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The Business Card found in BMW with 448

(This story is related to the BMW)

My friend Chris once again was involved and we had made plans to have a day of cleaning and waxing our cars in my driveway and then try to squeeze in a viewing of the 2 hour Disclosure Project video.

Chris had a date with his girl friend later that night so we tried to time the day well. Upon completing the wax jobs on our vehicles I proceeded to deal with another detail I wanted fixed on the BMW. Behind the sun visor on the driver’s side was what I thought was a tattered sticker that gave instructions on how to take the top down. It turned out that Chris was sitting in the driver’s seat and he checked it out and said no, it’s a paper instruction sheet In a plastic pouch and just the paper was tattered so he pulled it out. We both noticed underneath the paper was a Business card of a salesman from a company called Auto Forum. Chris pulled the card out and received it but the shock came when he turned it over and on the back in handwriting was the number… 448!

Chris and I were literally in shock and pondered the significance of this latest experience but we knew we were short on time if we were to still view the Disclosure Video. We proceeded to watch this fascinating video but not without a couple of phone calls from Chris’s girlfriend coaxing him to get home and prepare for their night out. We managed to view the entire video and in a mad panic Chris who now was definitely late ran to his vehicle and I walked to his car to see him off. When Chris started the car I said goodbye and proceeded to go back in the house when I heard Chris yelling at me to return. I walked back in a hurry and Chris was yelling my clock is @4.48! I really didn’t believe him because the time was really around 6.00 pm but it turned out his clock had not previously been correct, and when I looked sure enough it showed 4.48. I watched it change to 4.49 and told him to go. What a weird day!

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