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The 448/844, 2009 Grey Cup Story!

The Finale to the Seven Day Blitz!

This Story is the climax to this crazy week of November 22-29, 2009!

After the amazing predication I made to my mother about the 448 odometer of my motorhome, read about in the Seven Day Blitz Story, which occurred in my kid’s driveway, it was now time for the pre-planned dinner.

As I drove Owen, Amelia & Jimmy to the local Boston Pizza, I marveled at the effect this 448 anomaly had in my presentation of the days 448 events.

It was during this dinner that a very interesting conversation was had that answered some questions in my mind relating to the documentation of my 448 stories. These questions had been bothering me over the previous week and they were answered by the minds of my teenage son & daughter, Owen & Amelia who are the ones most in tune with the current methods of communication highly regarded by their younger generation.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the written word were all discussed. The ideas were plentiful, now only implementation was needed! I committed to myself that these ideas would be explored!

The dinner meeting was all too short but my kids had homework to do and I had a Grey Cup Party to attend that was over an hour’s drive away.

The party had already started, so after dropping the kids off at their home, I continued on my objectives and started the haul back to Burlington.

I have had a long tradition of attending Super Bowl parties with my old high school buddy’s, but I couldn’t recall having ever been to a Grey Cup Party.

The Super Bowl parties of 2005, 2006, had already generated written 448 stories and who knows what might have occurred had I not had a serious illness in 2007 that prevented me from attending!

This past year’s 2009 Super Bowl was dominated by my verbal presentation of the highlights of the written stories that occurred in 2008. All of these stories were generated after my serious motocross accident in May of ’08 and are documented under the following titles.

The Midas Touch, Tip Top Tailor, July 12th Commemorative, The Cell Phone, Rubicon Jeep, Cracker Barrel, Jersey Boy, and Fitness Depot Story.

This week’s onslaught of all the 448/844 stories couldn’t have been more timely!

Nothing happens by Chance, Luck or Coincidence!

With The Grey Cup Party, The CMRC Party & the Annual Motorcycle Show all in my agenda over the next two weeks I was loaded to bear, should anyone ask me if the 448 Stories were still occurring in my life!

I shouldn’t say if they’ll ask, as I know they will!

I thought as I drove, had it not been for the phone call I received this morning from my mother not one of the day’s 448 events was likely to have occurred, as the timing of what did happen would have been thrown off.

I then thought of my parents. I decided I couldn’t put off showing the photographic evidence I had taken and since they were located only a five-minute drive from the Grey Cup Party I would return for a second visit.

Just to show the pictures.

Had this decision to divert from my plans, NOT been made the major anomaly of The Grey Cup Story, soon to happen would not have occurred!

I finally arrived at my parents and this visit was short & sweet. The Grey Cup game itself would be past the Half Time Show by this point, so I had no time to linger.

My parents, very impressed by my day’s events, and the pictures that supported these happenings were more than adequate evidence. I apologized for having to run off so quick, so they bid me farewell and it was now off to the game!

I arrived and was immediately presented with a problem as to where to park the motorhome.

The driveway was full and no parking signs lined the street of this ironically named, (George,) KING ROAD (I’m only kidding!). It is King Road though!

I had no option but to illegally park, but did my best to pull off to the side as much as possible. I should mention at this time since it relates to a part of this story later that my faithful dog Duke had been with me all day as I’ve failed to include this fact in the previous stories. Duke was relegated to once again, sleep away his time in our alternate home on wheels!

I entered the party through a wide open front door with the sounds of a howling wolf in the background as Duke voiced his displeasure in being left behind. The cracked open windows allowed his cries to carry even into the party, but I really had no other options!

I planned on visiting Duke periodically, but as things would work out his confinement would be short-lived.

The greeting I received was odd to me in a way, as I no sooner walked into the door and the host and good friend Al Dolan exclaimed to those present that, JAGG was here!

After a short few comments on the howls of Duke he abruptly ushered me to the basement to meet with my good friend Mark Neckrock who was sitting in conversation with another good friend named Mark Etridge.

This was the start to another 448 event!

After the obligatory high fives and handshakes Mark Neckrock immediately began explaining to me how he had come to the party with Mark (E) who was now sitting next to me and they had had a 448 experience upon their arrival.

After turning off the ignition of Mark (E’s) SUV, the two of them, being well aware of my 448 stories and my attendance that evening, were shocked to see the digital clock, with its timely presentation prior to its ever darkening display: 4:48 pm!

Mark (N) saw it first and brought it to Mark (E’s) attention and the stage was set!

They couldn’t wait to tell me!

Well you could imagine how this was now affecting me after the previous week’s 448 stories and in particular this day’s events, so I immediately grabbed my BlackBerry!

I needed to prepare myself, to bring them up to speed on my Latest 448 Stories and the photographic evidence that supported them within the BlackBerry that had started this string of 448/844 Stories in the first place!

I activated the phone as they were going on with their surprise experience, but it was soon destined to be enhanced by the 448’s opposite polarity!


8:44 PM!

I too, was now in shock, by what my BlackBerry displayed, but I knew instinctively what to do!

The BlackBerry was positioned into the direct view of Mark (N) and I told him to look, but he immediately responded that without his glasses he couldn’t see, so I quickly shifted the phone to Mark (E’s) vantage point and he voiced the anomaly to Mark (N) directly as he exclaimed enthusiastically.

Look at that!…

It’s 8:44 PM

Jagg’s Number Backwards!

Ah the Yin & Yang I thought, which now leads me to digress and remind you of, three famous quotes of my Yoga Teacher, Sir George King D.D,. TH.D.

  1. Truth is dual poled, with a positive and negative polarity. Truth is paradoxical.
  2. The Words Chance, Luck, & Coincidence have no meaning and should be
    stricken from all languages.
  3. Accepted or Rejected, TRUTH IS!

Quote #1 is my explanation to people familiar with my stories, as to why my number shows itself in the forward and opposite form.

448 & 844

The messages conveyed through my stories are sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant, but always undeniable!

I believe the 448 Stories are purely for the purpose of getting your attention.

The stories work in a way that allow me to bring up subjects like Karma & Reincarnation, Life on other worlds, prayer & spiritual healing, the paranormal and its various subtitles and other related subjects that otherwise would be very hard for me to bring up under normal conditions. Such as visits to a variety of retail stores, car dealerships, service centres and parties to name but a few. How
could you ever easily spark up conversations of this nature in these unlikely environments!

The reality is that all these controversial subjects are really quite normal.

If you would only do the research, you could discover this for yourselves.

YOU have within yourself a powerhouse of latent abilities of God like potential which all life has within itself. It’s within you ALL regardless of race, class or creed!

It troubles me at times that many can’t see the forest for the trees!

As the famous television series the X-Files stated…

The truth is out there!

These subjects, sometimes challenge the belief structures of those who are exposed to these teachings, and I mean right to their very core!

I’ve seen it in their eyes, and in their body language! It’s disturbing!

I’ve also seen the profound revelation that occurs when an individual connects the pieces of this cosmic puzzle together and begins to see the real picture unfold.

Connecting these pieces doesn’t happen by Chance, Luck, or Coincidence, it happens with effort, diligence, utilizing investigation, with the all important aspect of discrimination applied, as not only is there good truthful information out there, there is its opposite as well, which is falsehoods.

Remember that prophesies even in the Bible warn that in these days there will be many false prophets. So don’t believe everything you’re told especially in this seemingly complicated yet truly simple field of metaphysics.

Don’t blindly believe what I profess, or that professed by anyone else!

Ask for proof! Research the subject in question! Have faith!

To quote my teacher two more times for your encouragement, I’ll state something Sir George King, reiterated many times.

  1. When the Student is READY the Teacher will APPEAR!
  2. Take ONE STEP towards God (or Truth) and God (or Truth) will take TWO STEPS towards YOU!

Take NO STEPS or in other words make NO EFFORT and you’ll get what you deserve in accordance to the perfect Law of Cause & Effect (Karma), which is not dictated by God but is an essential aspect of God, which is in reality, is who you, Really Are!

All things in creation are involved aspects of God’s conscience striving to evolve back to its original state of perfection, its original source!

I use my 448/844 stories to show a pattern.

A pattern that defies Chance, Luck, and Coincidence!

I claim these 448/844 Stories have a sequence pattern similar to the Stories of evidence provided by Sir George King, that have worldwide significance and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that his Stories are validated and are worthy of investigation.

These stories have significance that whether people know it or not have an impact on all life upon this living breathing entity we live upon called The Mother Earth.

These stories are not here to convince you of anything, they are here to help validate the overall package of information that will still, when thoroughly investigated, include information that may be beyond your current level of understanding.

An analogy would be like trying to expect a toddler in Kindergarten to understand the courses of a university professor. You must go one step at a time but at least make the next step and proceed to Grades 1, 2 and 3, never giving up, or you may become the equal of a grade school dropout, destined to have to repeat your lessons, these hardships brought about by no one but yourself.

Life is not just about making money, raising families and acquiring materialism only. It’s about learning, evolving, developing and progressing up the ladder of evolution.

You’re not here for just one time and a good time, as the foolish saying goes.

You’re here for a reason and that is to gain experience and learn the lessons your own higher self has created for you, based on your thoughts and actions of previous experience in this lifetime or the infinite number of lives that preceded this one.

Yes I’ve strayed from my Grey Cup Story, but this is the real message of the story and the points I’m attempting to get across.

The events of this Grey Cup night did indeed progress and yes Duke did get released from his secured traveling home, on a couple of occasions. I’m also very happy to report that after the game came to its dramatic conclusion and the majority of the guests went home, the best was yet to come and Duke was included!

The host Al Dolan who also doubles as my personal financial advisor invited Duke into his home which I must say caused Duke to revel in his new location to explore, in the vicinity of his Master and his very good friends who enjoyed Duke’s company as well.

So along with Mark Neckrock, Mark Etridge, Al Dolan and yours truly, we had a final hours talk in the living room, much of which focused on the spiritually based information I have just conveyed to you in this Story.

Mission Accomplished! Spiritually speaking, it was…

Kick Off @ 4.48 pm and a Winning Field Goal @ 8:44 pm!

Go With God!

Allan Jaggard

I dedicate this Story to Sir George King D.D., TH.D.

January 23rd, 1919 to July 12th, 1997 @ 4.48 AM PDT
Santa Barbara, California, USA

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