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The 2008 CMRC Banquet 448/844 Story

On Saturday night January 12, 2008 I attended the annual CMRC Banquet to honor the Champions of the 2007 Ontario Motocross Provincials.

The following story and the intricate chain of events that originated on this special night are being put into writing to record another chapter in my ongoing phenomenon of the 448 Stories.

First off for clarity let me remind everyone that when the 448 events occur, my special number can show up forwards (448) or backwards (844).

The stories will have an effect on the people involved and to the uninitiated, well let’s just say they won’t get it!

The secret is in the timing. What precedes the event, what circumstances occurred during the event, and who is affected in the future upon hearing the story.

The skeptics will say as they always do… You can see anything if your trying to see it, so hence you make it happen.

Once again they miss the point.

The point of the 448 Stories is to recognize the circumstances that surround the event and make a judgment based on what are the chances of the number 448 or 844 showing up at that particular moment.

Usually the event will effect only the people involved (skeptics & believers alike).

Once they happen you then have to take into consideration all the vast number of other 448 stories which that have been recorded and realize what I’ve always stated clearly to many…

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

Here’s what happened…

I should have known something strange was going to happen this night based on how it started out.

The plan was to go to the CMRC Banquet with my good friend & work assistant Erica, who had worked all day @ Royal Distributing.

Erica had unfortunately forgotten a necessary item @ home and was going to be slightly late on our plans to meet in Royals Parking lot @ 4:30 pm.

I delayed my departure from home as well and we both connected on our cell phones as I drove into Guelph and we realized we were basically going to show up at the same time. I had however an overwhelming desire to get a coffee and changed our rendezvous location to the local Tim Horton’s. Even though Erica briefly tried to reason with me that I didn’t need a Coffee as we would in short order be at the Banquet…I was stubborn and said we’ll still meet @ Tim’s.

The strange part you ask?

When I pulled into the Tim Horton’s I went directly thru the Drive Thru and got my coffee, checked my cell phone and looked at the time and was shocked to see it was 4:48 pm! No sooner did I do this, did I look up to see Erica who I had missed seeing during my entrance. Even so I was able to pull up to Erica’s driver side window and quickly thrust out my cell phone so she could see we were meeting at exactly 4:48 pm.

Erica seemed unaffected as she has had enough 448 experiences to know this is a common occurrence if I’m involved. She quickly told me to follow her as our plans were to leave her car at her friend Crystals house which was close to the Banquet as Erica had other plans for later in the evening.

We were attending the 2007 CMRC Banquet to receive my awards for winning the +50 Ontario Provincial Series which was made up of 10 Races, 20 Moto, and my results included a 14 Moto win streak. I had just missed the podium position in the +40 Class as well having finishing 4th overall.
Not a bad accomplishment considering I was on my deathbed & hospitalized with a terrible bout of Ulcerative Colitis only a short 7 weeks before the 1st round began in early May.

The Banquet was held at a local Kitchener Bar called ZEKES and was packed as we unintentionally arrived fashionably late. There seemed to be no seats at all so we spent the next 45 minutes circulating the floor talking with all the fellow racers and their families and finally realized we needed a seat. Erica and I noted an open Booth with jackets lying in it but no people, who we assumed were just roaming around like we were.

Finally out of frustration I decided to be a rebel and take over the booth and chance dealing later with a possible confrontation, but it just never occurred. The booth was ours!

Within minutes of our acquisition, who should come by but Graeme from Two Wheel Motorsport, one of my Dealers & the very person Erica had expressed earlier she had hoped to hookup with but had yet to see as Graeme and his friends were even more fashionably late. We invited the group to join our newly acquired and rare area of seating, which they gratefully accepted. The night was set and dinner was soon to be served.

Introductions were the first order of protocol and true to form Graeme, introduced his friends to me and mentioned the fact that I’m the guy behind the JAGG448 stickers that are apparent on a fair number of bikes throughout the Race Pits.

Jason the young fellow who sat next to me was a Racer supported by Two Wheels and asked me what the Get Connected JAGG448.com was all about.

That’s when it started!

Not one to shy away from the controversial nature of my website, I was prepared to explain the site to Jason and no sooner had I begun and Graeme piped in that you better get ready as… “Jagg is involved in a Cult that regularly performs animal sacrifices and worships Aliens and their UFO’s”…hahaha!

This was an expected and a typical retort from Graeme who I consider a good friend. Lets just say Graeme is somewhat skeptical of the “paranormal”. The jesting is all in fun and is usually good natured. I remained undaunted and proceeded to explain my website and questioned Jason on his beliefs, as it was brought to my attention that Jason was of the Christian faith and his father was a Pastor in a local Orthodox Church.

The Challenge was on and without giving all the details lets just say the conversation was deep and interesting and interspersed with Graeme’s joking ridicule.

Dinner was soon served and the Host of the Event “Brett Lee” and MX PRO/ TV Personality & Sports commentator “Ryan Gauld” began the nights Awards Ceremonies which went off without a hitch.

When the awards were completed we all went back to our individual conversations and when the waitress brought our bill it wasn’t long before Graeme started up again.

“Watch for Jagg’s bill, he chirped as it probably has a 448/844 somewhere on it!”

I smiled and check but no such circumstance as I showed everyone present the receipt & stated that it must not be time for a 448 or 844. It was then that we all got up from the Booth and went our separate ways.

It was just at this moment that Brett Lee came up to me as and asked a favor, and requested my presence at another table. There was a 14 year old, ace ATV Champion named Tyler Summers and his coach that wanted to meet me. I wasn’t sure why they wanted too, but Brett just said… If I would do it, it would mean a lot to him… so off I went.

After spending a good 20 minutes at the table, I came to know Tyler Summers, who was this very smart boy and I was impressed to see, had Championship credits to his name over the previous 6 years. Tyler had raced ATVs & Dirt Bikes as well since he was 5 years old. I also met his mentor/coach and learned that Tyler had been supported by Motovan. They both expressed thankfulness for the deals they had received through their local Dealer.

Then the subject of Royal Distributing came up and how they expressed how they were interested in… “Getting Connected with Royal Distributing”

Now whether they already knew this or not I explained how I was very much connected with Royal. By this time I was impressed enough with Tyler to offer my assistance. His Coach and I decided to exchange business cards and for some strange reason the Coach couldn’t find his cards which he said he had just had them earlier in the evening.

As hard as he searched he couldn’t find them and eventually as I patiently waited, finally out of frustration grabbed a piece of paper off the table and quickly scribbled his name and phone number on the back. The coach handed it too me and I immediately put it in the plastic bag that held all that was part of my awards for the +50 Title.

This included an embroidered Jacket, MX apparel, Gift certificates and more!

We said our goodbyes and I assured them that during my visit to Royal the following Monday I would pass on their nicely done resumes to the Owner John Mochrie.

By this time Graeme and our table crew had already left and the restaurant began to empty. Other than a few more conversations with the many I knew there I too decided to leave myself and said my goodbyes to Erica as she had other plans for the remainder of the evening.

Now the story moves forward about 36 hours later to the following Monday and near the end of my workday @ Royal that saw the culmination of this 448/844 Story…

After unloading a pile of samples I was selling to Royal, I saw the bag from the Banquet still in the Van as I had left it and decided I was going to bring the acquired Pants and Jersey into Royal to see if I could instigate an exchange since the sizing of the pants were 36 and I take a 32. (Ok 34 sometimes!).

Well this is where it all began!

I picked up the bag from the wrong end by mistake and all the contents fell onto the Van floor and the first thing I see is this piece of paper float down to the carpet and its staring right at me with my number backwards ($8.44) plainly in view on a receipt that came from the Zekes Feed & Fuel Restaurant, the location of the CMRC Banquet!

I was immediately stunned as I was unaware of any receipt I had since the one at our table was for over $25.00 and I couldn’t figure out where this came from.

I actually in my excitement and due to the 36 hour time delay forgot about the missing business card aspect of my meeting with the Coach. I had also upon leaving the restaurant had a final encounter with the Father and the young lady Katie Mckerrol who had won 1st place in the Ladies division. I’m not sure why but for some reason I thought the name & number on the back of the $8.44 receipt was from them. It would later turn out that I was wrong!

I then went into Royal and to make a long story short I showed the receipt to Scott Spark, who as most people who know me are quite familiar with my 448 Stories. I then proceeded to tell him about how much I had been teased @ the Banquet and to now find this receipt was to me extremely bizarre. He agreed in his usual way with a rolling of the eyes at the beginning as I know Scott is somewhat skeptical as well, but he did acknowledge it was indeed weird.

Then at that moment Scott got called out of the Office and who should immediately walk in but the owner John Mochrie who was my next job to inform about the desires of the Coach and the young racer Tyler.

Since John saw that Scott and I had been in this discussion about the receipt I brought him up to speed as well since John is also fully aware of my 448/844 stories and upon hearing the story put his arm on my shoulder and said he needed to hook me up with another DSM who will remain nameless. I asked him why and he proceeded to tell me about the DSM’s girlfriend who made some incredible claims that to be honest left me a little skeptical as well. I assured John though that I would follow this story up and lets just say it had to do with UFO’s.

Again this conversation with John would have never come up if it were not for the $8.44 receipt. We then discussed the young racer Tyler Summers and he told me to research more and get back to him on my findings as he was impressed himself with Tyler’s resume.

I then thought to myself, I have to show the $8.44 receipt to Mark Fries another one of the buyers and a very open minded and sympathetic follower of my 448 Stories. Mark was indeed impressed considering the circumstances involved after hearing about my night of ridicule.

I then told him about what John had said to me about the story conveyed by the other DSM and he was shocked at this and proceeded to tell me about other attributes of this DSM’s girlfriend that blew me away and re-confirmed that when the opportunity presents itself I’m going to get to the bottom of these stories by talking directly to the DSM in question. Again this whole discussion would have never occurred without the $8.44 Receipt Story.

Now it gets even more Bizarre…

Upon leaving Royal my mind was racing over how this $8.44 receipt had shown up when it did and how now the results had affected most of my key contacts @ Royal.

I thought to myself, I had to call my friend Anne who has an amazing series of stories herself that in-compass the last 8 months of incredible influences caused by the 448/844 experiences. I had to call her and I did…

Normally Anne always picks up when you call her cell phone but this time she didn’t, even though I felt that based on the time she should have been available but she wasn’t.

( really though she was!! But another bizarre series of events occurred @ the same time of my call).
I then immediately noticed that my main odometer was @ 318,840.0KM. I thought to myself… you watch she’ll call back and I’ll be telling her the $8.44 receipt story when my odometer hits 318,844.0
Here’s what happened…

While Anne was driving home from work in her new Saturn SUV with her kids in the back my call had come but she never heard the ring (she couldn’t explain that) and at the same time she had this intuitive thought that she didn’t know where her phone was and panicked thinking she might have left it at her place of employment. Before wasting any more time in case it was necessary to backtrack to her office, she wanted to make sure it wasn’t in the SUV. She quickly utilized or On Star SUV phone and called her cell and sure enough she could hear the ring as the phone was under a pile of coats. She looked at the phone and saw 2 missed calls.

One call was from On Star & the other one was from me. She called her messages and heard my urgent call and then immediately phoned.

Remember this all occurred as I drove only about 3K from when I made my initial call that she never heard.

Anne’s return call came into me when my odometer read exactly 318,843.1 KM.

I immediately said this was weird as now I’d be telling her the story while looking at 844 on the odometer!

It was to get even better than that!

Anne not knowing this yet proceeded to interrupt me and explained how it was weird that she didn’t hear my call and how she had got this panic urge to find her phone at that same moment and successfully used the On Star phone to locate it.

As soon as she finished her explanation, I watch the odometer and said 3…2…1 Ok.

“My Odometer is just now turned over and I’m looking at 318,844.0 KM’s and I’m going to tell you (Anne) the Story of the $8.44 Receipt!”

Needless to say Anne was impressed and we talked almost the whole drive home about the implications of why this was happening. Then it dawned on me that I had maybe made a mistake. I remembered the talk with the Coach @ the Banquet and the missing Business cards and the scrap piece of paper he had grabbed off the table! UGHHH!

Now it all made sense, yet I had given the wrong story to the guys at Royal as I had insinuated the note was from the Girl Racer Katie’s Dad. I’d have to correct it later.

I told Anne I had to go, so we agreed to talk after.

Now I had to call the name on the back of the $8.44 Receipt and see if I could confirm this was indeed the Coach’s name & number.

If it was I would be able to relay the good news that I had made the connection with Royal and they were interested in Tyler.

I made the call & it only rang a couple times before this man’s voice came on and said Hello!
I said “is this Jamie Turvey?” and the answer was yes, and I then said are you the coach of Tyler Summers? He said yes!

I replied its Allan Jaggard calling and he was immediately responded with an enthusiastic greeting like he was surprised I had called.

I said before we go any further I need to confirm with you how I have your name & number and I reminded him about the missing business cards and that I’ve got your name & number on the back of this $8.44 Receipt from Zekes. He confirmed he remembered signing the paper but not necessarily that it was a receipt.

I said it was and proceeded to ask if he was familiar with my Jagg448 website and my weird 448 Stories and he was unaware!

I then told him well I’ve got Good News and Weird News and proceeded to tell him the Good News of the Royal Connection and then the Weird News about how he had written his name & number on the $8.44 receipt and how it related to the Banquet night events that included the ridicule and joking about my number 448/844.

He was impressed and enthusiastically listened as I explained how he could go to my totally outdated website.

I’d said whether you like it or not you’ve been bitten by the 448 phenomena.

Jamie then kept saying how he couldn’t wait to get home to review my site and I gave him directions on what to look at and the motives behind the www.jagg448.com site and the sister site connected to it www.cosmicwarrior.com

Jamie then blew me away by telling me that he would even get his wife to review as well as she was interested in Metaphysical subjects and was currently involved in some correspondence course with some Organization based in California.

Ironically so is The Aetherius Society the Metaphysical organization to which I’m connected, which also is based in California and London England. www.aetherius.org .

I knew now that something crazy was beginning to develop. I had to stop at the local variety store in Erin to pickup some supplies and spent a fair bit of time in the parking lot talking with Jamie when I now noticed that my Trip odometer was sitting @ 544.3. So I just thought I’d mention to Jamie that I usually don’t accept anything but 448/ 844 right on the button but thought it was interesting that after I finished this call and picked up my supplies I would be looking at a 544.8 on my trip odometer on the 7 minute drive home to Belfountain.

It would turn out to be even more interesting than I expected!

I said my goodbyes to Jamie and agreed we’d be back in touch regarding the connection to Royal and possibly even Motovan with a support deal for Tyler.

I then went into the Variety Store and to say my mind was now racing would be an understatement!!
I then hopped back into my Van realizing Erica who was at my house already having taken my/our Dog “Duke” for a walk prior to our plans to go to our evening Aetherius Society Group meeting now only a couple hours away.

(Erica is a Full Member in the Aetherius Society as well).

In my haste to leave quickly I began the short drive home, but once away from the lights of Erin I quickly noticed I had forgotten to turn my headlights on and was now traveling in total darkness!
You’ve probably already guessed it…the moment I pulled the headlight switch my eyes were drawn immediately to my Trip Odometer and there it was… staring me in the face for what seemed like an eternity 544.8!

As you’re all aware it wouldn’t be an eternity as it was only the 1/10 of a kilometer possibility to see it at that moment!

Remember my comment from before… “timing is everything”.

Time had seemed to stand still for a moment and the effect on my mind was undeniable and literally brought a tear to my eye as I looked up and thanked whoever or whatever is behind my number 448 and its strange effect it has in bringing peoples attention to my Metaphysical Beliefs.

These beliefs are the result of my life long journey following my Yoga Master, Sir George King, and his organization The Aetherius Society which was purposely setup to expound these teachings. I’ve been involved since my mid teenage years and the discovery of The Aetherius Society was the culmination of a spiritual quest that began at the age of 14 after disillusionment with my Orthodox Christian upbringing. I classify my spiritual beliefs now as Universal and include all there is in creation as far as we know it.

By the way for those of you unaware, my Teacher Dr. George King was born in Yorkshire England, on Jan 23rd 1919 and passed away on…

July 12th 1997 @ 4.48am PST in Santa Barbara, California, USA

That is officially documented on the Aetherius Society website www.aetherius.org under the area “memorial” in the pages dedicated to Dr. George King.

As my Cosmic Warrior website www.cosmicwarrior.com states in the introduction this is my most profound 448 story ever.

The day I was called about my Yoga Masters passing came as a shock in itself, but there are no words to describe my feelings as I was told the “time” of his passing.

All my Family, friends and all my closest associates knew long before this pivotal event the established history I had with strange occurrences associated with my number 448.

For a better understanding, I originally got the number 448 back in 1972 from the address of the CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association) and it is still their same address today. I just picked that number as I thought it would look cool on my race bikes.

To have my Yoga Master who I had officially represented in Canada since I was 22 years old pass away at that time of 4.48 am PST left an indelible message in my mind.


Well I never have forgotten, and I have to say the number 448 or 844 has shown itself countless times in the last 10 years since SGK passed away and has always acted as an incredible “fishing lure” for me to expose people to the Metaphysical knowledge my Master channeled and recorded. This information is given for the benefit of all.

Information that he felt was so vastly important to convey to those who were… Ready.

To quote one of the sentences of Wisdom from The 12 Blessings my Teacher channeled in relation to the responsibility of transferring this knowledge to the searchers of truth it was stated as follows…
So they may see the Light in the midst of Light.

Some people ask me why the number if it originated as 448 shows itself also in its opposite form of 844 in my Stories.

I’ll answer with another aphorism of my Yoga Master, Sir George King in regards to Truth…

Quote: Truth is paradoxical and has two poles both positive and negative and it must in order to be balanced.

Sir George King was also famous for his statements about Truth when he stated…

Accepted or Rejected Truth IS…

In other words your accepting or rejecting of that which is Truth does not change its validity whatsoever, it just is!

I would also like to mention the 448’s were to continue over the next 24 hrs and created further stories which I have will document shortly.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And if tou take one step towards Truth… Truth will take two steps towards… You!

Thank You for taking the time to read this 448/844 Story!

May God Bless You All!

Allan Jaggard.

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