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Superbowl 448

On SuperBowl Sunday I went to my son’s Hockey game in Waterford, Ontario. My parents had called early that morning to say they would be attending the game as well. Since my girlfriend Erica had spent the night before typing out the 448 House story, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give a copy to my parents. The Butter Knife Dream (see previous story) had just occurred a few hours before and would be the focus of my experience to start the Superbowl 448 Sunday

The day started with an analysis of the Dream with Erica, and let’s just say, the message was clear. We went to the Sunday Service at The Aetherius Society’s Toronto Group, and without going into the details, the Sermon was ironically such that I felt compelled to get up in front of the Group and express the Dream. By the time the message was given there were many teary eyes in the congregation, and I had shed probably the most!!!! The message was understood and upon completion of the Service we left for the Hockey game.

We arrived at the game and my parents were already there. I did however inadvertently forget the 448 House Story papers in the Van. It would turn out that I would even forget the papers even after the game was over, and we were soon saying our goodbyes and began our drive away.

We were only about 5 minutes into the drive heading to Burlington (the location of the Superbowl Party, and the city where my parents live) when I realized The 448 House Story had not been given. I expressed my omission to Erica and said I would stop at the upcoming intersection which I could see in the distance. This was not to be!! I couldn’t find the article now. With frustration I reluctantly proceeded ahead knowing there were no more major stops until Brantford and I had thought this would be a perfect opportunity to at least have my mother read the article on the drive home. Erica thought I was overreacting and I then asked her if she would go in the back of the van and find it as I knew it had to be somewhere. Erica did oblige and while she was searching, it hit me… the back pouch of the front passenger seat!! I found it! Now how do I get it to my parents??

Erica said wait till Burlington and I immediately and wrongly snapped at her, saying NO !! I must give it to them now, I just need a place to stop. I traveled along at 80km an hour and viewed my parents closely following behind. I noticed that there was no traffic beyond my parents so I considered just stopping on the road. It was at this time that it dawned on me that the yellow flashing caution light at the Oakland intersection was just a few minutes ahead and although it was not a stop sign I had to turn left and I would be almost at a stop. I would deliver the papers there!!

When I approached the intersection I could now see some cars in the distance but felt I had more than enough time to make the delivery. I pulled to the light but left the van clearly on the road and I grabbed the 448 Article and ran to my parent’s car. They seemed a little surprised and when my Dad lowered the window I handed them the papers and told them this was the 448 House Story and I no sooner had it through the window that my Mother excitedly retorted that they had just the last Saturday had a 448 experience ( see Your Stories, The Hotel Bill ). By now I could see the other cars were starting to approach so I said “you’ll have to relay your story later and for now just read the House Story”.

I ran back to the van and jumped inside and quickly went to put the van into drive when my eyes were drawn to my trip odometer and I couldn’t believe what I saw…..448.0 !!! I told Erica to look and she couldn’t believe it. I was in shock and blurted out …This Is Crazy!! I needed witnesses , and now I was blocking traffic …I didn’t care. I jumped out again and motioned to my Dad to come to the van and although quite puzzled , he did, my mother didn’t move and I actually yelled to her to come and she did . They both didn’t know what to think, but as they have experienced the 448’s in the past they weren’t in disbelief, this just happened to be an extraordinary one!

Cars were now going around us and I got back into the van, made my right turn and continued the drive. I was shaken though…..The Dream, the Service drama, The 448 Story Exchange, now this, What did it all mean? My intuition was strong, I needed to tell my parents the Dream Story and the results of conveying the message to the Toronto Group Congregation, that same morning. I decided to stop in Brantford at the Tim Horton’s and I waved my parents in and they had no reluctance to stop.

To make a long story short they got the message too and a tear or two was shed. We decided to move on. Now it was off to my good friends house for the Superbowl Party and I have to at this point say the day was obviously meant to be, as I was no longer than 2 minutes into the party that a friend asked if I’d had any 448 stories. FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK!!

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