The 448 BMW3251

My friend Chris once again was involved in this set of events that saw me switch automobiles within 8 hours. Upon arriving at Mississauga Auto in Clarkson in my 318 BMW, Chris pointed out a fire engine red, ragtop, vintage 1987 525I BMW. He said “There’s the car you need.” I immediately defended my current car but agreed to take a look.
I got to the car first and immediately looked at the odometer and there it was staring in my face again …448. The trip odometer was where I saw it but it really read 244.8, but the 2 was blocked by the steering wheel spoke and all you saw from our perspective was 448. Chris laughed and said I guess were going to be test driving this one, Sure enough 8 hours later it was mine. Stranger things were yet to come.

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