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The 448 House Episode

This story is so long & involved that it would take too much time to explain in actual detail, so I will present this story in point form. It shows how it seems to be that I was guided to purchase my current home in Belfountain, Ontario. I also feel I was protected from a potential purchase that may have resulted in some serious expensive problems afterwards.

At every key point in this experience a 448 would show itself either in a forward or backward form.

  1. March 31, 2003 – went to driveway to pickup empty recycle bin. Lying in the bottom was the most current edition of Resale Homes magazine. Why was that in the empty box? Did my landlord lady leave it to give me a subtle hint to move?
  2. I then drove to my 9pm Aetherius Society meeting. My girlfriend Erica & I reviewed magazine while driving & we were attracted to a house within magazine. After debating aggressively whether to make an appointment, a car drives by at that moment & the license plate read “APPT 448”. We both felt the “APPT” meant short form for appointment.
  3. We called listing agent & after making the “appt” we hung up the phone & the call ends at 8:44 pm precisely.
  4. Met at Georgetown office next morning and van trip odometer reads 084.4 parked in driveway.
  5. Commented on beautiful home on magazine front cover. Turned out to be in the area. Drove 10 mins to “Stewarttown”. Odometer reads 215,448.5 as we pulled into driveway.
  6. We viewed home a second time & gave message of intent to make offer. Paperwork was prepared & signed at Johnson & Associates office next day. Trip odometer reads 144.8 in driveway.
  7. Told real estate agent “Anna” my 448 stories & she is impressed. A bigger shock was about to come.
  8. On the day the offer is submitted I went to my lawyers to get his opinion & the bottom line is after an unbelievable amount of delays the offer comes back & is accepted at exactly 4:48pm, as it was displayed on the digital fax readout which I had the secretary announce out loud to witness.
  9. A mistake was discovered by secretary upon review. The seller forgot to sign!! Correction was made by my agent Anna who drove to seller to get it done. I was driving home at the time she called to confirm. As phone rang my eyes were drawn to the trip odometer – 244.8
  10. Two days later my mortgage was approved. Trip odometer reads 344.8 in bank parking lot.
  11. Then the house inspection reveals a 30-50k basement dry rot problem.
  12. Upon this knowledge, we went in with lower offer. Later on, while driving, I started worrying whether I would be able to afford this house and immediately a car drove past me with the license plate “ACFM 844”. The first thought that popped into my head was that it stood for “Allan can financially manage”.
  13. It turned out soon after that the offer was rejected. It wasn’t meant to be, but the story doesn’t end here.
  14. Met with Anna at the house to sign for the return of the deposit. Van clock reads 4:48 in front of Stewarttown house.
  15. About a week later (April. 13th) we were driving up Hwy #10 to a motocross race in Mono Mills. We were late as it was so we decided not to go and to turn onto the Forks of the Credit Rd instead for a nice scenic drive. Saw a nice house for sale and decided to call on it. We had Bill Owen (agent) paged and he ended up calling back at 4:48pm. We made an appointment to come see it for 7:30pm that night.
  16. The very next day we phoned at 4:48pm to make an appointment for a second viewing.
  17. Drove BMW to 6:30pm meeting. On the way up the odometer read 184448. The trip odometer reads 144.8 when we arrive in Belfountain. The odometer reads 184485 when we pull into driveway.
  18. To make a long story short, we made offer, it was accepted and we signed final papers on April 17th at the exact time of 8:44 pm as it is stated on the papers.
  19. On our drive home that night we pulled onto our street (Lorne Park Rd) and the trip odometer was at 244.8. What a nice way to wrap up the end of our house deal!

Overall the total number of occurrences that the 448 number showed itself was at least 17 times. These were all naturally occurring and not manipulated in any way. To whoever or whatever it was that was giving Erica and I this guidance throughout this very important process I would like to say …….Thank you!!

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