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The Commemorative 448 Experience of July 12th, 2008

The amazing series of events depicted in this article happened on the 11th Anniversary of my Yoga Master Sir George King’s passing which occurred on July 12th 1997 @ 4.48 am PDT.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, the conclusion of a 4 day excursion my son and daughter Owen & Amelia had enjoyed at my home in Belfountain, Ontario.

The visit of my children began on Wednesday July 9th following a dramatic series of events that started on Saturday July 5th @ 4:48 pm. This was the exact time I arrived at the home of Toronto Groups Co-Organizer, Laura Shapiro. The purpose was for a dinner meeting with a soon to arrive Rev. David Capraro from the Michigan Branch of The Aetherius Society.

The following 4 days prior to Owen & Amelias visit would see a string of events that included important Strategy Meetings, a Temple Degree Initiation Ceremony, a Special Sunday Service and ultimately the Celebration activities of The Aetherius Society’s most important date, The July 8th, Initiation of Earth Commemoration.

The above series of events gave me much to discuss with my children if the opportunity arose. Well the opportunity did arise and these unplanned discussions were initiated by other 448/844 Stories that have already been documented throughout their short visit.

The date of this story , Saturday July the 12th, 2008 would soon manifest one of my best 448 /844 Stories ever!

While packing up their belongings to load in the car I made mental plans to expose to my kids the contents of one of my most recent stories referred to as The Tip Top Tailor 448 Story.

Just prior to leaving, I told my kids to have a seat on the wooden bench swing in my yard and I pulled up a chair. I sat in front of them with the article in hand and the act brought back memories of years gone by when I had read them bedtime stories.

I proceeded to read the Tip Top Tailor Story and I was pleased with their response as they acknowledged by saying… “That’s a good one Dad!”

I then gave them another short reading from an issue of The Aetherius Society’s new world wide E-Newsletter to help explain another announcement their Dad had made back on July the 8th, to The Toronto Group, regarding my decision to work towards Staff Trainee status within the Aetherius Society’s membership structure.

Owen & Amelia seemed to now clearly understand what this decision would entail and gave me their support and responded positively.

A weight had seemed to once again be lifted from my shoulders as it’s so much easier to have decisions like these be supported by your family members.

The change could well prove to limit my amount of future free time.

Now ready to move on we got into my vintage BMW and proceeded with our plans to visit an animal zoo sanctuary that was located in the Brantford area that was on the way back to where my kids reside in Simcoe.

I suggested we pass the hour and a half drive by listening to a CD by my Yoga Master Sir George King entitled the Devic Kingdom as I knew this was of interest to Amelia. My son Owen,well he’s open to many of his Dad’s various metaphysical beliefs and was fine with this choice.

I happened to notice as we pulled out of Belfountain that my trip odometer on the BMW was @ 424 kms and thought to myself maybe I would wait until it hit 448 kms before I began the CD. Just as I did a car passed in the opposite direction and I saw the license plate had some letters I couldn’t make out but I distinctly noticed the 844 at the end.

“Hey look a 844 !!”… I blurted out.

This is such a common occurrence for my kids to hear me say, that I don’t think much notice was taken of it and we continued on our way. I then began to think I didn’t really want to wait for the 448 to show on my trip odometer as the CD was 1 hr and 19 minutes long.

I pushed the CD in and the kids took note but just after the disc was ready to begin my mind kept telling me… “Start it at 448.” I pushed the ejection button! Immediately another car drives by and this time I see the license plate and once again the letters were unnoticed but 448 was clearly at the end!

My intuition must be correct… do not start the CD until 448 km.

At this point it was only about 10 kms to go but I still felt impatient.

Owen then said…

“Dad I thought you weren’t supposed to make a 448 or 844 happen!”

I responded…

You’re correct… I am just “following my intuition”.

I just had an 844 and then a 448 on two cars and they may be signs I am on the right path. So please just humor me. I then mentioned that I couldn’t believe how my mind is able to so quickly recognize these numbers on passing cars as it seems I only see them for a split second and always while never looking for them!

I then proceeded to tell the kids how my friend Anne, another member in the Aetherius Society, who seems to be haunted by my 448’s said she tested a theory. Anne had stated that if you look for the 448’s or pick any 3 digit number and look for them you probably will never see them!

I then stated out loud…

“Hey there’s a game… lets “Look” for a 448 or 844 on license plates as we drive!”

Feeling quite confident for some unapparent reason I blurted out a prediction.

I’ll bet you if we try this game you’ll never see a 448 or 844 until we finish listening to the Devic Kingdom CD!

We’ll start right now and we will wait for the 448 km odometer reading before we begin the CD.
We had the 448 show up on the trip odometer at the base of Mississauga Rd and pulled onto the 407 eastbound now listening to the Devic Kingdom CD. All the while we still had an eye peeled amongst the traffic looking for a 448 or 844!

They seemed to be non-existent!

We made it all the way to within a 10 minute drive of the Zoo and I felt the kids may need a break so we pulled off for a quick lunch at a Wendy’s.

The lunch break was especially fruitful from an intellectual point of view as the kids had various comments and questions which I took delight in answering. They were really interested in the information the CD offered and this filled my heart with joy and admiration to witness their open mindedness and display of an attribute as important as that of “investigation” using “ logic and discrimination” to make a informed decision of what may be true and what may be false!

The visit to the Zoo was even more than we expected as we all felt the relatively unknown sanctuary rivaled if not surpassed the famous Toronto Zoo. We had an excellent time roaming the facility. Its important for the purposes of this story to mention that at one point the weather took a dramatic turn for the worse and we found ourselves trapped in a 15 minute downpour of rain which did little to damper our spirits but did effect the time frame that was later to prove significant.

At 4:00 pm the Zoo had scheduled a special showing of the crazy antics of the monkey’s, and even though I thought we should stay and watch, the kids said they had seen enough and just wanted to leave. So we did.

Once back to the car, we determined our other plans of going to a movie was not of interest anymore so we decided to just head to their home. They were now anxious to return to their mother and the many interests they have on their 120 acre farm that features horses, cows, chickens and dirt-bikes, more than enough to keep any teenager occupied and out of trouble!

As we drove away Amelia then said she wanted me to detour through Waterford so she could show me a house that was painted a color she wanted me to consider as this is a planned change coming shortly to my own residence. I agreed to go.

Meanwhile we still had to finish the Devic Kingdom CD and this was re-inserted as we made our way to Waterford. We found the house in question and I took pictures on my cell phone to review at a later time and thought to myself now that I was concerned the CD would not end in time as Waterford is literally a 6 or 7 minute drive to the kids farm but as you’ll now see it all will work out and way beyond my wildest imaginings!

We made it back onto Hwy 24 south and within minutes came to the side road that leads to their farm and as we approached the turnoff we listened to the final sentence of Sir George Kings talk and I commented out loud…

“What perfect timing”.

As I maneuvered the car to make this right hand turn I saw an approaching car and lo and behold what are my eyes drawn too, but the license plate now seen literally seconds after the completion of the CD…

POA 448

My son blurted out “I saw it first” and little did this matter as my premonition had come true and as if by automation my mind directed me to say what does POA represent and my kids looked at me with a blank stare…

I stated my thoughts.

Prophesies Of Aetherius 448

My son then said “you’re just making that up” and once again I stated…

“I am just following my intuition”

My daughter seemed quiet in the back seat as if stunned by the event and we quietly drove the couple of kilometers down the road not to witness another vehicle. I pulled into their driveway, grabbed my cell phone and looked at the time and I could barely believe my eyes.

I pulled up to their door and turned off the ignition and before they could move to exit I put my phone in Owens & Amelia’s view and said look…

4.48 pm 07/12/08

We were virtually stunned into silence.
The controversy over the time I started the CD
The prediction and subsequent search for 448 or 844 to no avail
The 15 minute delay of the rainstorm @ the Zoo
The kid’s refusal to stay for the Monkey Show @ 4.00pm
The detour of the house viewing in Waterford
The prophesy full-filled,
The time of conclusion,

Chance, Luck or Coincidence…
You be the Judge!

It was a wonderful experience not only to have with my kids, but created another chapter in my ever evolving phenomenon of the 448 Stories.

My Masters presence I believe manifests itself in ever more peculiar ways in order to bring to our attention His Great Truths that seem to confirm, one of his most famous statements.

Chance, Luck and Coincidence… These Words Have No Meaning.

Sir George King, Jan 23rd 1919 to July 12th 1997 @ 4:48 AM, PDT


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