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The Final 448 Story of 2010 and the Start to 2011!

This is the grand finale of my 448 Stories for 2010.

A year where I documented a significant 448/844 story for all 12 months starting with The Baja Story in January 2010!

I started an idea back in October to do a pictorial PDF file report of the stories related to each month with a short explanation under each picture and a link that would take the viewer to the actual written story.

These links would then go to a website that would have posted all the Stories. (Note: this website I refer to is ROUTE448.ca so as you can see it has been 7 years before it came to fruition!)

This is a work in progress and it will take a while to complete so in the meantime I thought I’d tease the reader with my final story of 2010 that rolled seamlessly over into 2011 and I’m sure the stories will continue going forward.

As a reminder to all, it’s not about the number 448 or its opposite 844.

It’s all About the Message!

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck, or Coincidence!

Sir George King, Western Master of Yoga, born January 23rd, 1919 to his passing on July 12th, 1997 @ 4:48 AM, PDT, Santa Barbara, California.

My 448/844 Stories are interesting demonstrations of this statement and more importantly, so are the Stories of Sir George King.


To investigate the evidence to support these claims visit the official website of the Scientific, Non Profit, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Order, Sir George King founded in 1954 called the Aetherius Society.


The Final 2010 448 Story!

As is the usual scenario for me at the end of each business year, I inevitably get involved in a quest to reach certain targets related to my pre-set goals for Liquidation Sales for the company Motovan Corporation whom I represent.

This particular liquidation quest started for me  in late November and concluded on December 28th.  These situations I’m about to convey where my 448 or 844 numbers occur are what allow me to write these stories to bring to your attention what I believe to be…deeper hidden truths.

The inventory under consideration for liquidation ideas had been discussed for weeks with Royal Distributing President, Scott Spark.

In the end it all came down to the morning of Tuesday Dec 28th, 2010.

Not Just any morning either…

It was my pre-arranged Christmas morning with my son Owen, daughter Amelia, girlfriend Anne, and my parents Mary & Jim.

The morning started at 9:30 am with a phone call which was arranged the night before with the President of Motovan, James Paladino. This call was to discuss the Excel file that had been sent by Royal Distributing that gave details of their liquidation offer.

The results of this discussion was somewhat expected… a counter offer was proposed! More negotiation would be required.

With these large liquidation deals a single percent of discount makes a big difference to the bottom line of an invoice. James’s counter offer was close but still enough to cause concern as the Royal offer was given to me by Scott with a comment insinuating, little change would be entertained.

The tension began to build… I knew my parents would be arriving soon, and my kids had yet to rise, so I quickly went to work.

The call was made to Royal, the receptionist Andrea answered the phone and I asked for Scott.

Andrea transferred the call and that’s when it began!

The only sound that first pierced my eardrums was the statement…


Royal Distributing has an automated on-hold recording that has as part of its content a, statement that says “If you wish to fax your order to Royal Distributing dial… 1-800-448-9603”.

So all I heard before Scott picked up the line was…


I was so taken aback by this happening that my confidence level shot sky high, and I immediately conveyed this occurrence to Scott.  Scott didn’t seem that impressed with what I had noticed. Let’s just say Scott is a little skeptical with my 448 Stories and not necessarily a wholehearted supporter of my premise that nothing happens by…

Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

Knowing the difficulty of conveying my message that Royal’s offer was not being accepted, I tried to lighten the conversation by telling Scott about the positive sign of hearing only the 448 portion of their recorded phone message.

Only Scott would know if it had any affect as only a slight laugh was received and a comment at the end of hearing our offer, that he would consider the proposal and call me back.

Damn! Still no confirmation!

Once again, as in years gone past, the potential was there to have my Christmas period with my family affected by my constant worry of making some final liquidation deal happen before year end. I still thought about how I had heard only the 448 in that pre-recorded message and went from outside where I had made this call to return indoors to see my kids and Anne sitting by the Christmas tree with great anticipation to begin our materialistic celebration.

My parents had yet to arrive.

I told Owen, Amelia and Anne about the strange anomaly of the 448 during the call, but I’m not sure it had much affect on them as they’ve heard these stories so many times in the past.

It would begin to have an effect after what occurred next!

I went into my office to check for e-mails and what should I find but an e-mail that had arrived from Royal, while I was on the phone with Scott, relating to a totally different order that had been sent by one of the other buyers.

I was then shocked to see the PO #…

#204484 48HR

This is a special style of stocking order referred to as a 48HR turnaround order that we offer to Royal for larger sized purchases.

The dual 448’s that can be seen above did not go unnoticed and I printed a copy and showed the crazy anomaly to the kids and Anne while making the following prediction…

I felt my liquidation quest was going to come true.

We began to speculate on the repercussions of me accomplishing this deal.

It would surely benefit my current precarious financial situation that was a result of what can only be described as a challenging year due to the economic and territory changes I had to deal with in 2010.

The call didn’t come soon enough and the stress was incredible, but probably only in my mind.

I was so close now to achieving my goals.

Thirty minutes later, the phone rang but it was my parents saying they were 15 minutes away.

I hung up the phone and right then and there I made a personal commitment that if the call from Scott didn’t come before my parents arrived I would just let it go and not have it affect our Christmas celebrations.

14 minutes later the Royal call came and…


My BlackBerry didn’t ring, most likely due to a bad signal in the house, so I quickly called my voice mail… Scott had indeed left a message to call him back.

My heart was pounding now… I quickly called Royal and got Scott with no delay. The message was received!

Royal would accept the comeback offer! The deal was done and it was BIG!

It took me to a sales plateau that I could only have dreamed about before.

I rushed into the living room to tell Anne and the kids the great news.

We all started laughing as we couldn’t help but compare this scenario to the comedian Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon movie “Christmas Vacation” which had all seen many times.

The premise around this plot is Clark waiting for his Christmas Bonus to arrive. Christmas comes but the Bonus doesn’t. The effect it has on the family Christmas celebrations is both devastating and hilarious.

The Bonus finally does materialize but only after a crazy episode when Clarks deadbeat brother in law Eddy, kidnaps the Boss and brings the scrooge to their home to see the affect his stinginess had had on the Griswald family.

When the Cops and the Bosses wife arrive on the scene, even they now come to realize how improper his decision was to cancel the employees Christmas Bonus.

A great lesson had been learned and the Boss changes his mind and re-instates the Christmas Bonuses with a 20% increase!

Although obviously not the same circumstances as my story, the feelings of anxiousness and elation were all there!

It was at this moment that my dog Duke jumped to his feet as he heard the wheels of my parent’s car entering the driveway!

What perfect timing!

I was so moved by the circumstances that I needed to tell someone.

I quickly drew up an e-mail and forwarded the news of the acceptance of the order to James Paladino and other management staff at Motovan.

Of course, within this e-mail I relayed the information about the way my number 448 had involved itself again. Not only in the audible way on the initial phone call to Royal but with the simultaneously received special stocking order.

I understand anyone could question whether I made this part up, about the phone call, but I believe the PO with the double 448 came by e-mail to back me up as I could have no control over this event, whatsoever.

Whatever it is that creates my 448 anomaly it never seems to let me down!

After the PO numbers were sent to Anna in the London Motovan Office, the orders were created and Anna sent back a reply to my e-mail mentioned above.

The message says it all!

Allan, LOL.

All orders entered:
# 1807705 PO # 205539
# 1807698 PO # 205538
# 1807694 PO # 205537
# 1807688 PO # 205536

Have a wonderful celebration!

Best Story Ever!


This Story, as always is dedicated to my Spiritual Teacher, Sir George King, D.D., TH.D., who passed away from this physical plane on July 12th, 1997 @ 4:48 AM PDT, Santa Barbara, California, USA.


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