This story begins on Saturday evening December 1st, 2018 when I had returned home after a very successful day teaching a One Day Spiritual Healing Course to 6 keen students at our location of The Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society.

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I was a little tired and looked forward to a quiet evening at home.

Just myself with my two constant companions Cosmo & Terra.

My wife Anne had already left the house and was on her way to downtown Toronto for dinner with a friend.

The fatigue I was feeling is not uncommon for me to experience after being on my feet all day from 9-6pm, expelling the energy required to make the Spiritual Healing Course the success that it was.

The evening began with me watching a pre-recorded documentary featuring the celebrity scientist…

Neil de Grasse Tyson.

I had been referencing statements made by this scientist during one of my talks in the Spiritual Healing Course.

The statement I was referencing, dealt with a Transmission of Wisdom, from a high other worldly intelligence conveyed through my Yoga Master, Dr. George King.

This pearl of Wisdom found in this Transmission was given long before Neil de Grasse Tyson and many others within the scientific community started promoting this fact that…

“Man and All Material Substance we see on this Earth is nothing more that Solidified Sunlight”.

See below a quote of the text I refer to taken from the book…

 “The Practices of Aetherius”.

This extract below is just a small portion of the entire transmission dealing with the subject of “Spiritual Healing” as it was channeled through the highly advanced yogic trance mediumship of Dr. George King in front of a large audience in The Caxton Hall, in England on July 28th, 1956.

I’ve always loved this explanation as it seems to me to be so…Clear, Concise and Logical.

The Master Aetherius states…

“This is what your Bodies are.”

“The Flame of God which in itself is color. This wondrous Flame has brought around Itself a certain magnetic force called mind”

This mind has a soul or controller—the soul not being the Spirit, of course—this soul has brought around itself other magnetic forces and molded them into a cellular structure which gives the appearance of being solid—it is most certainly not—and the whole can walk about, jump about and so on.

It is truly magnetism held in a certain state—

we call it solidified light.

Where does the light come from?

 It comes from the Sun;

so, therefore, whether you like it or not, your bodies are, and indeed every other thing on this particular planet is…

Solidified sunlight…

 It was created by the Divine Creator.

 So, therefore, everything is the original potential brought into manifestation, and held in a certain state by the Will of the Divine Creator, and apparently—note, I say apparently—individualized units expressing that Will.

 It is as simple as that”

“Please, please try to regard always—try to tell yourself always—that the most unanswerable things have really the simplest answers, and whole new avenues of wisdom will be opened up to you—wisdom that you did not dream you could attract and understand before you adopted this simple and straightforward approach.”

 Reminds me of two other quotes also from the Master Aetherius:

  1. What the Metaphysician says today, the Scientist will prove Tomorrow!

  2. “There is No Science without Spirituality and No Spirituality without Science.”

Before I digress any further let’s get back on point to my quiet evening with Terra & Cosmo.

Our two furry companions were their usual loving selves, laying spooned together with Cosmo tightly cuddled up against my right leg. This was the usual position for Cosmo every time I’d be sitting on the couch. Periodically Terra would do the same but never to the extent Cosmo would.

Cosmo just needed to be close to his Daddy and dominated this spot over Terra.

By 10pm my fatigue had got the better of me and I fell fast asleep on the couch only to awaken sometime after midnight when Anne returned home. After updating with Anne on her social outing I proceeded straight to bed knowing we had another busy day Sunday with our Divine Service at 11am, house work in the afternoon, plus a Neighborhood Christmas Party starting @ 4pm.

Come Sunday morning though, I would say, I had my first sign that something might be wrong with either Cosmo or Terra when I surveyed the basement area. I had discovered a rather large pool of urine about 12 inches away from the downstairs litter box.  Due to fact I had seen this before over the years, I didn’t think much of it, but quickly got the paper towel roll and proceeded to just clean it up.

That might have been my first oversight of the day!

Everything I thought would occur on Sunday, did come to pass and as it would turn out, Anne & I were the last to leave the Christmas Neighborhood Gathering. We returned home sometime around 10pm and that’s when the ordeal with Cosmo began.

Anne was the first one to notice something was awry when passing one of the bedrooms she saw Cosmo lying curled up by the doorway in an area that Cosmo had never been seen sleeping before.

Anne called me in to say she felt something was wrong and in typical male fashion I negated her intuition and said Cosmo’s just sleeping.

Of course…I was wrong!

After spending 15 minutes looking Cosmo over carefully, it was obvious he wasn’t just sleeping, but was in what seemed to be a dazed and lethargic condition similar to someone experiencing a Diabetic low.

We decided to try and get Cosmo onto his feet and that’s when it was really apparent something was seriously wrong.

Cosmo couldn’t stand!

Being late Sunday night the only option was the Emergency Vet Clinic in Brampton 30 minutes away, so the call was made and we were quickly on our way in Anne’s Lincoln with Cosmo carefully wrapped up in a blanket safely enclosed in a cat travel carrying case.

On the drive down Highway 10 we decided to give Spiritual Healing to Cosmo just as I had taught the day previously. We proceeded to begin chanting out loud the same Ancient Sanskrit Healing Mantra we use at our bi-weekly Toronto Group 12 Blessing & Absent Healing Services.

Now for those of You that may not completely understand the actual laws of Mantra that apply to this powerful form of energy transmission, we knew it shouldn’t be practiced on public highways for reasons I wont get into here, but in this emergency situation we felt it was called for.

Repeating the Healing Mantra in unison with each of us placing a single transmitting palm of our hands on the travel case, we radiated Gods Healing Universal Life Force.

After about 15 minutes I felt inspired to gradually lower the tone on this beautiful form of Tibetan Prayer to a quiet whisper then stopped.

It was at this very moment my infamous number 448 and its polar opposite 844 began to show.

My eyes were drawn as if by some internal natural instinct to the dashboard of Anne’s Lincoln, only to be shocked to see the odometer read…

97, 844KM

I immediately brought this fact to Anne’s attention in order to be a witness and thought how strange it was that I was inspired to end the Healing Mantra at a time that would allow me to notice this anomaly.

We arrived a few minutes later at the Emergency Clinic and gathered the travel case with Cosmo inside and entered the premise.

To keep this story to the point, I’ll just report that Cosmo was introduced to the technician on duty in just a few minutes. Anne & I patiently waited to let them do their job running some important blood tests and hoped for an accurate diagnosis.

About 20 minutes later the technician invited us in to pass on the results.

The diagnosis was serious…

Cosmo was experiencing Kidney Failure.

The Technician explained our options and we accepted her recommendations…Cosmo would be immediately hooked up to an IV to try and raise his extremely low potassium readings.

Leaving Cosmo overnight was required but we were instructed that Cosmo would have to be picked up by 7.30am the next morning and taken to the Glendale Veterinary Hospital in Caledon to continue further treatment.

We left the emergency clinic now a little disturbed by the realization that Cosmo was indeed having a serious health issue and all of it was so unexpected.

The drive back to our home in Belfountain was no less traumatic. Upon reaching the exit ramp to take Highway 10 North we were confronted by some obviously inept driver approaching us head on driving on the wrong side of the median walled 4 lane highway!

How this driver ended up in this position is beyond us but fortunately the car pulled over and we were able to safely get by and continue heading north.

Well as it would turn out this was not the end of our troubles.

Within 5 minutes from our home on the famous winding Forks of the Credit Road another surprise was now in store for us!

Rounding a particularly sharp blind corner I was the first to react, yelling out… STOP!!!…but it was too late.

Anne didn’t have time to react and I braced for the impending impact as the Lincoln plowed through a large fallen tree that crossed 70% of this beautiful country road!

What else could go wrong we both immediately thought!

Well fortunately it would turn out that what we crashed through was two dead arms of the tree as the main body of the trunk was actually only inches above the roof of the low slung Lincoln, held up by the hydro lines the tree had fallen onto!

Since we were now on the other side of the obstruction my immediate reaction was that we needed to turn around to warn others or somebody else could be seriously injured.

Anne did as I instructed, turning around and approached the debris area and stopped.  Anne immediately got on her cell phone to call 911, while I got out of the car to survey the damage.

Although I had good intentions, I did however have the in-correct assumption on my mind that I should try and clear away the obstruction if at all possible.

Surveying the situation, I’m glad I didn’t go so far as to grab one of the wet branches, as it turned out this fallen tree was being held up by Live Hydro Lines!

While 911 was dispatching the local Fire Department and Police, I was actually in astonishment that the Lincoln had not sustained any damage whatsoever!

Not even scuff marks were evident which was surprising considering the noise that was experienced as the branches hit the windshield, later to be dragged over the roof of the car.

I couldn’t help but think what the scenario might have been had we been in my massively tall Ford Transit Van.

We would have most definitely been stopped in our tracks upon hitting the main body of the tree that seemed to measure about 8-10 inches in diameter.


The tree fallen onto The Hydro lines on The Forks of the Credit Rd.

Within 10 minutes the first responder to arrive on the scene was a tow truck driver, followed quickly thereafter by a large Fire Truck with a crew of 4. Once I had determined that the first responders had all under control, Anne and I quickly excused ourselves and continued on our way home. We finally got to bed that night at about 1.30am.

It was however a pretty restless night worrying about Cosmo and it wasn’t long before our Alarm went off at 6am.

This time however, it was going to be just me picking up Cosmo as I needed Anne to be able to greet some Contractors due to arrive at the house to remove our oil burning furnace & the adjacent fuel tank.

A coffee along with a quick update watching the morning news and it was time to hit the road again.

I took the Transit Van this time, heading back to the Emergency Clinic via an alternative route, just in case the Forks of the Credit Road had any closures due to the downed Hydro lines.

Arriving at the Clinic I was greeted by the nurse on duty and given the results of their over night monitoring. Cosmo had not made any drastic improvement but on the bright side, seemed no worse.

 I finalized the horrendously large medical bill thinking that this was just the beginning, with more expense sure to come.

In my mind, Cosmo was worth every penny!

Once arriving at The Glendale Vet Hospital I quickly carried Cosmo in his travel case into the facility.

I must admit that the memory of the last traumatic experience back in May of 2012 at this location was having to put down our beloved Dog Duke. This memory weighed heavily on my mind as I caught a glimpse of the Dragon Fly ornament that still graces the front of the building to this day.

(Read my DOOSEY of a 448 TALE Story at the link below to discover the significance of the Dragon Fly ornament)

Once inside the Glendale office it was only a minute or two until I was greeted by the Technician & Office Manager Becky.

Becky invited me in to a small observation office then told me that Dr. Cathy Hooper would not be in till about 10am.

In the interim period Becky would get Cosmo back onto his IV unit. We then proceeded to discuss the results of the testing done at the Emergency Clinic overnight.

Becky and I had discussed all the possible ramifications for Cosmo’s condition and at that time there seemed to be some light at the end of the tunnel for a hopeful recovery.

I did however express to Becky that my highest concern was for the well being of Cosmo and the quality of Life he would be experiencing should the recovery not be complete.


I basically came out and openly stated my philosophical belief that Death to me was just a doorway into your next Life and when the time comes, as hard as it may be to lose a Loved One…

You have to let them go….

Becky seemed to agree with my expressions and then stated that as soon as Dr. Hooper came in they would continue the Tests and monitoring of Cosmos condition and get back to me asap.

It was then that I looked, for the first time at my ever present cell phone in my hand.

I was startled to see it was exactly…


I quickly reacted by asking Becky if she would be kind enough to let me take a picture of her with Cosmo and she graciously agreed.


This ironic timing led me to tell Becky the significance of my 448 number anomaly and how its mirror image 844 were related, like a Yin & Yang. I invited Becky to checkout my website by leaving her with one of my logo stickers. The “DOOSEY of a 448 TALE” Story would explain how the Dragon Fly on the front of their building came to be.

It’s all about the timing I said!!!

It was now time to get back to my home.

A busy day was in store with the contractors scheduled to remove our oil burning furnace & holding tank. All this work was in preparation for the installation the following day of a new Propane furnace by one contractor with another company scheduled to simultaneously install the outdoor propane storage tank.

When I arrived home, I was a bit surprised to learn the contractors would be up to a couple hours late due to a scheduling mix-up.

As I always say…

Nothing Happens by, Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

This delay would eventually cause me to be extremely delayed in my days planned work schedule and it wasn’t till after 3pm before I was able to finally leave for the drive to my client’s location in Guelph about 35 minutes away.

As I drove away I realized that I had now missed 2 calls from Glendale due to distractions working with the contractors.

That was shortly to change as just outside of ERIN, a few minutes drive away the 3rd call came and it was Dr. Cathy Hooper with her report on Cosmos condition.

I decided to pull off to the side of the road so I could concentrate on the news.

It wasn’t at all what I wanted to hear…

Cosmo was in a serious, but stable condition.

Worse though was the news that the Kidney failure Cosmo was experiencing was something for which there is no known cure.

It would be just a matter of time & patience to see if Cosmo’s condition could improve, but otherwise there was not much the Doctor could do.

I then basically reiterated the statements to Dr. Hooper, that I had made in the morning to the Technician Becky.

If required, I’d have to put Cosmo to sleep.

Between us both, we decided to wait for another 24 hours in the hopes there might be a turn around in Cosmo’s condition.

Doctor Hooper then went on to say that she was planning to implement a further Ultra Sound Test that she was graciously offering at no extra charge. The Doctor felt that this supplementary exam may help her more thoroughly understand what was going on inside COSMO.

I thanked Dr. Hooper for this offer and explained that I was on my way to visit a client in Guelph for some important meetings.

We agreed that we’d talk again the next morning.

Well that wasn’t to “BE” as you’ll shortly read.

The commute to my clients took another 30 minutes. During the drive I tried to get my thoughts together for these important meetings.

It just wasn’t working though, as I couldn’t detach my thoughts from COSMO.

The thoughts of Cosmo in distress were causing my eyes to well up with tears, but I held them back to keep my thoughts all positive.

It was right at this point within a quarter mile of my destination when I was mentally praying for Cosmo that my special numbers began to show again!

First it was a car coming in the opposite direction that immediately caught my eye and I saw the license plate…

CXEM 448.

The letters invoked no immediate intuition but the number 448 did!

My thought was wow…that’s the first 448 that had caught my attention in days! Significant to me personally was the fact that the 448 sign came while…

Praying for Cosmo.

Most notably after the two very prominent 844’s you read about earlier that happen during the Healing Session, during the drive to Emergency, and later the next day during the initial meeting with the Technician Becky at the Glendale Hospital.

I thought I wished I could have gotten a picture but that was impossible to do in this particular circumstance, but wait till you hear this…

Oh Ye of Little Faith!

My eyes were right at that very moment drawn to, as if by some mysterious inner intuition, what was right in front of my eyes on the dashboard display screen!

448km to EMPTY!

I was so flustered to see this that I grabbed my Blackberry quickly to take the picture, but missed it by a millisecond, as it switched to 447KM just as I pushed the button.


Although the picture was not clear at all, it proves beyond any doubt that the car that passed by me with the license plate CXEM 448, occurred simultaneously as the TRANSIT Van was showing 448km to EMPTY on the dashboard!

Now for any of the skeptics out there that may think my 448/844 number anomaly is a little flakey…read further and see what happens next, only 60 seconds later, as I pull into my clients parking lot and proceeded to get out of the Van!

With my Blackberry in hand, the cell phone rings just as I step unto the pavement. The call was coming from the Glendale office, and I answer hearing Dr. Cathy Hooper voice greeting me.

 At that very moment exactly, a White SUV comes into the parking lot and pulls right up near to me and I clearly see the license plate

BTMP 448.

I then relay this fact to Dr. Hooper, stating that I can’t believe what I’m looking at as the Doctor is aware of my written 448 Stories after our dramatic episode years ago with our beloved Dog Duke.

I apologize for the distraction of this interruption, but tell her I have to get a picture of this cars license plate while I’m talking to her and she understands completely what I’m doing.

It all works out perfectly, as anyone looking at me could see clearly I was talking on the phone, but in reality I had switched to my cell camera mode and proceeded to take the picture you see below showing the plate BTMP 448.

Now it was time to get the news and it wasn’t good at all.

Dr. Hooper proceeded to tell me the ULTRA SOUND had revealed a new devastating detail.

COSMO had a 5cm sized tumor attached to his spleen and this was the cause most likely of the Kidney Failure and the diagnosis was now that Cosmo should be put to sleep asap.

 This was what Dr. Hooper and I had talked about in the previous phone call and had agreed to do. Only if there was no hope!

I was devastated and immediately became emotional.

Dr. Hooper was so empathetic on the other end of the phone as she proceeded to tell me that if I wanted to have this done tonight she would stay late past her usual check out time of 5.30pm. It was now 4.02pm and I committed to Dr. Hooper that I would come to be there, along with Anne, for the dreaded task.

It’s also interesting to note that the white SUV that had arrived at the beginning of this call was only in the parking lot for under 5 minutes and based on the photos I have and studying the information properties of each photo it could very well have been 4 minutes and 48 seconds till the vehicle began its departure.

Why such a short visit I wondered…strange!

I was still choked up on the phone with Dr. Hooper as I watch the SUV driving away. I told the Doctor I would go and inform my clients that I had to leave almost immediately to make it back in time.

Well that plan didn’t work out so well as I was overcome with emotion again upon hanging up, and paced the parking lot for a little more time than I could really afford to spare.

I pulled myself together enough to enter my clients building and immediately made my way back to the owner John’s office.

I was then overcome by a feeling of Déjà Vu.

This was the exact same scenario, I had previously experienced in this very same building, when I first received the phone call, giving me the terrible news of Dukes diagnosis of Cancer.

I made it to Johns office without anyone really seeing my emotional condition and knocked on his door.

John invited me in.

Well the emotions took over again and my first comment as I broke down in front of him was…

“John this is just like Déjà vu”.

I proceeded to explain the “Déjà vu” of how I received the news about Duke in the presence of him so many years ago, but this time however I was upset due to my cat COSMO. I apologized profusely for this emotional display, as I struggled to even speak.

John got out of his chair to come over to me and I begged him to just sit and not to even look at me, as I couldn’t even look at John myself, due to my embarrassment.

John is such a great man in my eyes and I’ll be forever grateful to him for the compassion he has shown to me in these difficult moments.

Pulling myself together again I managed to convey my thoughts regarding the purpose of my visit and we discussed our business. Finally, it was John who had to virtually tell me to leave, as he knew the distance I had to travel to get to the Glendale Hospital.

So off I went but not before I decided to explain to Jeff who oversees the buyers why I was leaving so fast.

Since Jeff happens to know my 448 stories quite well I quickly told him that I had to leave to go put down my beloved cat Cosmo while saying to him…

 “You wont believe how my numbers are showing up in this particular scenario of events.”

Jeff’s eyes immediately shifted to the call display on his phone looking to see what time it was, as I blurted out quickly…

It’s not 4.48 now.

I said in a rush that I would explain all later the following day.

Well little did I know what fate I was soon due to experience.

Rushing out to the Van I for some reason felt inspired to take a picture of the dashboard clock and it read 4.43pm and immediately thought I’m never going to make it for the agreed 5.30 time.

As I pulled out of the parking lot my cell was still on camera mode. Don’t asked me to explain what happened next, but I must have pushed some button on the phone and proceeded to lock it! See the picture below that I’ve never been able to delete from my Photos File…Weird!

 Knowing I had even yet to call my wife Anne who I had to pick-up first before reaching the Vet…I panicked not knowing what to do, so I decided to power down the cell and re-boot it.

Everyone knows how long this can take, and I can clearly time it now, as taking about 4 minutes. When it came back to life the first thing that happens is that cell begins to ring!

It was the Glendale Hospital again!

I immediately answered.

If this call hadn’t have come at this particular moment I could have easily been on the phone calling Anne, giving the instructions to get herself ready for the grim task ahead.

Possibly missing this fateful call.

Well I’ll say it here again!


The voice on the other end was Dr. Cathy Hooper and you could hear the emotion in her voice as she said…

 “Allan I had to call you immediately as I know you’re on your way … COSMO is in my arms and he just passed away Now!”

I was stunned as my eyes drifted over to the clock on my dashboard and there it was…

4.48 PM

I said well when did Cosmo pass?

Dr. Hooper said… “Just now”

I said but it’s… 4.48pm

She said I know…I’m so Sorry.

I said, well please explain to me what happened.

Dr. Hooper proceeded to tell me this…

“Cosmo had been in the middle of the examination room all afternoon with everyone keeping an eye on his progress.

I came over to see if I could get Cosmo to raise his head. To my surprise he did…looking right into my eyes. Cosmo then closed his eyes, sighed, laid his head down and he was gone…

My cell was right here with me, so I called right away.

I’m so Sorry Allan”

I was devastated…

I had yet to even call Anne.

I remained speechless on the cell as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that Cosmo was gone and he had died @


How can this be?

Dr. Hooper asked if we wanted to come see Cosmo.

I immediately thought about my father, whom I had seen about an hour after he passed ironically on this very same day that I’m writing this story, December 8th but in 2015, three years ago.

On that fateful day I had met with my Mother at the hospital within an hour after my Dad passed.

I said to my Mother immediately upon seeing my Dad…

“Wow!… You can really see that Dad’s gone”

The body is like an empty shell after the transition we call…DEATH.

Death is actually the DOORWAY to another type of…


I then told Dr. Hooper to let me make a quick call to Anne to break the news and determine what she wanted to do.

I told Dr. Hooper that I would call her office right back.

Well the answer came quick.

After the initial shock of Cosmos passing and the tears subsided in Anne, we discussed our options.

Anne and I agreed we had no need to go.

We wanted to remember COSMO as he was, so that was our decision. I then called back the Glendale office to relay our position.

The Good Folks at Glendale Totally Understood.

Now the reality was settling in…

COSMO Was Gone… “To The Other Side.”

Another dimension, a different frequency of physical existence…Cosmo, like all life forms who pass away, leave this physical plane, but in my belief are not far away at all!

(Research this link below to understand more about Life, Death, Reincarnation & the Law of Karma)

In his wake, COSMO would leave me all the ingredients required to add to my growing body of 448 Stories.

This so that, I may bring forth attention, sometimes indirectly to the Great Wisdom of my YOGA MASTER, DR. GEORGE KING, whose teachings are so important, helping mankind to understand the Meaning to Life & the Value of Experience.


“The Greatest Gift from Man to Man or even GOD to Man.”

(A quote from the Twelve Blessings. investigate through the link below)

This 448 Story, as always, is dedicated to Dr. George King, who passed away in Santa Barbara, California on JULY 12th, 1997…

@ 4.48 am PDT

 May the strength to cope with her loss be given to


 Stay tuned for an Epilogue to this Story that will show startling photos and revelations of the number 448 showing itself as Cosmo now moves on. This epilogue will also bring forth the overall message I believe is behind this sad event and will show how Terra handles her grief and the unbelievable moment that seemed to change Terra for the better!

 May God Bless You All.

Allan Jaggard                    


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