used the I-Ching book since my early twenties and to those that know me, realize I use it with a certain degree of effectiveness. The reading I received was positive yet indicated more work was to be done before all would work out! I could believe this as I was uncertain of my financial position.

The next day after contemplating my reading I thought the I-Ching results were warning me to be thorough in my ability to handle the finance aspect. So as to not hold up the overall deal, plus buy some time I decided to request that a financial credit check be done to see if I could qualify. This despite the fact I thought I might have the funds available. I called Mike and faxed the necessary credit application and the process started. The results came 2 days later on Sept 11th/08. I was approved!

Now the pressure was on as the decision needed to be made. One last check with the I-Ching to confirm and the results indicated I was soon to own a 2008 Jeep Rubicon. I was excited now!

The call was made to Mike and the positive verdict was given. He sounded thrilled as well. It was all good!

The plan was to meet later that day to take care of all the paperwork. The 448 on the clock of the Jeep, when the deal began led me to believe that this vehicle could well become known for its 448 beginnings. Just as is the remarkable story about my Vintage BMW 325i which created the 448 BMW Story that can be read on my website.

I arrived at the Wellington Chrysler Jeep dealership later that day to once again meet Mike who greeted me with an enthusiastic, well how’s Mr 448 and commented immediately, you see I do remember!

I was glad to see I had an effect on Mike, but that was nothing compared to what was soon to occur!

Mike brought me into an office with a gentleman by the name of Pat who was the financial guru of the operation. It was here that Mike left me to review and sign all the paperwork and I instinctively knew it was also the time where a dealership sells you the fries with that hamburger. I was immediately made to feel comfortable but I must admit I could feel the fear build up inside me as I knew there was going to be another sales pitch for the extended warranties, service plans, rust-proofing, etc, etc.

My defences were ready, but just as Pat was to begin, Mike popped his head in the door and tells Pat to give me the managers pricing and bill the difference to what I presumed was a manager’s promo account. It just kept getting better!

When Pat had thoroughly explained all my options I made the decision to add the 100K bumper to bumper warranties and even opted for a really cool rust inhibitor that is not a spray but an electronic module that sends an opposing charge through the metal and is guaranteed for life! With that final addition I was done. No pressure! Cool!

The papers were printed and all was signed. I still wasn’t sure of the price due to the additions and taxes but I was anxious to see what I had just gotten myself into.

My eyes scanned the sheets to the bottom line, I think I nearly fainted.


A never before two 448’s in a row to christen the Rubicon 448 Jeep!

The Jeep corporate catch phrase is…

It’s a Jeep Thing, You wouldn’t understand!

Mine will be… It’s a 448 Thing, I hope you’ll understand!


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