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The Disclosure Project – 448 events

First contact with Dr Steven M. Greer – 448 pm
After discovering “The Disclosure Project” through a local radio talk show I investigated the claims of a Dr. Steven M. Greer. A prominent American Emergency Surgeon who had given up a lucrative practice to spend 10 years compiling testimony of insider government agency witnesses about the reality of UFO’s and Alien intelligence’s.

Through a study of the Disclosure Project website www.disclosureprojecct.org I noted that a series of events were scheduled across North America but Toronto was not listed. I immediately sent an e-mail asking why it was omitted and along with this, expressed my interest in helping this cause. I received an answer shortly thereafter and was given the personal cellphone number of Dr. Steven M. Greer and requested to contact him .

After 3 days of playing phone tag, I finally received a call on my cell phone just as I was about to enter my final sales call of the day, in downtown Toronto. I noted the length of this long distant call at 10 minutes exactly and when I hung up my call phone it read 4.58 & I realized that our initial contact for the first time came at 4.48 p.m. in May of 2001. The sign had been given and the challenge I accepted.

Dress Suit 448 Story
On Oct. 24th a last minute decision was made to purchase a quality outfit that I would wear as the host of the event. My sales assistant Chris had made arrangements for us to go to his Uncles Genes, clothing store called Genesis in Toronto. A delay in traffic had caused us to arrive late but within minutes of their closing time. His uncle was very gracious and even his main employee offered to stay late and help us find what we were looking for. Ironically the first complete outfit that I had on my body, within the 1st 5 minutes of our arrival would ultimately turn out to be the outfit I would purchase.

Gene and his assistant stayed 90 minutes past closing as I tried 6 different suits but in the end we went back to the one outfit I had tried immediately upon our arrival. This is when the 448 shock was about to come. After paying the bill with visa we were all standing around the counter and the shoes that were part of this ensemble were not yet bagged and I happened to look down and my eyes were drawn to that inside area of the shoes that display the shoe size and there it was! Printed there in bold black letters next to the shoe size…448!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes and I elbowed Chris to look at what I had discovered and he couldn’t believe it! I asked his uncle Gene to explain the coded numbers and he said that the number depicted the style and would only be found in this particular style of shoes!! Unbelievable, I now knew I was ready

The Disclosure Event Conclusion
After The Event was Successfully concluded a total group of 15 participants were scheduled to go to Dinner at “Biffs” a fine Toronto Restaurant located on Front St. across from the Hummingbird Centre.

Due to delays in calculating the dollars related to ticket sales and Book sales and the collection of the monies, everyone was help up for close to 25 minutes in running vehicles waiting for me to return from the Convocation Hall show office.

When I finally arrived at my Van I was accompanied by Dr. Steven M Greer and our official Kung Fu Master bodyguard to Steve, Julio.

I hopped into the drivers seat and put the money box on the floor beside me and breathed a sigh of relief and out loud stated, “I can’t believe it’s over” I proceeded to start my Van and the time was 7:50 p.m. When I went to put the van in drive my eyes were drawn to my digital clock on my stereo and was shocked top see the number on the screen “448”, I immediately slapped Steven on the shoulder in the front passenger seat and said “look at that” pointing to the 448. Steven knew nothing about my weird connections the the number 448 so I just said “You don’t know what this means to me”, to see 448 at the conclusion of this important event was truly amazing.

Time seemed to stand still as even Steven commented that maybe the clock was stuck on that number as it seemed to stay on the screen for longer that a minute, but I assured them it would change and sure enough it did.

To make this long story short lets just say that this 448 experience would turn out to be the catalyst that would expose to all those at Dinner later that night to my connection to the Aetherius Society, My Yoga Master, my websites and my real motivations to help in my small way bring Truth to the people.

Bill totaled $10, 448.22
3 weeks later when I received the total bill for the Disclosure Project inventory the bill was ironically $10,448.22.

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