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While being employed by Tucker Rocky Distributing as a sales representative I had won a trip for top sales of Woody’s Traction Products. I was driven to the Airport via limousine and when we arrived I noticed my number. It stared me straight in the face in red digital lighting on the dashboard of the limo, 448. I had asked the Driver what it meant and he told me it was the meter, which told him the distance he could drive in kilometers before he had to re-fuel. I took a picture of it but the lighting was low and the picture didn’t turn out. Never the less, I will still remember it was there.

On a two-week trip, in the summer of 1994, I set out across California and Nevada touring on a big Honda Cruiser I had rented. Included in my tour through the U.S was a very important Motocross event called The Hangtown 125/250 National. Upon arriving to the event I parked my Cruiser to the side and noticed my trip odometer read as follows, 448. I was so surprised at that moment I took a picture of the odometer; which is now stored in my personal archives.

After ten years of partnership in R&M Motosport we sold our company to Tucker Rocky Distributing in 1994. The final signing of the transfer of ownership was completed at a lawyer’s office in Vancouver. When the signing of the documents was completed I noticed the time on my watch and it was just before 10 to 5. I realized that the signing of the documents occurred exactly upon 4:48 p.m.

In 1983 while working for my company R&M Motosport I was invited by KIWI Helmets of Switzerland via their USA Representative Harry McPherson, to tour the factory which included a 7 day trip through Italy, France and Spain. The trip was awesome and I was given a serialized numbered hunting knife with beautiful engravings of Deer in a forest by Harry McPherson. I opened the knife and extracted the blade and there it was engraved at the base of the blade…0448.

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