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The Tale of Duke & the 448 Angels!


May 19th 2004 to May 25th 2012

DUKE was the wonderful companion of Erica Mabee & Allan Jaggard.

Through an encounter with a yet to be confirmed ailment on May 25th 2012, Duke our cherished German Shepherd Dog, has now moved on to his “Next Great Adventure”.

The Tale of Duke & the 448 Angels is an amazing account of DUKE’S final journey and our support from The 448 Angels. The amazing occurrences of the number 448 and its mirror image 844 during this transition are the catalyst for this story. In our opinion, The 448 Angels, whoever or whatever they are, without any doubt overshadowed these heart-wrenching experiences.

Proving to both Erica and myself…

That “we” (meaning you reading this as well) are never alone, in any of our various Life Trials!

Many, if not all of you, know that I have had this 448/844 anomaly that has followed me for a long time. This special anomaly that guides me has firmly embedded itself into the fabric of my life.

I have written and documented these amazing occurrences for many decades. They have had a positive effect on many who have crossed my path, as I use this tool, to give expressions of my spiritual beliefs.

I originally chose this number 448 back in 1972 for use on my Motocross racing bikes number plates due to the simplicity of the digits.

Its mirror image counterpart 844 (Yin & Yang) has shown itself along with the 448 at the most peculiar times throughout my life. The more recent 748 number is the time it was for me when my Yoga Teacher, Dr. George King passed away @ 4.48 am on July 12th, 1997.

Allowing me to write these stories and talk about my metaphysical and spiritual messages to all who will read or listen. The purpose, I believe, of the 448 and 844 occurrence is to give me the opportunity to Learn and Teach.

I believe they are mainly there to help me emphasize the concept proposed by my Teacher that indeed…

“Nothing Happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!”
Spiritual Teacher, Dr. George King Th.D. DD

I firmly believe that these events happened for a reason…As Do All Things!


Duke Page 02 Image 0001
Duke Page 02 Image 0002
Duke Page 02 Image 0003

THEN… DUKE’S BIRTHDAY on May 19th, 2012… 8 Years Old!

Duke Page 02 Image 0004
Duke Page 02 Image 0006
Duke Page 02 Image 0005

The Transition we all make through the experience we call… LIFE!

Duke Page 03 Image 0001
Duke Page 03 Image 0002

Beloved master, should the Great Master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you. Rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest… and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands.
Beth Norman Harris, author of the poem “A Dog’s Prayer”

The call on my BlackBerry that would start it all came on Tuesday May 8th 2012 during an intense business discussion I was having with the founder of Royal Distributing, my friend more than a business associate, John Mochrie.

The call was from Erica and I knew she was at the Vet with our Dog Duke to diagnose a nosebleed. Erica was crying uncontrollably as it triggered a rude interruption to my meeting with John as I jumped out of my chair and shouted an expletive out loud! I knew the news was not going to be good. As I stood in the boardroom, adjacent to John’s office, I struggled to make out what Erica was saying through her tears.

Duke’s Chest X-Ray results had proven to show a major issue in his lungs and the diagnosis was not good.

My mind raced over the thoughts of Duke and the possibility of anything that could take him away from us was virtually inconceivable to me at that moment. I left the premises and stood in the parking lot struggling to control my emotions but it was futile. The reality was gradually sinking in. This was a serious situation and I couldn’t bring myself to speak as I had barely understood what Erica was saying.

DUKE’S final journey had begun…

Erica my old girlfriend , and still to this day work assistant, is employed at Royal Distributing. For years we have shared Duke almost as a divorced couple would have shared custody of a child. Our relationship was always amicable and our love for Duke was undeniable therefore the circumstance of our seemingly odd relationship in sharing Duke was understood. It was just the right thing to do.

When the call was over I was now debating what to do and I tried to return to John’s office, but as I passed through the boardroom doors I just couldn’t do it…the tears came again and I could not control them. John called out from his office asking if all was alright and was soon by my side.

John knew what I was going through as he had been through it himself with his own dog who passed away from cancer. I apologized for my outbursts but John would have none of it. John understood my shock and pain, as this was so unexpected. I will be forever grateful for John’s empathy at my time of need.

I excused myself from the boardroom and proclaimed that I had to see Duke. So it was then to the motor home for the drive to Erica’s home which was about 45 minutes west to the town of Listowel. I was in my motor home as I was originally planning on picking up some inventory at Royal that I needed to deliver the following day. I was prepared to stay overnight if necessary…I just needed to see Duke.

After an evening with Erica, her boyfriend Roland and my good boy Duke, it was established through phone discussions with the Vets involved that I would take Duke back to our Caledon vet where Duke would undergo a series of tests the next morning. With slight hesitation, because Erica did not want to leave Duke, we finally departed at 10.30pm. This drive would include a possible stop at Royal. Duke could barely walk to the Motor home!

This was to be the beginning of the intervention of the 448 Angel in a noticeable display!

I wasn’t sure the guys at Royal would still be at the Guelph location, but a call along the way connected me with Mark Fries who was loading a truck for a departure to their Sudbury store the very next morning. Mark knew why I had left Royal earlier and his first response was “How’s Duke?” I explained the situation as best I could and stated I would drop by in a few moments and pickup my needed items and let him see Duke.

This was when it began. As I pulled into the Royal Warehouse parking lot my CD player clock which has never been properly in sync read…

4.48 PM

Mark jumped off the bed of the pickup truck he was loading and became my witness… The 448 was clearly seen on the CD clock but in reality it was now 11.30 pm!

I told Mark this must be a good sign. At this point I needed all the encouragement I could get. I let Duke out and he stayed close as we sorted out our business needs that were cut short earlier in the day.

Scott Spark had now joined us by the warehouse as he was preparing to leave for the night. I wished them both good night. Scott also knew of my concern with Duke and conveyed his own stories how his dog was previously lost to cancer and had to be put down. It is never an easy task. Putting Duke down was not an option in my mind at this point. Intervention was the Key and Erica and I would provide whatever it took!

While driving home along HWY 124 towards Erin I was to be shocked again! I prayed out loud based on my concern for Duke and boldly requested assistance from whomever or whatever was behind my 448 anomaly.

IF YOU’RE THERE, I cried out! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME, I pleaded… PLEASE ASSIST MY POOR DUKE! Then, I couldn’t believe it.

Immediately a car passes by and I clearly see the licence plate that passes and without noticing the letters I couldn’t miss…


I felt reassured that my Prayers had been heard!

I continued my drive as my mind recollected the many wonderful years with Duke. I reminisced, visualizing these experiences.

Duke Page 05 Image 0002
Duke Page 05 Image 0006
Duke Page 05 Image 0005
Duke Page 05 Image 0004
Duke Page 05 Image 0003

May 9th was Duke’s visit to the Glendale Veterinary for the important Lung Wash Exam and the tension was thick as mud. I couldn’t not help but worry about what the results would be… both Erica & I could only hope!

The call finally came from the Vet late in the afternoon that the testing was complete but the results would take 3 days. UGH! When I got Duke back into the Jeep, after a short visit with a family and their dog in the parking lot, I turned the key in the Jeep ignition and there it was again exactly…

4.48 PM

(Note: This current story was interrupted by The DRAGONFLY incidents on May 26th, 2012 immediately after DUKES passing and resulted in the documented, DOOSEY of a 448 TALE. It is my recommendation that you read this story after completing this one for the full intended effect. Now after 6 months, I finally obtained this movie called DRAGONFLY starring Kevin Kostner. I finally was able to watch this inspiring movie relating to NDEs (near death experiences) & Reincarnation straight through to its completion @ 11.22 pm on November 26th, 2012. I was inspired at this time to begin my writing again in order to complete this Story.

Duke Page 06 Image 0001
Duke Page 06 Image 0002
Duke Page 06 Image 0003


After reviewing all my crib notes of the events over the next 10 days I have decided to keep the vast array of 448’s & 844’s & 748’s private as they were really only signals I believe, for the connection between myself Duke, Erica and my girlfriend Anne. Day after day, as the situation developed the numbers would show themselves at crucial points in the developing scenario. Anne and Erica will gladly be my witnesses to this. It was almost scary how they would show themselves reassuring us all that we were not alone in our trial. We needed this help as the vet’s results were inconclusive.

We felt like the 448 Angels were with us every step along the way.

Duke Page 06 Image 0004
Duke Page 06 Image 0005
Duke Page 06 Image 0006

We will skip forward to Saturday, May 19th, 2012…


The preceding day, I had given Duke to Erica as these were her wishes. Both of us were fearful of something happening to him so we both wanted precious time with him. Duke’s Birthday was not to start off well as Erica called early that Saturday morning to say she was concerned. Duke’s nose was bleeding intermittently and he was not eating at all. Erica was distraught and wanted me to call the Vet for advice because the last thing we wanted was to let Duke suffer. Was it time? We needed assurance.

The Vet was called and the advice was clear.

It’s a decision we would have to make on our own as the Vet had been through these scenarios many times before. It is never easy.

I told Erica that Anne and I would come out to visit as I had to go to Royal Distributing in the Motor Home anyway to pickup some materials. We decided we would also load up my BMW GS800 and together we would ride double from Royal to Listowel as it was an extremely beautiful day.

When we arrived at Erica and Roland’s home we were greeted by a rather lethargic looking Duke but the love was flowing as well as some tears. I immediately began to administer Hands on Healing and so did Anne and then Erica. I then suggested we do a Group Healing and at this point all three of us were visualizing the healing white light of Universal Life Force (Prana as it’s referred to in ancient Sanskrit writings) entering our beloved friend.

It was hard to see Duke as anything but in his usually energetic and playful self.

The scene was subdued.

Duke seemed happy though that we were with him on this his Special Day.

We spent an hour or two just hanging out in the backyard and by mid afternoon we decided to take Duke for a nice slow Birthday walk to the nearby park. Once in the park we made our way to the stream or shallow river that ran through the park and true to form Duke went into the water which in this case was merely a shallow puddle created by another extremely dry Spring.

We really thought that Duke was perking right up as he splashed and played for the longest time.

Maybe our Group Healing had energized him because he seemed to get better and better as the day wore on.

When we arrived back at Erica’s we decided to order in some food as opposed to going out and leaving Duke by himself.

By some time around eight we thought we should leave so Anne and I bid our farewells, hopped back onto the BMW and made our way back to Royal. We both thought what a wonderful way it had been to spend Duke’s Birthday.

It all must have been “meant to be” as we were shocked again to arrive back at Royal, to stop directly behind the Motor Home at exactly…

8.44 pm!

I didn’t even have time to get my Blackberry out before the clock quickly changed to 8.45 pm.

Duke Page 08 Image 0001
Duke Page 08 Image 0002
Duke Page 08 Image 0003

The next morning on Sunday May 20th Anne and I were driving to our Aetherius Society Sunday Service when a call came in on my Blackberry from Erica stating that Duke did not seem well and was refusing to eat at all. Anne could hear our discussion, and when I finished the call, Anne began to openly cry… it was at that moment that I stated out loud…


As the words came out of my mouth the car I photographed below immediately pulled up…


We arrived at the service about 10 minutes later and although enlightening as ever, it was hard not to be thinking about Duke. So the request was made at the end of the Service to the Group, which this morning totalled fourteen, to send ABSENT HEALING PRAYERS to DUKE. It was truly inspiring as the Mantra from all fourteen of us was spine tingling to say the least!

Upon completion of the Healing, it was now time for the days’ events to continue with a special luncheon in honour of our Official Staff Organizer, Laura Shapiro, at a beautiful lakeside restaurant in Port Credit. I had made a detour , however, in order to take Anne to her condo to pick up her car before we went to the luncheon. I may also say here that Anne and I had debated, in our usual fun way, whether I drop her off before or after the luncheon…

Heading toward Anne’s condo we pulled onto to the 401 eastbound and what should we pull in behind from the on ramp but the car pictured below….

Licence plate BHTJ 448 as it leads us to Anne’s place. Once again we felt the 448 Guide was with us all the way….

The Luncheon was amazing but not nearly as amazing as the texts I would begin to receive on my Blackberry over the next couple of hours! Erica was texting report after report, with pictures, that Duke had radically changed for the better. She was now an hour and a half away from her home at a park in Cambridge. Erica had taken Duke to a lake and it was like he was back to normal; eating, swimming, playing and having a great time with this hastily planned trip.

Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

Or is it possible that ABSENT HEALING PRAYER from 14 highly charged individuals might have possibly made a difference! You Decide. Regardless, we were all thrilled. Duke stayed like this for the remainder of the day and it was reported that he stayed energetic into the night!

When we finished with the luncheon, having bid farewell to all, we proceeded through the door.


Our 448 Guide was waiting!

Duke Page 10 Image 0001
Duke Page 10 Image 0002

The small BMW You see at the end of the street driving away, was only 6 feet in front of Anne and me as we stepped out of the Restaurant with the licence plate ending with 448 pointing right at us!

After capturing this distant photo and walking to the 448 JEEP and Anne’s parked SATURN, both of which were positioned just to the right of where you see this car.

We buckled up and pulled out onto Lakeshore Blvd. and stopped at the lights . There was a beige coloured car right next to me.

Its licence plate ended with 748!

Side by Side! This photo was taken by me as I had jumped out of the Jeep to get this shot. You can see just a bit of Anne’s black car. We just couldn’t believe this immediate series of events! These pictures are now going to document what I see as a developing story!

Monday and Tuesday were filled with my usual work obligations and again, as before, the instances of my numbers showing themselves at key moments continued to occur.

Especially on the Tuesday as the numbers would occur in a 3 hour span that would see another handful of people exposed to my metaphysical teachings; all a direct result of my 448 lure!

These circumstances are recorded but will be used for a future story when I get the time to write.

Wednesday May 23rd, 2012… The Return of DUKE!

As planned, I was to meet Erica for 9 a.m. at Royal Distributing for our usual exchange. A quick stop at a local Canadian Tire Store had garnered Duke a brand new Frisbee, Dukes favorite toy!

After a nice walk around the Royal property and some Frisbee play, it was time for Duke to rest in the Motorhome while I then performed my tasks at Royal.

DUKE was such a Good Boy!

Duke Page 11 Image 0001
Duke Page 11 Image 0002

Later in the afternoon Duke and I made a trek to Hamilton to visit my other account Sturgess Cycle. During this visit Duke just rested in the back on the bed. Later that evening I had made my way back to Mississauga for a Special Service to mark the last hour of the then present Spiritual Push Period where we, in The Aetherius Society, perform a 12 Blessings Prayer Power Circle. Just before entering, our Group Organizer Laura came by the Motorhome and noticed Duke on the nearby lawn. After giving Laura an update on Duke’s condition she suggested I bring Duke into our Service, This I believe , after 25 years, was a first for our group.

I jumped at the opportunity and so did Duke!

It was a fantastic reception as everyone greeted Duke with Loving surprise. Duke enthusiastically responded. It was a touching scene to witness. The most amazing part was that when it was time to start the Service, Duke made his way to the front of the Circle and laid down to witness why we all had gathered. Pray for the World and to send forth our invoked streams of Universal Life Force to the 12 focal points described in the New Age Bible.

Duke Page 11 Image 0003
Duke Page 11 Image 0004
Duke Page 11 Image 0005

After a fantastic Service, along with Duke’s great behaviour, the night was a big success! Everyone commented on how good Duke looked and that it was almost impossible to tell something was wrong.

On Thursday November 24th all had changed. Duke was bleeding from his nose periodically and again was refusing to eat. I canceled my planned visit to Royal reporting that I needed to keep an eye on Duke and allow him a day of rest. A short walk up the street was the most I could get Duke to do and even this only lasted for a few thousand yards. I could tell we needed to return. Once back at the house I prepared a short shopping list of essentials and made the trek to Orangeville and was gone for only an hour. It’s interesting to note that as I approached Orangeville I was to follow the truck in the picture below. I guess I do not need to tell you that the licence plate was…

448 7YV

Duke Page 12 Image 0002
Duke Page 12 Image 0001

Upon my return , and while bringing in the bags, it was then that I saw a sign that all was not well. Duke, while walking into the kitchen collapsed. His hind legs gave way and he slumped to the floor. I was devastated to see this and ran to his side praying feverishly with my hands on his hips that now had just let Duke down.

He laid still as I prayed with intensity to God to help my fallen friend!

Soon Duke would rise and I knew I had to report this unsettling event to Erica. When she received the news, Erica began to cry… I told her that we had to take this seriously and that I would refuse to let Duke suffer. Erica whole-heartedly agreed.

I said, “You should make the drive to Belfountain and spend the night with Duke.”

Erica agreed and prepared herself for the 90 minute drive. She arrived just after midnight so it was now Friday May 25th, 2012. It was a very long and emotional night.

With maybe a couple hours sleep the morning came quick and you could see in Duke’s eyes that he was just not well… by 9.11 am, I reluctantly but knowingly made the fateful call.

The Vet would come with an assistant to my home around 11.30 am, to lay DUKE to rest.

Duke Page 12 Image 0003
Duke Page 12 Image 0004
Duke Page 12 Image 0005

These final 2 hours were spent making Duke as happy as possible.

While preparing for the plan to have Duke put to sleep in the Motorhome, which he loved so much, it was here that we would spend our final time before the Vet arrived.

Duke Page 13 Image 0001
Duke Page 13 Image 0002

Duke was famous for another ability that may not be known to most. And although a seemingly dangerous one he performed it many times and was never hurt! The ability to catch Bumble Bees by snatching them out of the air! It was to be one of his final acts. When I heard the buzzing in the Motorhome I was shocked to notice a Bumble Bee that somehow or other came out of the frame of the bay window behind Duke and had squeezed itself out and immediately tried to fly away!

With a speed that would have made the famous martial artist Bruce Lee proud, Duke in one swift move snatched the Bee out of the air while never even rising to his feet! I was stunned and there the Bee lay motionless directly in front of Duke’s nose, as shown in the picture below….

Duke’s Final Catch! Just like Bruce Lee, DUKE… you are indeed my Hero!

The Vet had arrived but surprisingly on her own. It turned out her assistant was unavailable.

The next 20 minutes is something I can barely even write about but let’s just say the procedure did not go well. The Vet was unable to administer the injection! Duke was resisting and I was beginning to lose my temper! “Where was the assistant you promised”… I blurted out emotionally!”

To make a long story short it was not to be… as when all had settled down it was decided we would go to the Vet directly, which was a 12 minute drive away. In hindsight it was the best move we could have made for a number of reasons that you will soon read about.

The climax of this story would not have occurred if this were not the turn of events. We packed up the Motorhome and we left for the Glendale Veterinary clinic.

It would be Duke’s final ride…

When we arrived at the clinic they were already prepared for us and explained how we would be in this special lounge. We were allowed to spend as much time with Duke as we wished.

I must admit I can barely see the screen as I write this as the memories are flooding back.

Oh my God it was hard! Even with my knowledge and awareness of life after death.

Duke would be leaving us and this was our final time. Both Erica & I were overwhelmed with emotion and our cries could probably be heard outside the room.


It was done….

The Vet left us with DUKE in the room and we tried our best to console each other. It was so sad…

We left the room, taking one last final glance, and ever so reluctantly, slowly shut the door.

We thanked the Staff for their love and help. You could see the look in their eyes; everyone loved Duke.

DUKE was a Special Soul and those that got to know him… knew it!



Messages had been received on my Blackberry from those I had e-mailed just an hour or so before announcing that DUKE was being put to sleep. I had requested prayers of Absent Healing to be sent at this time to help in DUKE’S transition from this physical realm to the next.

I was most surprised to see that one came directly from The Rt. Rev. Brian Kniepp, a Bishop of the Aetherius Churches in Los Angeles.

Brian had sent Healing just minutes before DUKE’S passing!

In my excitement I said to ERICA that it doesn’t get any higher than this, but I may have spoken too soon as I was forgetting about the 448 Spirit Guides.

It was at this exact moment that Erica was concerned as a car pulled out in front of the Motorhome just rushing to pull out in front of two on-coming vehicles. One was a large Transport Truck which caught my eye as it ran up close to the turning car and what should I see but 844 on the Truck’s licence plate, shouting this out to Erica who was more in shock that this other car had pulled out in front of us. Personally I was never concerned.

A split second after the ultimate shock would come and in all my life I have never had this occur… The car, that was the 2nd Vehicle and behind the TRUCK, passes and it was like a magnet that my eyes caught the licence plate.

I couldn’t catch the letters but it was most definitely at the end the number…


I was rendered speechless that this had occurred… A simultaneous showing, one right after the other of

844 & 448!

I thanked the guides profusely for these signs. Erica had not seen the numbers due to her concern over the car who seemingly had pulled out in front of us. I then made a mistake I have made before as I pronounced the 448 and its counterparts 844 and 748 would end.

When will I ever learn!

It was Erica’s turn next.

In honour of Duke , we decided to go for a Memorial drink at a local eatery in Erin but we had to make a quick stop at my house.

I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Duke Page 16 Image 0001
Duke Page 16 Image 0002
Duke Page 16 Image 0003

The incorrect sync’d clock of the Motorhome when I stopped at the house and when I came out!

Erica and I then continued to Erin to the Busholme Inn. It was there that we would have our lunch and a drink to toast Duke. More signs from the 448 Angels were still to come!

After ordering our food and toasting our beloved DUKE we tried our best to control our emotions but every so often it would all sink in, DUKE was gone.

The conversation over lunch was interesting to say the least as I at one point gave an in depth talk on the subject of Reincarnation and other Spiritual Truths. It was during this talk that the first of Three Signs came almost one after another. The First one was crazy as we were sitting on the outdoor Patio and directly behind us. While I was giving my talk, an empty school bus pulled up to the stop lights of the ERIN main street. I was stunned at the sight… look at the piece of paper taped to the window! This picture was taken from where we sat!

As I continued the talk I was interrupted again as I then pointed out to Erica, a moment later, a car at the lights with 748 on the plate and an SUV a minute later with 448. Erica was stunned again, but has had enough experience with my anomaly to take it all in stride! That’s when the phone call came.

It was Anna the office manager of the London location of my workplace Motovan. Anna was calling out of the blue for an update on DUKE. I conveyed the sad news. Anna once passed the initial shock, finished her call with a statement she had created herself after having years before watched the movie that stimulated this writing. DRAGONFLY… Anna stated…

My sincere condolences Allan & Erica, May a Dragonfly Pass You By!

I said thank you Anna and hung up the phone. My first words to Erica was to repeat what Anna said but it was then confirmed that neither Erica nor I knew what that statement meant.

Well if you’ve read my DOOSEY OF A 448 TALE.


Duke Page 18 Image 0001
Duke Page 18 Image 0002


Dr. King ironically passed away on July 12th, 1997 @ 4.48am PDT in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

The 7.48am that represents the time it was for me when the Master past away plus whoever or whatever is behind my 448 number anomaly.





I appreciate your taking the time to read my 448 stories and please always remember, as the famous singer & composer Elvis Costello once stated…


I really only wish for all of us to question our existence and purpose in life and to hopefully realize that all the experiences in our lives happen for a reason.

Nothing Happens By Chance, Luck or Coincidence.

All experiences in Life are Blessings Given in order to learn.

This the Greatest Gift from Man to Man or even from GOD to Man.

So in one last attempt to bring to your attention an example for you to ponder, I will present these final pictures.

Duke Page 19 Image 0002
Duke Page 19 Image 0001
Duke Page 19 Image 0003

Duke’s ashes are returned after his cremation, on May 31st, 2012. Note the Vet building in the background and the wall to the left of the entrance. There’s nothing there correct?

I left the very next night June 1st, 2012 for a pre-planned 3 week motorcycle trip to follow the CMRC Monster Energy Nationals with my girlfriend Anne Coleman. This trip would have been canceled had it not been that Duke passed away prior.

Look what I discovered upon our return! This after the writing of the DOOSEY of a 448 TALE! A random gift donated by a personal friend of the owner of the clinic Dr. Hooper.

Neither of them were, or are aware of my 448 Stories… they soon will be though!



Duke Page 19 Image 0004
Duke Page 19 Image 0005


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