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2015 Holy Mount Adams Pilgrimage

Eight Days to Heaven


When the opportunity to perform an important task is at hand, it’s the correct attitude, determination and perseverance that are the required ingredients to bring about success.

Having fun while doing such a proposed task is not a negative thing, as long as the correct motive and attitude is held uppermost in your mind all throughout. It’s the end result that counts!

With this philosophy in mind, I made the decision in June, 2015 to attend the officially sanctioned Aetherius Society Pilgrimage to the Holy Mount Adams, in the beautiful Presidential Mountain Range in New Hampshire, USA, on July 22nd-25th.

The task proposed would be physically demanding, but I knew I could do it with the attributes mentioned in the initial paragraph of this story. How I would add that “Fun Factor” was my only concern, and it didn’t take long for me to come up with a solution!

I would book off holiday time and ride my BMW GS1200 Adventure bike. Done Deal!

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY, which would be impossible if you have read any of my 448 STORIES, you will only need a brief introduction as to why I document these events.

It’s not that I want to spend hours writing about my adventures or life circumstances, it’s really because I feel I have an obligation too!

For a few decades now, I have a definite belief that I’m assisted by some unknown outside influence that utilizes my number 448 and its mirror image 844 to allow me to spark up conversations with unsuspecting souls, informing them of my spiritual & metaphysical concepts, that are a result of the teachings of my chosen Yoga Teacher, Dr. George King D.D.

I’ll start off with a bang here and make clear a couple of important facts…

Way back in 1972 I chose the number 448 @ the tender age of 16, for the racing number displayed on my motocross bikes. The 448 was taken from the address of the Canadian Motorcycle Association.

My Spiritual & Metaphysical concepts that you will be exposed to in this text were acquired over decades of research. My quest began in 1970 after being disillusioned by a failure to acquire logical answers from the Orthodox Church I attended, regarding two questions that troubled my young mind.

What happens after you die? What else is out there? As I pointed up to the star laden Heaven. These questions to my pastor were never clearly answered, so I would have to search for these on my own.

It took an awful lot of research over the years for the answers to come, but I can say that virtually all of the answers I needed and much more than I had asked for, were soon to be given as a result of discovering the Spiritual Yoga Teacher I have been devoted too for nearly 40 years, the renowned Western Master of Yoga, DR. GEORGE KING.

The bang I alluded to start this story off with is…

The Official Document released on the date of George Kings passing.

My Teacher, The Western Yoga Master GEORGE KING, passed away from this physical realm at the officially recorded time of 4.48am PDT, July 12th, 1997 in Santa Barbara, California, USA. My friends & Family all knew about the 448 so it really was a surprise to all to see this specifically recorded time.

From the instant I was informed, by an unexpected phone call, a wave of intuition swept over me…


It’s relevant that to know that since 1981, I have been and still am to this day the Official Canadian Publicity & Media Officer of Dr. George King’s unique organization,

THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY, which he founded in England in 1955. This after receiving a directive from Higher Sources. It’s my duty I believe, to pass on George Kings Important Message, in whatever way works and the 448 does work for me as an engaging tool. So it’s my obligation I believe to “Just Do It” when the opportunities come.

Close-up of the 4.48 a.m.

So the plans were set and with less than three weeks to the departure date, my good friend Dan Mair during a visit to my home in Belfountain, Ontario, heard of my planned ride and immediately offered to join me. Dan is aware of my Spiritual Concepts & a firm believer in my 448 Anomaly and has stories of his own related to the 448. Although not involved directly in any way with my Spiritual activities, Dan is an open-minded individual and most definitely my longtime riding partner in the realm of off-road riding. Dan had recently just got into Adventure Riding with the purchase of a new 1190 KTM ADV and this had been what he had been waiting for! A chance for the two of us to get together for a long distance ride. This had yet to occur due mainly to the fact that most of my long distant rides are with my fiancé Anne Coleman who in this particular case was unable to make the trip.

So let’s get this trip started!

Due to the scheduling involved it was possible for Dan & myself to attend the July 19th, 6th Round of the CMRC ROCKSTAR MOTOCROSS NATIONALS, in Sand Del Lee which is about 35 minutes south of Ottawa. The planned rendezvous for the OFFICIAL MOUNT ADAMS PILGRIMAGE was for Tuesday evening of July 21st In New Hampshire, so this offered us both at least 4 days of riding and we laid out our plans. It was agreed that once I separated from Dan on the following Wednesday morning to make the ascent up Mount Adams, this could well be the extent of our trip together. As it turned out that’s exactly how it would happen. Dan left on his own back to Ontario the following day.

Since there is a motive behind this 448 Story to perform my duties of spreading the GOOD WORD of my Teachers message, I will now state the following claim for all to take into their contemplations…


The Three Words in RED are the three words my Teacher DR. GEORGE KING stated clearly have no logical meaning and should be stricken from all known languages on EARTH! They just can’t exist!

Now let’s start with a picture that depicts an image of a piece of paper Dan was physically handed, two nights before our departure when he was attending a 40th Anniversary Dinner & Banquet event in Simcoe, Ontario. Over 700 people were in attendance and each would be given a Meal Ticket upon entering and here’s Dan’s Ticket…

448 TicketDan Texted me this picture immediately, but to be quite honest, I was so busy getting all my climbing gear organized I didn’t even respond. Dan then later called me after the event and was literally still in shock saying repeatedly… How’s this even possible? What are the chances? I just can’t believe it!

Dan was just totally thrown off by this seemingly impossible COINCIDENCE! I knew though it wasn’t!

I then tried to reason with Dan and quite calmly asked,” Why are you so surprised?” Your literally just days away from spending time with me Dan. I stated that whether you’re participating in the Official Pilgrimage or not, you’re still connected and will be involved in all the events leading up to it.

Who knows what more crazy events might be destined to occur!

This ticket, in my humble estimation, was not by Chance Luck or Coincidence!

My intuition felt it was an Omen of Things to come for you & a Sign to me to be prepared!

I must admit that Dan didn’t agree with me at the time, as he just kept saying “It’s just CAN”T BE”

So this all occurred on the Wednesday night and the following day I would travel to Orangeville in the morning to pick-up my Hiking Boots that were in for repairs. I also had to drop off the Official Document of George Kings passing for the purpose of having it framed. A job I had neglected to do for nearly 18 Years!


Was it just LUCK that a 20% Off Framing Special had just started this very day? I wasn’t surprised!
It was also interesting to note, that when George King passed away @ 4.48am PDT it was 7.48am EDT for me. So look at the numbers showing on my SPRINTER VAN TRIP ODOMETER after dropping in to this establishment to leave the pictured document for Framing. Chance? Coincidence? Luck? Your call!

Later that Thursday evening I went as planned to my Aetherius Society Toronto Groups location to drop off my fully loaded Hiking Pack. My associates would transport this pack for me which was greatly appreciated. I then participated in a special practice session for a very important mission we’re striving to have officially at The Toronto Group of The Aetherius Society called Operation Prayer Power. You can learn about this Mission by researching this link.

Odometer 448When I finished our 3 practice sessions I then drove the 35 minutes back to my Belfountain home. I was feeling good that all was coming together for the Trip. So imagine how surprised I was when I pulled into my driveway to then notice where my SPRINTER VAN TRIP ODOMETER would sit in my driveway for the entire time I’d be away. This was quite shocking even to me!

For added effect, I would have this 448 image to greet Dan with when he arrived sometime Friday.
Definitely a 448 Story was beginning to bloom!

The next morning was Friday and it didn’t look promising as it was now raining extremely hard.

I knew that Dan was hoping to arrive early as we had planned to do some definite prep to install a new SENA S20 & 10C communication & camera system on our helmets in order to record the trip.

Personally I’m not afraid to ride in the rain nor is Dan, but I just thought that it was raining so hard that Dan for sure wouldn’t come till it let up and the forecast called for it to be this way all day!

Well much to my surprise who shows up mid-morning but Dan, and he’s soaked to the bone!

After warming him up with a hot coffee I got back to my work and Dan spent the remainder of the afternoon lounging around the house waiting for me to finish the many things I had to do to prepare for being off work for 10 days!

The goal was to leave the next morning and that’s just what happened and the Weather Devas shone brightly upon us as the weather was PERFECT! So here’s a collage of our amazing back roads ride all the way to OTTAWA to attend the Sand De Lee Round of the CMRC ROCKSTAR MOTOCROSS NATIONALS!


The CMRC ROCKSTAR NATIONAL EVENT was everything we had hoped it to be. Besides the incredible racing we witnessed there was another interesting meeting that needs to be briefly expressed.

During the half time intermission I was surprised to run into an old friend from Mississauga who just happened to be there. It was Tony Deacon who is the father of Adam Deakon an ex-pro motocross Racer I used to help out. Tony’s greeting upon seeing me at the VIP Rockstar tent was classic Tony! I must preface this meeting by saying Tony is an extremely vibrant and enthusiastic character! I was immediately greeted with a big Tony Bro Hug, while he exclaimed out loud to his friends “Hey, it’s JAGG Man, MR 448! JAGG MAN, MR 448” was all Tony could say over and over again.

Tony then introduced me to his 3 friends who were fellow Bicycle riders and the 4 of these guys just happened to be in Ottawa for the weekend for a good friends Birthday Party. Well the reason I bring this surprise meeting up is due to the result of Tony’s enthusiastic introduction.

You see Tony’s friends were intrigued by what the MR 448 was all about and to make a long story short, they got a very quick & brief overview, as I explained the anomaly of my 448 Number. Plus to back it all up I had the pictures on my Blackberry of the pictures relating to the 448 and The Official Document of George Kings passing, which I carefully presented and then invited them to check out my website to discover more. Well I’ve now since heard back from Tony since my return and he claims I may hear from some of his buds in the near future as they supposedly did check out my website and the information therein and they found it all very interesting.

I only wish I’d update that website as it hasn’t been touch in many years since now I focus more on the writing of these 448 Stories. The site will however lead you a much more important site that I’ll ask you to investigate when you can: www.aetherius.org

So after bidding farewell to all my CMRC associates, Dan & I then prepared our bikes and ventured back to Highway 416 south with an intent to reach Cornwall in order to cross the border into the USA the next morning.

When we arrived in Cornwall we found a very nice hotel, went for a really great dinner and it was here that the conversation eventually led to the subject of The Aetherius Society. Without giving the details, let’s just say Dan got exposed to more than he’s ever heard before as I fully explained the purpose behind the Official Pilgrimage which is a result of a 3 year Mission performed by my Teacher, DR. GEORGE KING between July 23rd 1958 and August 23rd 1961. For your own education please follow this link and discover the amazing purpose behind this Mission referred to as OPERATION STARLIGHT.

By the time Dan & I got into our Room it wasn’t long before at least I was fast asleep. Dan who has problems getting to sleep was amazed at how I was out like a light and snoring like a banshee! On top of that he said he never saw me change position ever until I awoke in the morning. Sorry Dan! LOL
After a great breakfast buffet that was included with the room, we packed up again and rode the less than 5KM’s it was to the border crossing. Now just to set the tone for the day, I’m elated to report this fact that I’ll just have to rely on Dan here to be my witness as a photo I do not have.

We gradually approached the final stop light at an intersection literally a 1000 yards from the customs booth and with myself leading and standing on the foot pegs Off-Road Style a car to my left approached the intersection simultaneously. I balanced on the spot for a moment and waved the fellow ahead with a courteous hand signal and he took advantage of the offer.

With our Sena S20 Headset communicators on, Dan & I were already bantering back & forth about preparing for the crossing, when I was immediately shocked and exclaimed to Dan, “Check out the plate on the car I just let in!” It was a 448 and we would follow this vehicle directly to the CUSTOMS BOOTH. That was super cool and Dan once again seemed blown away by the timing again, as it occurred at this critical point in the journey. It was if the 448 just guided us into the USA, and we breezed through customs without a hitch. As I have joked with many over the years I always say…
If there’s a 448 then… All Will Be Great!

Now the real riding was about to begin as we were shortly to head into the Adirondack National Forest for a glorious supply of twisty roads, the like of which, all adventure riders crave!

We weren’t to be disappointed as the remainder of the day was amazing, as hour upon hour clicked by, we worked our way through New York to the fast east border to cross on the Ferry to Burlington Vermont! It was a treat to be sure and the ferry ride was even crazy in that we literally arrived exactly on time to board the craft and within 2 minutes set sail for the hour-long cruise!

When you’re traveling the right path, I believe all will work smoothly, and I knew we were on one!


Now I should condition that statement above by saying all things will go smoothly as long as one does not do anything stupid and the next photos will take to you to a point about 3 hours ahead in time when both Dan and myself did do something that, well… I guess I can’t put it any other way than, something stupid!


Dan & myself were tagged by a Vermont State Trooper. Let’s just say it was expensive!

On a lighter note, and one totally related to the 448 anomaly, take a look at this pic. I’ve now just recently paid the fines and couldn’t believe that the receipt came in an e-mail about 10 minutes later and look at what time the payment was accepted in Military Time… 14HR.48seconds!!!

Well the lesson was learned and we both dropped our speed down a notch or two. Believe me though, our eyes were like hawks for the remainder of the ride, paranoid of unmarked State Trooper cars for the remainder of the night! A really nice dinner was our consolation about an hour later, and soon after once back on the bikes, we passed into New Hampshire. A slightly scary night ride took us through some crazy detours, passing motel after motel that were now closed for the night or already booked full. We finally got very LUCKY (oops, I forgot that’s not possible!) and found a really nice hotel just before midnight.


Notice anything interesting regarding a certain 3 NUMBERS within the phone # of this ONLY hotel with a vacancy? Just checking if you’re still paying attention! LOL.

So after another great hotel stay and a hearty breakfast in the morning, Dan and I were only an hour or so away from our destination so once again we didn’t hesitate to get back on the road.

The Mount Jefferson View Cabins was our goal to check-in and then head to Mount Washington to ride the infamous Road to the Summit.


After a very interesting chat with the lovely South African lady owner named Emmy we then proceeded into the town of Gorham. Riding slowly we made our way about 8 miles southwest to Mount Washington and enjoyed an amazing ride to this famous summit top which is about 6,300 ft into the unpredictable atmosphere where over the years many have lost their lives due to the unpredictable weather. I had told Dan the stories and little did we realize it at this point but we were soon to experience it for ourselves!


The photos below were taken within 20 minutes of each other!


From blue skies to driving rain, dense fog & hail pellets, with 60+ MPH winds all within minutes!

The ride down the Mount Washington Summit Road was scary to say the least! We were happy to head back to the safety of the Mount Jefferson View Cabins and greet the arrival of the other Pilgrims!


As Dan and I arrived back into the parking lot I immediately recognized a couple of familiar faces, that being the Rev. David Capraro, Organizer of the Michigan Branch and the Rev. Paul Nugent of the Los Angeles, Aetherius Society Headquarters. Both were working away unloading their van and I rode confidently standing up on the foot pegs directly to within inches of my good friend David! I’m not sure David knew for sure it was me with my dark face shield down, but within seconds all of us were engaged in welcoming greetings and Dan was introduced for the first time as well. Joining Paul Nugent on this pilgrimage was his lovely wife Yuriko who I had never met before. This was the start of the soon to be 11 Pilgrims arriving, all of whom had journeyed significant distances to partake in this most important task. By dusk all arrived safely and exhausted from the long drive, most would retire early.


The next morning would come quickly and the plan was to be at the mountain base between 8-9 am.


I joked with the Rev David Capraro (the tall one in the picture to the right) at around 6.30 am that I caught this picture seen to the left, of David going through the Initiation of Ascension after doing his morning breathing practices behind his cabin. I must admit though he didn’t seem that amused as I could tell he was anxious about the grueling hike the Pilgrims were soon to embark on. David I believe was feeling the pressure a bit that all the pilgrims would make it safely to the top. Some of whom were making this climb for the very first time. All in varying degrees of physical condition I might add. David explained in the talk pictured above that no one should under-estimate the difficulty of the climb, while reminding us all that this Mountain was climbed by DR. GEORGE KING on March 15th, 1960 in extremely difficult conditions, with 20 ft of snow, on snow shoes, in order to successfully be used as a channel for highly charged Spiritual Energies.

Mount Adams he emphasized is a HOLY MOUNTAIN!

Respect It! Keep your mind focused to the task at hand, and most importantly take responsibility for any pilgrim that is behind you, as we didn’t need anyone taking a wrong trail and ending up lost! As the sign half way up the Valley Way Trail states people have died on this Mountain even in the summer! A group prayer was then given and it was verbally announced that at 9.10 am we were on our way. Now since I just mentioned the time we embarked on the trek up The Valley Way Trail, I will also mention that I also quickly told David that I noted something interesting. That being that we had all virtually pulled into the parking lot at the base of the trail at… you guessed it…

8.44 AM. Just Saying…

This is what climbing The Valley Way Trail looks like at the beginning on the easy parts! The hike is difficult if you’re not in the best of shape (like yours truly) and I’ve heard of some highly trained runner/hikers who can make the ascent to the Madison Hut in as short as 1 hr 45 minutes. The average hiker will take over 4-5 hrs and some in our group took nearly 6 hrs!

Can you guess how long I personally took to reach the Madison Hut?

I must mention that I wasn’t the one who did the timing, as this was brought to my attention as I stepped onto the Hut Patio by a very observant person who was literally shocked by the occurence!

This person was the REV. PAUL NUGENT and has offered to testify to anyone this fact…

I left with the entire group at the announced time of 9.10am and according to Paul’s watch I stepped onto the MADISON HUT Patio at 1.58 pm… You do the math!


Is that not crazy? Well regardless as to whether it is or not… TRUTH IS!





The Madison Hut is truly an Oasis to weary hikers after a long day on the trails.

Or as in our particular case, a long day of performing services of prayer for world peace and healing.


The above collage gives you an idea of what a special place the Holy Mount Adam is. More important is the spiritual opportunity available to all mankind!

There are a total of 19 HOLY MOUNTAINS around the world and each is different and unique onto its own and yet in reality they are all connected. It is said by the higher intelligences who cooperated with DR.GEORGE KING to complete this grueling Mission, that any pilgrim in these days who is willing to put out the effort to climb to any of these 19 Holy Mountains may now invoke Spiritual Energies equal to that only possible to be invoked by a highly trained Yogi Adept prior to this grueling 3 year MISSION OPERATION STARLIGHT having been performed. A Spiritual Dream Come True!


As the Great Yogi Adept, DR. GEORGE KING clearly stated…

“The Real Energy Crisis on the EARTH today is the SPIRITUAL ENERGY CRISIS”

So to those of us who care to do something about it, the OPPORTUNITY is majestically rising from the MOTHER EARTH right before our eyes.

Maybe One Day When the Time Is Right You Will Join Us!

Creating Your Own Spiritual Adventure!





A few points of interest to add to this story, I feel are required in order to make some points that can benefit all readers.

I never included in the Eight Days to Heaven Story the details about the return home trip, which in itself was a story, not only for me, but was for Dan as well with his earlier departure.

Now I’ll admit that Dan’s trip home story may be more hilarious, but I believe what I have to report here, is more suitable for those looking to get what my stories are intended for, to learn something that may prove to be helpful.

I will however state that Dan’s story involved another run in with the Law, this time in New Hampshire, but fortunately due to the prevailing circumstances, the State Trooper let him off.

He may not have though, if he had known about our other antics together in Vermont!

To get to the point, I want to say that upon my return into Canada, I once again had an experience synonymous to that which Dan & I had seen entering the USA. A vehicle with 448 on the license plate coming through Customs into the USA, just as I was entering back into Canada. Again I just breezed through my interrogation!

After a long beautiful ride back, I arrived home on the Sunday evening into the loving arms of my fiancé Anne, and my mind already knew that a 448 Story was due to be written.

You have to jump forward now to the week of August 3rd before I could bring myself to this somewhat difficult task, that seems to involve staying up all night in order to get the required words onto my laptop Word Document. I tried on Tuesday August 4th but procrastinated, caught up with some television shows that led me to falling asleep on the couch! Yet another day was wasted.

On Wednesday August 5th I had to attend the Final Hour Service at my Aetherius Society group for the marking of the end of the present Spiritual Push Period from 7-8 pm.

Go to this link to learn the significance of a SPIRITUAL PUSH PERIOD…

Spiritual Pushes

Rushing to meet this obligation, driving from my Royal account in Guelph, I was surprised to arrive in our Parking Lot with my Sprinter Van “Trip OD” approximately 1.3 KM shy of reading 448 KM.

Realizing that I could never purposely create a 448, I resigned to the fact that maybe something would occur later, and as you’ll see it did.

After Two very powerful Services of The Twelve Blessings: go to this link to learn what this is all about… http://12blessings.org/ I left the Service with Anne, who thought I would be interested in going out to one of our favorite local restaurants. I had to decline. I told Anne I had to get back to my home and get to work on my story! Anne I could see was disappointed, but I knew that she understood. So off I went thinking to myself, tonight’s the night, no excuses, get to work!

It was then I remembered that I’d soon have the 448 on my Sprinter Trip OD and thought to myself, I should take a picture of it when it comes up which was in a couple blocks. So I grabbed my BlackBerry and immediately noticed I had a message from Dan, but by now I needed to get to the camera mode to get the desired picture. I was thinking that as soon as I got the picture, I would immediately call Dan and tell him that I was ironically calling him with a 448 on my Sprinter TRIP OD, and that tonight I would be working on the Story.

You may say, that’s purposely creating a 448 event… You’d be correct!

Until I tell you what happened as soon as the picture was taken, just as I came to the first stop light after having left the Group.

One car was in front of me and after getting a clear picture of the 448 on the Sprinter, I looked up, shocked to see the car license plate in front of me was BNTV 448…Holy !@##. The light then turns green and the car speeds away, and I’m thinking I have to get a picture, but it just doesn’t work as I can’t seem to get close enough. I tried 3 times and each shot was blurred! Then at the next light the car turns right and is gone. Disappointed, my mind went back to the letters of the plate and it came to me immediately, the intuitive message that came to me was Best No TeleVision 448…exactly what I had been thinking to myself.

You see, I must admit that I’m a bit of a NIGHTLY NEWS REPORT addict, and even this I thought could not be allowed to occur. I had received my message loud & clear!

Following through with my previous plans, I got on the cell immediately to call Dan, and as is usually the case, Dan doesn’t answer. A little frustrated thinking, Dan can’t you at least activate your voicemail so I can leave you a message? Typical thinking from someone as impatient as I am. Something I’m constantly trying to work on, regarding this flaw in my character!

I felt Anne needed to be called immediately, as I wanted to report the crazy synchronicity of my 448 TRIP OD photo with the car directly in front of me and the failed attempt to record the photo.

Anne answered her cell immediately as she was now driving home. I proceed to tell her about how I thought it was odd that the 448 hadn’t showed up at the group meeting parking lot, and that’s when Anne interrupted me, and stated that the same thing happened to her!

Whaaaaaaat! I exclaimed in bewilderment!

Then Anne proceeded to replicate my story of how she just had the 448 on her Trip OD in the last few minutes.

That’s So Crazy, I said!!!

I have to admit, I almost didn’t believe her, and then as if to test the authenticity of her claim, I said, “Well what’s on your Trip OD now?” and that’s when I was blown away! The digits she called out to me were the exact ones I was seeing with my own eyes on my TRIP OD! That was incredible synchronicity! I just couldn’t understand how that was possible, as here we were driving in separate vehicles at 60-70 KM an hour in two different directions! We were both really stunned by this happening, but in one way really not surprised. Hey it’s a 448!

After my call to Anne, I felt bad for negatively thinking about Dan never answering his phone, for if he had… this experience with Anne would have never occurred! Again as crazy as these circumstances may seem, you may be asking yourself… what’s the point? Well…


When things are happening in your life the way they should, you’re travelling the correct path, you’ll see circumstances like this, when everything just falls into place in ways that may seem shocking or uncanny.

It immediately reminded me of a statement that the Rev. Paul Nugent made on Mount Adams one night as he was telling stories about his time spent with the Master George King. (Paul was a personal aid to the Master GK and was actually holding one of his hands supported by the Rev. Brian Kniepp who was holding the other, when the Master passed away). Brings a tear to my eye just writing this…

Paul’s story on the Mountain contains the intended MESSAGE of this EPILOGUE…

While performing numerous tasks around the Master George King one day in the very location in Santa Barbara, where he spent his final days, Paul was frantically rushing around in a tizzy for the Master to see.

The Master yelled out to Paul, stopping him in his tracks.

What are you doing Paul? What’s the Rush? There’s ONLY GOD’S TIME, ITS ALREADY HAPPENED!
Now I don’t expect everyone is going to understand completely the meaning of this statement and why the Master said this to Paul. A simple well-known aphorism I know of says it as well…


In other words Time is an allusion, and really everything is happening in the NOW. So just slow down, do the job required proficiently, allocating the proper time for preparation and performance, then all will go smoothly. In the meantime your problems will not be solved while you’re running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

The Masters have stated that you’re not put in this classroom called EARTH to suffer, you’re here to learn from your experiences of which there are many.

Those who succeed best at this task of learning from their experiences are those who hone their awareness, and keep all their senses about them.

I mean all your senses, not just the few that ordinary man uses!

Go to this link below to learn how you can develop these extra senses by study & application of the wisdom within these pages…

Realize Your Inner Potential

My point is to say, watch what goes on around you, take notice of the daily signs and flow to your life. When you’re going the right direction, all should flow smoothly.

Watch for the signs of synchronicity and if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my life, make sure you allocate some time to perform SELFLESS SERVICE to others.

Watch how your life can change for the better. This may be done in whatever way you’re inspired to do so, as there are numerous ways in which to SERVE!

As one of the great Cosmic Masters once stated through the unique Medium-ship of DR.GEORGE KING…



Selfless Service will without a doubt, help you to mold your life so that it becomes one of great accomplishment & gradually free of suffering.

Another beautiful aphorism from one of the Cosmic Masters, referring to your individual life pattern stated…

You’ve been told many times… “You came not be a Slave of the basic Karmic Wheel, but to be a Master of it’s Every Revolution.

The Master Aetherius

I’d like to end this epilogue with another example of synchronicity that just happened a couple of hours ago…

This epilogue, you’re reading was inspired by my Mother Mary Jaggard, who thought that the concepts I’ve alluded to in this epilogue should be added.

It was then, immediately after this discussion that I came to the computer to begin to write this epilogue on Saturday August 8th, 2015. When the Google Home Page opened up on my screen…
Look what I should see…

An artist drawing of MONT BLANC one of the 19 Holy Mountains of the World, charged in the Mission we refer to as… OPERATION STARLIGHT.


How Ironic!

Information below taken from the HOLY MOUNTAINS OF THE WORLD book pictured at the end of My Story… Eight Days to Heaven!

“Le Nid d’Aigle is the name of a huge rocky ledge that became the charged spot on Mont Blanc approximately 8,700 feet in elevation, overlooking the Chamonix Valley in France.”

To quote William Shatner…”IS THAT WEIRD… OR WHAT?”

Nothing Happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

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