The 448 Adventure With a Message



Now before anyone goes into shock over my title, let’s just say it’s intended as a joke and obviously a play on the traditionally regarded, although off times used, four lettered F word. It just seemed to be the key phrase that kept popping up throughout our experiences during our Annual Motorcycle Adventure, following the 2013 CMRC Monster Energy Canadian Motocross Nationals.

This year, my girlfriend Anne and I had two new BMW’s and a plan for a whole different experience!

Once again, for the third year in a row, our “Ponies” as Anne & I refer to them, were to be transported by the generosity of the owner, Andre Laurin, of The OTSFF Rockstar Motovan Yamaha Team.

Adventure Page 01 Image 0002
Adventure Page 01 Image 0003

Since this is a 448 Story I guess I should start with a picture of the vehicle I immediately pulled in behind while delivering the two BMW’s in my Fun Mover. This 448 occurred immediately after a Regional Motovan Sales Meeting and while delivering the bikes to the OTSFF Headquarters.

Here’s what happened…

After filling up with gas at a local Petro Canada, I was finally on my way! I first had to pull out of the station into bumper to bumper traffic! I attempted to pull into the roadway only to have the door shut on me, by this silver vehicle pictured below, who I felt should have let me in.

FOR FAWKE SAKES! I exclaimed.

When I pulled in behind this vehicle I saw what was now in front of me!

I then gave in to patience and realized… “All Was Good!

When I arrived at OTSFF building the first thing I noticed was that the Team Transport wasn’t there yet, so I just proceeded to unload. Before I was finished though Jim rolled in with the rig and before too long we were loaded & done!

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Adventure Page 03 Image 0001

Brand new Bikes & the Rockstar Team Rig… Anne & I we’re spoiled to say the least!

With the bikes loaded into the 53 ft Transporter, they were then expertly driven by Jim Burton, solo to beautiful, Nanaimo BC.

Our deepest appreciation is offered to Jim for his professionalism and care in insuring our trusty steeds arrived unscathed!

We also wish to thank the entire crew of the OTSFF ROCKSTAR TEAM, for dealing with this extra work. Especially after our departure upon completion of the Calgary round, when the OTSFF Staff, dealt with the loading and unloading of our bikes at the final Western Round in Edmonton.

As if they don’t have enough to deal with preparing for a National Motocross!

As I drove away from the OTSFF Headquarters, that Wednesday evening May 20th and proceeded to enter onto the 407 expressway I couldn’t help but think, our trip was really going to happen! It was then with these thoughts in mind that this pickup truck passed me to the left and I smiled as my eyes were drawn to the licence plate and my intuition spelled out the message…

AA 44872

Allan & Anne 448 (7 the spiritual digit that the number 448 equates too in numerology) & the 2 that meant the two of us were once again destined for another great trip.

I knew then and there, all was going to work out.

So 11 days later on May 31st, 2013 it was time for Anne and yours truly to begin our Adventure!

Anne was so wound up with excitement on the Thursday evening of May 30th she actually never went to bed that night. Anne stayed up right till it was time for us to leave her condo at 4 am in order to make our 7 am Air Canada flight.

Anne kept herself busy throughout the night, completing last-minute preparations, one task of which was a random transferring of files on her computer to an external hard drive. This was a necessary task in order to free up space so she could off-load the currently stored pictures on her camera.

Anne was shocked to see the transferring report on her computer and took a screen capture.

The number of items after the transfer was complete! You just can’t fake this stuff! LOL.

I had gone to bed as planned at 11 pm, so when 4 am came I was ready to go! Anne seemed ready to go too, despite the loss of a night sleep, but I knew this would come back to haunt her later on.

We made it to the airport parking at Terminal 1 and our excitement was building…

The next job was to check in on the Kiosk and what should pop up on the screen as we began the process! It was exactly 4:48 am, so how appropriate is that for this next important step?

We had to scramble to get this picture on my Blackberry! Again this was totally unexpected!

The flight was relatively uneventful until we arrived in Vancouver a few minutes ahead of schedule but to Anne & I we had arrived right on time! The plane rolled to a stop at…

8.44 am PST!

To those of you who know my 448 Stories you were probably wondering by now when the balancing 448 mirror image, the 844 would show itself. Well it was at this point of our safe arrival.

Now the short “puddle jumper” flight to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island was next and we had reached our destination!

Arriving at the Nanaimo Airport, we were picked up by my sister Lisa’s boyfriend John.

(Boyfriend at least for now, as you’ll soon find out!)

After a short chat with John before we got in the SUV, I discovered that a few key points were askew!

John who was to be the driver of the Marin Motorhome to all the 4 Western National MX Rounds was unaware of the fact that he was to partner up with the two young lads Mike & Kyle from OUTLAW PRODUCTIONS, the film, picture and video crew from my other employer MXP Magzine.

John didn`t seem too impressed with this unexpected twist.

Regardless we continued on to my sister Lisa’s residence. My sister lives in a very nice condominium on the second level of the wholesale business she manages MARIN BIKES CANADA.

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Adventure Page 07 Image 0002
Adventure Page 07 Image 0003

To make a long story short, let’s just say Lisa was happy to see us all arrive safely and it wasn’t long before I was able to bring up the subject of where Mike & Kyle fit into the plan. Well it seemed clear enough to Lisa that the situation with Mike & Kyle was a no-brainer, but I don’t think John was ever able to wrap his mind around the concept correctly. Let’s just end this part of the story and state that the Marin Motorhome made it to the Nanaimo National Round… BUT, then it never left the Island!


Well with one boyfriend eliminated out of the equation & my sister’s life to boot, we moved on to solve the real problem. Oh wait a minute did I mention John was the only one who knew how to, or was legal to drive the CLASS A MOTORHOME! This was about the stage that the ‘For Fawkes Sake’ comment really started to take hold! Usually this statement was also used with the comment Anne & my sister Lisa developed after the same trip last year, when the funny sarcastic line was… What Kind Of FAWKIN HOLIDAY Is This?

This comment was the result of me spending the first three days of the 2011 Holiday trying to complete my TAX RETURN! Anne had spent so much time lying in bed watching NETFLIX movies on her little iPhone, that Lisa was concerned that she would develop bedsores! LOL.

Do you see now how we could have developed this tendency towards the use of this slang term?

Well For Fawkes Sakes!

So to move on, we had a very successful weekend at Round 1 of the CMRC Monster Energy National Motocross Championships. The plans were now solidified as to how we were moving ahead.

Adventure Page 08 Image 0001
Adventure Page 08 Image 0003
Adventure Page 08 Image 0002

The Motor home was now out of the equation and Lisa’s right hand MARIN BIKES dude, Brad was now the designated driver to use the obviously much smaller MARIN VAN and tow the MARIN BIKES/MXP Magazines newly wrapped DEMO trailer to KAMLOOPS & CALGARY & EDMONTON.

One hitch… Lisa told me. Brads has no experience whatsoever in towing a trailer.

Well for Fawkes Sake I said…

No problem, I’ll teach him tomorrow in less than 20 minutes! I bragged.

Lisa said she already suggested that… Brad said NO!

What Kind Of FAWKIN HOLIDAY Is This!

Frustrated by this news, I then proceeded to Brad’s apartment next door where he was watching the Boston & Chicago Hockey Playoff game.

I then requested if I could talk to him, and Brad picks up the remote, and stopped the TV.

Look at the time he stopped it at!

Brad had only the year before in 2011 been exposed to my 448 Stories and as Chance, Luck & Coincidence would have it, Brad would be reminded of the 448 during a trip to Montreal in the same year.

Brad was surprised one day, while walking up to the door of some establishment he was visiting and 448 was on the door. Brad thought of me immediately and took a picture and texted me!

That was the YANG (448) & now seemed to be the time for the YIN (844).

Brad didn’t notice the time on the paused TV screen and neither had I, until during my sales pitch on how I could guarantee I would teach him how to drive towing the trailer. I felt I couldn’t have been more convincing and having now noticed the 844 on the screen, I used it to my advantage.

I said, Brad you know how you had that 448 experience in Montreal last year, and it made you feel good?

Yes, he said… so I retorted immediately, “Well this trailer training I’m offering you will be good as well.”

You know how I said the 448 & Its Mirror Image 844 is ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN!

“Yes.” Brad said.

Well, look at your TV, now have FAITH!

Brad just smiled & seemed stunned when he saw the 844!

I just left the room, knowing quite well, all was going to work out.

Adventure Page 09 Image 0001
Adventure Page 09 Image 0002

Here’s Brad getting ready for a ride on his sweet MARIN STELVIO, plus later that night, when we went as a group for dinner. It didn’t go unnoticed that we arrived at the restaurant @ exactly 8:44 pm.


Undaunted by this setback we all returned to Lisa’s SUV and headed further into the town of PARKSVILLE, and located another, this time, open restaurant.

Now due to the fact, I had taken the picture of the 8:44 time on Lisa’s SUV at the restaurant that was closing, plus the fact that on my Blackberry was the picture of the TV screen where Brad had stopped the Hockey game at 8:44 of the 2nd period, that was all I needed to bring up the subject of the 448.

You see Mike & Kyle of Outlaw Productions knew little to nothing about my 448 Stories!

It was at this dinner where they were to be enlightened!

I proceeded to explain where the 448 number originated and how it had followed me throughout my whole life. I explained how I was well-known for it by friends and family for decades before I ever had one of the most unnerving 448’s of all in 1997.

This most unnerving event was the passing of my Spiritual Teacher, the great Western Master of Yoga, George King at the officially recorded time of 4:48 am PST on July 12th, 1997 in the city of Santa Barbara, California.

I’ll never forget the thought that ran through my mind when I was called by a fellow group member of THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY, the spiritual, scientific, non-profit organization, founded by George King in 1955 and to which I was a founding member of its official Toronto Group.

I was told to sit down as I was read the official announcement of his passing.

When I heard the time, the thought flashed like a lightning bolt through my mind…


Since the young age of 22 I had represented from a public relations point of view my Spiritual Teacher, Dr. George King, who was the Teacher who stated emphatically that the words Chance, Luck & Coincidence, should be stricken from all languages throughout the world.

Why? Because the words have no meaning in Reality!

Nothing Can Happen By Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

It’s GODS Law… Karmic Law as it’s known by some, the Law of Cause & Effect by others!

I proceeded to explain these philosophies along with the evidence to back it up, to all gathered at the dinner and as it would turn out both Mike & Kyle were intrigued by the message and the information conveyed.

The 448 and the mirror image 844 had stuck a cord again!

I ask anyone, reading this story, if you wish to investigate the Teachings of Dr. George King, then please go to and begin your research.

Please be aware as well, the motive for me to write these 448 Stories is really for this purpose… ONLY!

I offer you a quote from Dr. George King as to why my spreading of his message is important.

It is a well-known fact that the highest form of healing that any Master can give to his pupil is the right teaching. No other type of healing is comparable with this. Such teaching takes the splinters of ignorance from the mind, and hate from the heart, and brings about that delicately balanced sensitivity which is spiritual awareness.
– Dr. George King, D.D.

This is why I use my silly personal 448 / 844 experiences to lead the investigator to discover the vitally important information that is documented within the AETHERIUS SOCIETY. You’ll see there a vast amount of information of worldwide importance that whether you realize it or not, effects each & and every one of you. Investigate thoroughly and you’ll be sure to find evidence that the information given by George King defies Chance, Luck & Coincidence. I like to call it… COSMIC LOGIC. Inevitably this research will give to the intelligent open minded researcher evidence that what is stated is TRUTH.

It’s also a known statement by Dr. George King that…


Your Acceptance or Rejection of TRUTH changes nothing!


Research the following link below and read for yourself the information given. Then judge for yourself if the evidence provided does not only defy Chance, Luck or Coincidence, but adds greatly to the credibility and authenticity of the somewhat mystifying and at the same time awe-inspiring claims.


There’s a reason why my personal logo is…

Now that I’ve made my important connection lets continue with my Story.

So the next morning of June 3rd I continued with my tasks to prepare for the beginning of our Motorcycle Adventure. First task… go to a local Bank of Nova Scotia, to pay my 2012 Taxes!

It was interesting that as I pulled up to the Bank I would park next to this vehicle…

To me personally it was even more interesting a month later, once home from this trip that I was to receive the following Invoice Bill for HST from the Government.

This is a rather poor photo of the bill that showed me the Interest Penalty cost for my usual yearly late filing of my HST payment owed!

$734.48 Crazy EH!?

Once back to Lisa’s place, it was time to begin prepping the bikes for our departure the next morning.

Anne after finishing her preparations announced that she was heading out to pick up some Steaks for our groups final night meal. I guess it is only appropriate that she would have bought the following one for me!

$14.48 and Yes it was Excellent!

Well the next day, Tuesday June 4th, came quickly and before we knew it we were ready to leave!

The MARIN VAN & TRAILER you see behind us was now the setup that would take Brad, Mike & Kyle later in the week to KAMLOOPS, BC for Round 2 of the MONSTER ENERGY MOTOCROSS NATIONALS. This KAMLOOPS round Anne & I were forfeiting as we headed south to the Pacific Coast highway with a plan to be back in Calgary for Round 3 and other eventual return to Toronto on June 16th.

Lisa would join the boys in Kamloops as well, but would ride up on the weekend on her personal Harley Davidson.

Anne & I were finally on the road and we headed south to Victoria where we would take the Ferry across to the state of Washington. Our planned itinerary would see us travel through Washington, Oregon, Northern California, east to Nevada, Utah, then north to Idaho, Montana, back to Canada and eventually end up at the Blackfoot Inn in Calgary! A total trip of over 4000 Kilometers!

Now the purpose of this story is not really to relay the intricate details of our trek but more to show how the funny circumstances of the showing of my 448/844 number had its effect and also to justify some of the reasoning as to why I subtitled this Story… FOR FAWKES SAKE!

So let me just say that the trip was incredible! Without a doubt we were most impressed with the state of Oregon as the scenery was breathtaking! Montana was spectacular too!

Adventure Page 15 Image 0002
Adventure Page 15 Image 0001

What I will say though is that the course I had chosen to take was so filled with twist & turns that at one point Anne swore she never wanted to see a curved road again! Overall though for being on a totally new bike with only about 4 previous short rides prior to the trip, Anne did amazingly well!

Adventure Page 15 Image 0004
Adventure Page 15 Image 0005
Adventure Page 15 Image 0003

Anne was never shy throughout the trip in talking to the amazing people we met along the way!

Inevitably we would with everyone we met get somehow on the topic of Spiritual Philosophy.

The pictures above were taken of an ex-professional surfer and the fellow Brandon on the bicycle was traveling across the USA and was on his way north towards Alaska!

Even in the case pictured below, Anne gave Hands on Healing to a Born Again Christian who was walking across the entire United States spreading the GOOD WORD!

Adventure Page 15 Image 0006
Adventure Page 15 Image 0007

Here are some further pictures of our amazing travels.

Adventure Page 16 Image 0015
Adventure Page 16 Image 0013
Adventure Page 16 Image 0011
Adventure Page 16 Image 0010
Adventure Page 16 Image 0009
Adventure Page 16 Image 0008
Adventure Page 16 Image 0007
Adventure Page 16 Image 0006
Adventure Page 16 Image 0005
Adventure Page 16 Image 0004
Adventure Page 16 Image 0003
Adventure Page 16 Image 0002
Adventure Page 16 Image 0001
Adventure Page 16 Image 0014
Adventure Page 16 Image 0012

That last picture, where Anne is holding something that looks like ET, was actually a massage tool. This was given to us by the husband and wife combo after they met us in the hotel parking lot in IDAHO, after Anne had bent over to pickup her luggage and severely pulled a muscle in her back!

The pain was so excruciating for Anne, I for one thought, our Trip was over…


Anne was doubled over on the ground and who should show up but the man in the middle photo.

What are the chances that he would offer Anne a treatment with a massage tool his wife had recently picked up at a garage sale, just earlier in their trip!

Nothing Happens by Chance Luck & Coincidence!


As you can tell so far, the Trip was really great, but I will condition this statement by saying all did not go completely well. This next incident has a very important lesson for all who would ever consider traveling long distances on Motorcycles!

This incident I refer to, began after leaving the beautiful SKI RESORT town of SUN VALLEY, IDAHO the very next day. I had since leaving California been frustrated by an inability to buy a paper map of the area we were traveling. Everywhere we stopped the establishments we visited were sold out!

Since I had been teasing Anne throughout the trip about how much time she spent on Facebook, I suggested, “why don’t you put that iPhone to good use and Google Map out our next day’s route.”

Well I should have thought about this possibility, as it actually occurred the year before, but by my sister Lisa who had mapped out and printed our suggested course throughout BC & Alberta.

In this particular case Anne was just told the town I wanted to reach which was Missoula by the evening. This city happened to be in the next state we were venturing to, MONTANA.

Well you can imagine our surprise when the Google Map route was laid out on her iPhone.

Anne had to screen capture it for this obvious reason, see picture below of the calculated mileage!


Well as much as the 448 always indicates something good.

I really was to question this during this 448 KM ride as we left Sun Valley and headed towards the SAWTOOTH Mountain Range.

At about the 7000 ft elevation point I had decided to let Anne know that I was going to ride ahead and stretch the legs of my big 1200 Beemer. I did this right at the top of the mountain and began my decent along a particularly windy stretch of curves, all the while being cautious as the temperature was only 5 degrees Celsius so the road conditions had potential for black ice. I decided to pull over at a designated lookout point about halfway down the mountain. While I was taking some footage of a sign marking the Salmon River which ran in the Valley below, I thought to myself that Anne should be coming by soon.

So I turned my head and immediately I seen a white commercial Van and my mind raced to grasp how this vehicle had gotten ahead of Anne. I knew the route down the mountain was no place to be passing anyone! I was concerned immediately! Did that guy pass Anne on this treacherous downhill?

I waited & waited… No sign of Anne!


I couldn’t wait any longer, so I kicked the Beemer into gear and headed back up the Mountain. As I took each curve I just knew a vehicle couldn’t pass, so how did that Van get in front of Anne!
Where was Anne? My mind kept repeating over and over! This wasn’t good I thought!

I made it back to the top of the mountain and Anne was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic and I raced over to a parked car with 4 women inside and asked if they had seen a girl on a red Beemer. They said no! OMG where is she?! I turned my bike around and headed down the mountain again only to see nothing and once back to where I started at the Salmon River lookout, I saw a fellow in a black pickup truck and rode right up to his window!


The answer was negative! I was now shaking with fear! Did that van spook Anne and she crashed? My mind was racing through the possible scenarios. The fellow in the pickup truck could see my concern and offered to drive back to the top and we would search each curve along the way. We did just that stopping at every curve looking over the plummeting edges of this majestic mountain.
We could see no skid marks or signs of a crash and when we finally made it to the top again I was an emotional wreck! The fellow in the truck now told me he had a satellite phone and asked if I wanted to call SEARCH & RESCUE. I said yes and within minutes we were talking with the dispatcher.

Suggestions were made that a helicopter may be necessary as the only thought was that Anne might have gone off the side of the mountain. A mother of two young teenage girls Kristy & Robyn, what would I tell them!

I firmly believe in Life after Death and the concept of reincarnation and personally I do not fear Death at all, but this was different!

I felt a total responsibility for Anne’s safety and the wave of fear was now almost unbearable!

I had never felt this kind of emotion before and I’ll admit that while I write these words the tears are streaming down my face as I’m reliving the moment. It was terrifying.

Then out of the blue… total shock!

The 4 Women in the car who I hadn’t seen in nearly 40 minutes drove up and the lady in the back seat called out through the open window. She loves you, don’t be mad at her, she’s OK!




We were still on the Satellite Phone with the dispatcher as the women described her location and it was “BEYOND” the Salmon River Lookout where I had stopped to wait for Anne and where I had seen that white van that I thought might have been suspect in Anne’s disappearance.

I profusely thanked the dispatcher and apologized for the false alarm and the fellow in the pickup truck told me to follow him and we would go find Anne. That drive was seemingly never ending as it turned out she was at least 2 miles past my previously stopped location. The relief I was feeling was incredible. The anger though of how Anne had got ahead of me was beginning to boil inside me almost overwhelming my sense of relief. I thought no wonder the women in the car stressed that Anne still loved me as that must have been what Anne was stressing as she too was worried when I never came along for such a long period. Why would I though, as I thought this is a cardinal rule of any type of cycling or hiking or anything related to traveling in a group!



When we finally reached Anne she was overcome with emotion.

The truth of the matter was that Anne knew she had passed me! Anne told me the white van was immediately behind her and she was too fearful to pull over, so she continued on to the bottom where a pullover lane was provided.

The fear of riding back up the mountain overcame her and she decided to stay put.

A possible lack of experience on Anne’s part in this scenario is all I can blame it on!

Plus my own timing was off as I’ve now ironically proved while watching my DRIFT Camera footage since my return.

I was recording still before I turned my head to see the white van and in the video footage you can for just a split second see her pass in my Beemer’s right hand mirror!



The remaining ride for the rest of the day, although fantastic from a scenic point of view was somewhat quiet. The use of our SENA communicators which were not working on the mountain due to signal availability, and although working fine most of the rest of the day, we didn’t talk much. After a long all day ride we finally arrived at our destination a BEST WESTERN in Missoula, Montana. Check out the view from our room!

After our evening in Missoula, a good night’s rest, it was then time to get ready to hit the road again!

Now it was time to ride the Mountains & Plains of Big Sky Montana!

We knew we had a long day ahead, so Anne & I wasted no time in logging the miles. The hours went by fast and once again we were blessed with incredible weather. It was almost sad though to think that this was the final riding day of our trip. Still we realized how fortunate we were to be able to view these wide open vistas all the while with the Mountain ranges off in the distance.

It was also our 16th day and we had yet to see a significant rainfall. Amazing!

When we finally got through the National Glacier Park and wound our way north to the border, we were feeling the saddle time. Anne & I would take occasional breaks but we really had no time to spare. We did have one problem though we didn’t clearly realize at that point. When we got through the border and stopped for a bite to eat, we were to discover the hour or so ride we thought it was to Calgary was actually another 3 hours minimum!


Oh well it looked like we’re about to log another 10 hr ride day! I thought with the now estimated 9 pm arrival time, I’d better stop and call the Blackfoot Inn to confirm our later than 6 pm arrival.

Adventure Page 23 Image 0004
Adventure Page 23 Image 0003
Adventure Page 23 Image 0002

I did just that when I stopped in a mall parking lot in a town called CARDSTON. As I brought out my Blackberry to call the hotel, I then look down and see what the mileage happened to be on my Beemer… 5,448 km!

Surprised once again, I took the picture you see above and thought to myself I guess I’ve got the makings of a 448 Story developing here, but it was yet to be confirmed in my mind as I know how much work it is to document these Stories and my mind was still in Holiday Mode!

FOR FAWKES SAKES… Give Me Another Job!

The call to the Blackfoot Inn was made and I was assured our reservations were secure so it was back on the road again! Next in store was a long flat plain highway with nary a curve for 2 hours straight! Anne was loving the lack of curves, but I’ll admit I was getting a little bored and starting to get tired!

Well the excitement would shortly return as we noticed off in the distance a menacing black sky that seemed to be about 20 miles ahead. I love storms more than the average person might, but the thought of now having to endure a thunderstorm at this stage, was not what I wanted.


This is what the cloud looked like as we approached and I personally found it riveting to watch. I later found out that Anne was so petrified of this seemingly developing Tornado cloud that she refused to even look up towards its menacing core. Once the hail & rain sheets started that only added to the overall atmosphere of panic! FOR FAWKE SAKES!

As you can see, we made it through safely with a rainbow to boot!


Adventure Page 25 Image 0001
Adventure Page 25 Image 0003
Adventure Page 25 Image 0002





LONG STORY SHORT…. We got the Penthouse Level Private Suite!

No Extra Charge!


Not only was it Anne’s Birthday on Sunday June 16 but Fathers Day as well!

This final day of our trip was to be spent at the third round of the CMRC MONSTER ENERGY MOTOCROSS NATIONAL at the famous WILDROSE Motocross Park, in Calgary that was literally a 5 min ride on the bikes from the Blackfoot Inn.

After an excellent breakfast it was time to check out and ride the bikes the short distance to the Track!

Anne loading up her OGIO bags for the very last time on this trip!

Adventure Page 27 Image 0001
Adventure Page 27 Image 0002

The picture above is of the car parked directly behind my Beemer @ The Blackfoot Inn!

Seems appropriate don’t you think!

Within minutes our ponies are back at the Track, ready to once again be cared for by the fantastic crew of the OTSFF ROCKSTAR TEAM.

We would fly back to Toronto mid afternoon unfortunately before this Calgary event was over, but our Bikes would still travel to Edmonton for Round 4!

Once back at the track we made the rounds touching base with all our friends but without a doubt the highlight visit was getting back together with our MARIN BIKES track rep Brad, seen in the picture above holding the MARIN BIKES DISPLAY while Anne hams it up for the camera.


Check this link out as its self-explanatory!

Is that a Crazy Story Or What?



The sad part is even with security camera video of the suspects breaking into the MARIN BIKES VAN & TRAILER, to this day the RCMP have done nothing to catch the culprits.


Well it’s time to wind this story up and leave you with its ultimate message that Nothing Happens by CHANCE, LUCK OR COINCIDENCE, not even the crazy events that you’ve just read and listened to that happened to our good friend Brad. Somehow these experiences we go through in life are meant to teach us lessons and only the person going through the experience can effectively determine why the event occurred. It may be hard to understand as well but think about it!

That’s The Key!

Instead of giving in to the usual “WHY ME” slogan?

You should be thinking more about… WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?


There is always a lesson to be learned and we learn from our experiences!

So here’s my final lesson that cemented in my mind I had no choice but to write this story… the climax of this 448 tale.

When Anne & I had to leave the track to catch a Taxi to the airport we went through another trauma that was identical to last year!

The taxi cab never showed up!


Call after call was made before I finally got through to the dispatcher and sure enough the cabby was at the wrong location. He was at the Blackfoot Motorcycle dealership as the hotel had called the racetrack by that name in error!

Luckily the cabby was only a 10 minute drive away but to me it felt like an eternity!



We made it to the airport in plenty of time and judging by time on the airport clock when they began boarding the plane Anne & I both thought we were Right On Time.

If you’re familiar with any of my other 448/844 stories you’ll know how I’ve conveyed the personal significance I have with the 7.48 number as that was the time for me when my Spiritual Teacher passed away in Eastern Standard Time.

So we board the flight and all is good! Then we arrive in Toronto right on time but then the next lesson begins! Where’s my JEEP Parked. We can’t find the parking lot and I’m totally lost, tired as its now almost midnight, and frankly just frustrated. After some investigative questioning… I discover!

I’m in the wrong terminal!


My Jeep is parked at Terminal 1 and we’re at Terminal 3.

Our thanks goes out to the Customs Agent who walked us right out to the exit and pointed out the Terminal Transit Bus we would have to take!

We go to board the bus and the driver says no! You have to take the bus parked behind him.

I’m now really mumbling “for fawkes sakes”, but all was ok when I walked the 20 or so feet to the bus directly behind this first bus.

As soon as I saw the license plate, I knew we were on the right bus home!


Well the plate may have come to you easy but it didn’t for me as I was so agitated by this time as ANNE took forever to get this picture on her usually stuck to her hand iPhone.

Not this time though as she couldn’t find it in her very disorganized purse! I’m sure all my male readers will understand what I’m talking about!

So here I am at midnight convincing the Jamaican Bus Driver who is wanting to pull away that he has to hold the bus up while Anne tries to take a picture of his licence plate!

I don’t think this was a good start to my relationship with this bus driver.

Now talking about relationships, mine had seemingly soured at this point with Anne as I don’t think she was too pleased with my agitated state. Nor that I had upon getting on the bus proceeded to sit between two other passengers near the front and Anne had to go to the very back of the bus! I wasn’t feeling very talkative at this point as I was still mad at myself for not thinking beforehand about the fact I hadn’t taken into account this parking issue.

So take it out on Anne just because she was slow on the iPhone picture!

Sometimes I’m such a Jerk!

Well now something else was to occur almost just as Anne had sat down. She starts calling me out loud to come back and sit with her as she wants me to see something. I callback out loud saying no, Anne calls me again!

I say no! Just wait till we get to the Parking Garage! Anne Persists…

That’s It! Now in front of everyone on the bus I say NO for the final time. That’s the end of one trauma and the beginning of yet another!


The driver tells me when I think I recognize the area to drop us off that it’s not correct and I take for granted he must know what he’s talking about!

Next Lesson… Never take anything or anyone for granted!

Well when he does finally stop to lets us off I can recognize clearly that this location is totally incorrect…

Then the Driver argues with me telling me, “It’s not his job to know where I parked my Jeep!”

I then tell this guy in a very sarcastic tone, Ok let me get this straight…

It’s your job to drive around in circles all day long to two parking lots so if my math is correct, you’ve got a 50/50 chance to get it right… and you just blew it!

I said take us back to where I originally thought you should have let us off and surprisingly he refused!

I then refused to get off the bus and he then threatened to call security!

Good I said! Call Security, as I’ll look forward to talking to someone who may know what they’re doing!


Well I thought here we go… off to jail! But when security showed up a few minutes later it was fairly easy for me to control the situation and in the end the Supervisor agreed with me that I was in the right!


Anne & I are then driven in the Security Supervisors luxury SUV directly to the right parking garage and eventually to the JEEP.

Sincere apologies were conveyed by the Supervisor and the generous tip I offered was refused!

Just have a GOOD NIGHT, SAFE DRIVE HOME, the good gentleman spoke.

So once in the JEEP, Anne shows me why she was so persistent in trying to get me to come to the back of the bus… to see this picture on her iPHONE and the sequence number of the picture.

Look again at picture, the screen grab of Annes I-Phone picture file.

It’s the 448th picture of a total of 448 pictures on Annes I-Phone!



Now to top this off …

When we arrived back at Anne’s apartment about 20 minutes later, her daughter Robyn was still up working on a school project.

I always get a kick out of freaking Robyn out with my 448 Stories so I showed her this exact picture.

That’s when it dawned on me!

448 2 Be Home!

Robyn agreed that was a very good interpretation, so I immediately went to tell Anne who now was in the shower!

Hey Anne, guess what I think the licence plate Numbers and Letters mean.

From behind the shower curtain came Annes immediate and sole response…

“GO Check Your BlackBerry”

My Blackberry was sitting back on the table, right next to Robyn.

I opened it up and there was a text received one minute before… from Anne to me.

I opened the text and smiled as this is all the message said…

448 2 BE HOME

I lifted the cell to Robyn’s eyes for her to see for herself this previously sent message!

Robyn was stunned and stated clearly…

You guys freak me out!


I couldn’t help but laugh!


I added this portion to point out this fact I only discovered when I had just begun the final editing for this story and felt strongly that I should add the following:

I know that many skeptics will read my 448 Stories or even worse choose not to read them as they seem too hard to believe. Even with all my very complete photographic evidence.

I myself feel it wasn’t by Chance, Luck or Coincidence that I had been requesting for my Birthday or Christmas the world-famous book by Indian Yoga Master, Paramahansa Yogananda, entitled:


My wish was materialized by Anne and presented to me on my Birthday. A few days later I open the book to begin to read and here’s what a saw…

Look at the quote from the Bible near the bottom that ironically is found on the opening page of this book by this famous Yogi of the HINDU Faith. I think it relates quite nicely to my 448/844 Stories…

“Except ye see signs & wonders, ye will not believe”

A prophesy by Jesus, to the father of a boy whom he had healed of a life threatening disease.

JOHN: 4:48

The order number for this Book bought by Anne through AMAZON was: 115-844.

IF THAT ISN’T Strange enough please go to the next page…This is so crazy that I never knew till today!

I am adding to this story now 3 weeks after I completed the final edit on February 19th, 2014.

The following was discovered for the first time at 3:30 am on March 7th, 2014 after I was awoken and couldn’t get back to sleep….

I was near finishing the book pictured above and much to my shock I happen to flip to the glossary on the last page and what should I find next to the Voice CD package that’s glued to the back cover…

Adventure Page 37 Image 0002
Adventure Page 37 Image 0001

The Book is 448 pages long… exactly!

Signs & Wonders… Will You Believe?

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